Insurance went down? What?

Insurance went down? What?

When I first got my model 3 AWD, Geico quoted me 800 for the year(but was prorated down to match my other policy renewal cycle)
Then upon renewal it jumped to 1000. So I called them to ask what was the deal?
The car was reclassified as a performance model was the reason they gave me. And I couldn't argue it because there's not much difference in the VINs for the AWD and the performance.
Maybe their use of "performance" meant something else? I don't know, but I paid what they charged cause how else can I drive this awesome car?
I was expecting an increase as my renewal was coming around, but to my surprise, it went down. What happened? Did they correct their use of "performance?"
This has never happened to any insurance(home/auto) policy I've had in my entire life! They always go up just like home property taxes.
Anyone see their premium go down?

lilbean | 5 November 2019

I replaced a seventeen year old Ford Escape with a RWD Model 3 and my premium went down.

4barkie | 5 November 2019

I have State Farm and mine went down when I renewed this year. I have a LR RWD. I wasn't going to ask why, I figure it will go up soon enough.

sowa.greg | 6 November 2019

My LR Dual Motor 3 is insured with Progressive and my most recent renewal also went down, which I was shocked by. Seems like the actuaries have some usable data to go on now that more of these cars have been on the road for year or more, and the data suggests that the company's risk is lower than they had been guessing early on.

jebinc | 6 November 2019


Surprising, as I would have thought the insurance company would have just pocketed the difference. If you can't tell, I have no love for insurance companies! ;-)

Randkthorn | 6 November 2019

Mine went down $200 per six months with Travelers recently. When I initial added my Model 3 last August Model 3 wasn’t even listed in their system. Maybe insurers have a better understanding now.