Car wash Performance Anxiety

Car wash Performance Anxiety

I went for my first drive through car wash yesterday, starting to get too cold in the Chicago area to do it myself (preferred method). As I paid the cashier I practiced putting the car in neutral

Nazrat414 | 4 November 2019

...(continued)...successfully. Passed through a pre-wash area, then came time to drive on to rollers and the sh*t hit the fan. Suddenly every movement with the shift lever went everywhere except neutral (my fault entirely). Pressure mounting, people piling up behind me, nowhere to go, sh**********ttttt!!! Car wash attendant grimacing impatiently. Finally another attendant comes over, “Do a soft touch” on shift lever. Bang - finally in N! I slumped in my seat as I was pulled in to the wash, trying not to watch the employees mock my dumb a$$ hipster Tesla driving self. But my car is clean, and I’ll still go back anyway! I failed under pressure this time - won’t happen again (or so I hope)! Be strong EV brothers and sisters!

Magic 8 Ball | 4 November 2019

Cool story bro'.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 November 2019

Sounds like the attendant is responsible for a happy finish, tip well!

Nazrat414 | 4 November 2019


Magic 8 Ball | 4 November 2019

Obviously the "attendant" spotted the anxiety and with just the right touch, gave you the hand you needed.

Kathy Applebaum | 4 November 2019

It's okay, lots of guys have that problem. ;-)

howard | 4 November 2019

Nazrat414, been there done that. Was yelled at in the Bolt. The Tesla is much better. The auto wash I use has a moving platform belt Instead of the wheels rolling so it can be in park if you screw up. Glad it is clean. Now that the first time jitters is over no problem in the future.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 November 2019

LoL, this thread deserves a standing ovation already.

WW_spb | 4 November 2019


Magic 8 Ball | 4 November 2019

KA out of nowhere with the takedown, well done!

Pepperidge | 4 November 2019

Keep it in D with creep off?

jimglas | 4 November 2019

My wife tells me that she had several attendants help her get her car through the carwash.
She appreciated their help.

wildguess | 4 November 2019

Another scenario for a horror movie is when you are entering the car wash, the windshield vipers start moving like crazy, and you do not know how to turn them off risking them to be torn off))

jimglas | 4 November 2019

that happended to my wife with her MX. The service center was kind enough to replace them for free when she explained what happened.

bickity | 4 November 2019

I am with Pepperidge, keep it in D with creep off. This makes it so easy, why is everyone so stressed about this?

Atom12 | 4 November 2019

This is the reason I won't go to the car wash. Waiting for "car wash mode".

-TheJohn- | 5 November 2019

I totally sympathize with you OP. I had damn near the exact same initial experience regarding putting it successfully into Neutral except for them having infinite patience with me. Thanks Mr. Carwash! (what a perfectly dorky yet perfect name for a carwash company)

Btw folks. Putting it into N is really simple. Lightly uptap the right stalk. By uptap I mean push it gently up and not the strength you use to double tap down for AP for example. Yep you're in N. Practice it a couple of times. It is really easy to hit it too hard and go into R.

Also make sure your wipers are off. Not a problem here in AZ where I need to remember how to turn them on instead of off..

M3phan | 5 November 2019

PSA: AP doesn’t require full strength double tap down. Two gentle half taps down will do it.

LoveMyM3 | 5 November 2019

The car wash I went does not let the driver seated in the car during the wash and requires the car to be in neutral. The issue I ran into was as soon as I step out of the car it automatically goes from neutral to park. Any suggestions as to how to retain it in neutral during the wash?

Bighorn | 5 November 2019

No experience, but would tow mode work?

kevin_rf | 6 November 2019

Isn't the mode time limited? Thought I saw an accident thread on that...

Nothing worse than the car popping out of tow mode and into park in the middle of the car wash. Though it would make an interesting story.

Bighorn | 6 November 2019

Not sure, but towing could ostensibly be expected to last a significant distance.

Joshan | 6 November 2019

just leave it in drive if you dont use creep, you will be fine if you dont lift your butt off the seat. I do it all the time.

Bighorn | 6 November 2019

@LoveMyM3 brought up a situation where you have to leave the car driverless.

LoveMyM3 | 6 November 2019

I did think of trying the tow mode but wasn't sure if it puts the car in neutral and stays so. At that point and with several cars behind, the owner of the carwash barged in and said he will himself just stay seated on the driver's seat (in neutral). Said they don't prefer to carwash Teslas for this reason as there is no way to keep the unoccupied car in neutral. I think the tow mode should work but have not experienced or tested it and didn't want to risk it. Let me look through the manual again.

Joshan | 6 November 2019

Sorry, I missed the driverless part.

lilbean | 6 November 2019

Just take deep breaths and relax.

hokiegir1 | 6 November 2019

I could have written this post on my first time through, except I also had hubby with me, who decided to try to "help" me (and ended up hitting my hand when he reached for the lever, so it went into reverse instead), and no helpful attendant. After that one, though, it's been much easier since then. I still get anxious about it, but I'm able to stay calmer, which actually helps in this case, because it takes patience to hold the lever correctly. :)

Magic 8 Ball | 6 November 2019

"lever" is code, right?

hokiegir1 | 6 November 2019

@M8B - heh. No. Not in this case. Unless you want to call it code for "gear stalk", but I use them interchangeably. Must be my weird conglomeration of accents/slang.

eddiep | 6 November 2019

In Danville California where Teslas are all over the place ( few miles up from the factory) my wash attendant puts Teslas in tow problems.

If indeed California leads trends for the entire nation...then we are about to see one heck of a change coming soon. Amazing trend upwards month by month!