Frunk grocery hooks

Frunk grocery hooks

All pre-nov 2019 models have grocery hooks in the frunk. 15 months later and I just found out about this.

Game changer.

Example. Link:

CharleyBC | 8 November 2019

I just heard about them the other day, and we've had ours a smidge longer than you. Thanks for the photo. I now realize I've seen them, and just assumed they were part of how the frunk was attached to the car.

Trekman | 8 November 2019

How did you cook those Cowboy Steaks?

Stinnett | 8 November 2019

My Tesla delivery guy showed me those hooks the day I got my car in October 2018. I've only used them once, though, despite their utility. If others haven't been shown them, then that's just another piece of how very comprehensive my delivery guy was (in Indianapolis).

Do post-November 2019 vehicles not have them?

Life is good but it's better in a Tesla.

CharleyBC | 8 November 2019

Are Cowboy Steaks FOR cowboys or made FROM cowboys?

Another reason to be vegan.

vmulla | 8 November 2019

So the newer models don't have this? Umm.. Ok.
The frunk depth isn't that much that regular size bags would benefit from hooks IMHO.

Gordon87 | 8 November 2019

Apparently, recent builds don’t have the clips; the bolts are showing.

WW_spb | 8 November 2019

That's it. No real BSA, no rear cross traffic alert, no rear wiper, Tesla didn't tell us how much power BP uses and now no Grocery hooks in the fronk..... I am canceling my order ...... Nooooot

walnotr | 8 November 2019

No wonder my 08/18 was so much more expensive!

Atoms | 8 November 2019

All you have to do is go to your SC and order the parts. All parts are available for purchase from your SC except possibly HV components which require installation by trained people.

RES IPSA | 8 November 2019

The frunk is useless to me. I wish they would have designed the frunk to also be able to securely store a spare tire should an owner want a spare tire.

andy | 9 November 2019

The hooks are very useful for carrying your takeaway curry to make sure it doesn’t spill.

The frunk gets used daily on my car for my work bag and lunch. The visibility is not great (read “poor”) for going forward into spaces so I nearly always reverse in so can see where I am against the side lines and the camera at the back. Once reverse I to a space the it’s a lot easier to go to the frunk than squeeze your way round the side and the back to the boot. Those in the US, where you have proper-width parking spaces, may not find this so important!

kevin_rf | 9 November 2019

Funny you mention parking spaces. California parking spaces are significantly narrower than New England spaces. I'm always doing a double take when in SoCal.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 9 November 2019

kevin_rf: Parking space sizes are rather universally standardized throughout the United States of America. Building code does require a minimum quantity of parking spaces be available for commercial buildings based upon building occupancy. But parking spaces are sometimes drawn rather haphazardly by... 'frugal' landowners of ancient properties. It's been nearly thirty years since I last had to draw up/design a parking lot. But that was at a new clinic/hospital/radiology center in Mission Hills CA. Maybe some inspectors aren't as strict with the regulation anymore? Or maybe convenience stores and postage stamp sized corner shopping centers simply don't care how their lots are drawn.

Generally speaking, 'Full Size' parking spaces for those driving circa 1974 Detroit Iron Luxoboats complete with nautical steering, are 12' wide and up to 25' deep. Typical ordinary 'Mid Size' parking spaces are 9' wide and 20' deep. The smallest official parking spaces marked 'Compact' are generally 7' wide and 16' deep.

Those are the sizes for new construction, though. Older revised parking lots may be 'Grandfathered In' if they were originally built over forty years ago. Then repainted several times since. Again, there are regilations, but they are very much up to interpretation by local inspectors as to whether a particular parking lot is in compliance or not.

SalisburySam | 9 November 2019

In my frunk I keep my tire plug kit, compressor, and a lap blanket for my wife in the colder weather. When it does get cold the blanket moves to the cabin. I only go into the frunk to check the charge on the compressor 20v battery from time to time. While of some convenience, the odd method to close the frunk (two hands, either side of logo, even steady pressure, listen for latching, get out microfiber cloth, wipe off hand prints), makes it far easier to just use it for storage and the trunk and cabin for all else.

nick-r | 9 November 2019

I installed these VW hooks in the back trunk. I love them!

andy | 9 November 2019

Posted below to the wrong thread. Expansion in why frunk is so useful because I need to reverse in.

Average UK space is 2.4m wide and the Model 3, with mirrors unfolded is (I think) just shy of 2.1m wide. So you have about 30cm to play which (translates as 6” either side). Mirrors folder improves things a bit.

I avoid parking next to 3 door cars, SUVs, anybody with a child seat or any car with door rash. The first three require more space, the last might be driven by somebody who will “rest” their door on your car. I wouldn’t normally buy a car as big as a Model 3, and try and stick to motorways and avoid parking in towns in mine. Smaller hatchbacks suit our roads well, compact SUVs have a higher entry and exit so you don’t have to open the doors as far. The a leaf was good for this - a pretty standard hatchback, but a bit higher due to the battery - plus it has 360 overhead view cameras.

Very much looking forward to the Model Y!

This describes the issue. It’s a general UK issue and not one for Tesla.

rfpmoxie | 9 November 2019

re: Salisbury Sam's frunk closing comments. Sometime in the summer there was a thread re: the frunk spring. Like many others I bought Home Depot springs (<$3 for a pair!!) and removed the original and installed it in under a minute! Yes, it works fine and when "popped" there is enough room to get a finger underneath to raise the lid. The best part is that when closing I can literally use 1 thumb on either side of the logo on the edge of the lid and just push it closed. Generally, there are really no serious fingerprints. A terriffic $3 investment!

WW_spb | 25 November 2019

Confirmed. 2020 Model 3 and no hooks in frunk. :(( Would be nice if Tesla sold them separately at least.

GaryTheBadger | 25 November 2019

Hooks can no longer be ordered from Tesla, they've been removed from the parts catalog. What if a pre-2020 owner breaks one? Someone on eBay is selling OEM for $80/pair(!) Another owner is making them on a 3D printer. Stay tuned...

vmulla | 25 November 2019

$80/pair? I'll sell ours for that price :)) I've never used them in the last 22 months

WW_spb | 25 November 2019

I don't get it why would they stop making them? Two tiny pieces of plastic.

vmulla | 25 November 2019

I didn’t get it either. Which is why I checked them on my car - I don’t find any obvious savings there. Perhaps it has something to do with manufacturing efficiencies , like the flufferbot?

CharleyBC | 25 November 2019

I didn't even know those WERE hooks until about a month ago! I think I'll go get Thai takeout as @andy suggested...

richardls | 25 November 2019

@WhiteWi, maybe some owners were breaking them and it was creating service demands, leading Tesla to determine the benefit didn't justify the cost? I don't think I've ever used mine. The only thing I really keep in the frunk is the charging kit, a bag with my cleaning mittens and drying cloths, and at one point, some extra windshield washer fluid (when the car warned I was low, I purchased a gallon and it didn't take it all, so I kept the rest in there until I topped it off a few times emptying the jug).

Pg3ibew | 25 November 2019

Who wants mine? I will never use them!!

agkulcz | 25 November 2019

Whaaat..., no hooks....? I actually find them very useful to tether grocery bags and prevent them from moving about in there.

WW_spb | 25 November 2019

I will buy them of you. Name your price.

Pg3ibew | 25 November 2019

Price: ONE model 3 Tesla. The one I have now sucks. I hate my Grocery bag hooks. LMAO

WW_spb | 25 November 2019

LoL got you. Let me meet up with Elon and see what we can do for you ))) Also will mention to him lack of rear cross traffic alert and BSI.

WW_spb | 25 November 2019

LoL got you. Let me meet up with Elon and see what we can do for you ))) Also will mention to him about lack of rear cross traffic alert and BSI.

Pg3ibew | 25 November 2019


Sarah R | 25 November 2019

I wonder how long it will take for RPM Tesla to make an aftermarket part .... hmm

WW_spb | 25 November 2019

Yeah, any one with 3d printer should be able to make.

accentcreate | 12 December 2019

Pretty annoying. In Australia we have waited over 3 and half years, with Tesla having an interest-free loan of our deposit, paying over $90K and now they taken away our luggage hooks and our front mat. Very cheap.
We have a Model 3 in Europe, also more than 3 year wait, but at least we have the hooks and mat. I use the hooks every time I shop to keep the food in the bags as we weave our way home through the windy roads of the Pyrenees.
Hard to believe saving a couple of bob on such a prestige car will do much for Tesla's image.

NorthValley | 12 December 2019

Aha! I have a mobile tech appt soon and I just mentioned on an edit that I have just discovered my bag hooks missing! I guess they are meant to be missing now then! Oh well. S what use the little round space with a tiny metal lug then?

ytr3wq | 14 December 2019

Ever since the battery open story, I've rarely used the frunk for anything important.

It is still nice for groceries and food. I can see someone printing or buying aftermarket hooks for single-trip items like groceries and hot food.

David.Martin3 | 4 April 2020

Does anyone have an update on this? Really disappointing that they don’t have these and as previous posters have said this should be a fairly easy one for people to print! I’d happily pay £5 for each hook.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 April 2020

A simple google search turns up several options. Here is one link:

Lonestar10_1999 | 4 April 2020

Thanks for spamming bjrosen.

David.Martin3 | 4 April 2020

A ‘simple’ google search... well all your results are American and I clearly said GBP so UK. Been searching for at least an hour and can’t find anything sensible!

Magic 8 Ball | 4 April 2020

We accept all currencies here in the USA ; ).

Trekman | 5 April 2020

@bjrosen - Thanks, good info. Gonna try it soon as they lift the lockdown in my town.

lbowroom | 6 April 2020

"Been searching for at least an hour and can’t find anything sensible!"

Can't imagine how devastating this must be. Here I am with hooks in my frunk that I've never used and the rest of the world is suffering.... the injustice of it all.

Firewired | 6 April 2020

I use mine all the time in my 2018 3, I think they are great.

Frank99 | 6 April 2020

Download one of these things:
and upload it to a 3D printing service in the UK, or that will ship to the UK. Have it printed from PETG or ABS.