Birthday gifts for my Tesla

Birthday gifts for my Tesla

I'll be turning 50 soon and my family wants to get me stuff for my Tesla. What are some things you people recommend (within reason)? Thanks in advance.

murphyS90D | 14 November 2019

Metal pedal covers if you don't already have them.
Lighted door sills.
All weather floor mats.
Roof rack if the car supports it.
Front and rear dash cameras if you have an older car that doesn't have it built in.
A bottle of Optimum No Rinse (ONR) with a wash mitt and plenty of microfiber towels.
A promise note from someone else to apply the ONR.

CatTrax | 14 November 2019

1) hockey pucks to safely jack up the car
2) tire repair kit & 12 volt air compressor
3) center console storage tray/organizer
4) center console storage drawer/cubby
5) Patriot 256GB Supersonic Rage Elite USB 3.1 Type A, USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Transfer Speeds of Up to 400MB/sec for your dash cam and Sentry system
6) AAA Premier membership in case you get a flat and you are now where near a Tesla SC

akikiki | 14 November 2019

a henway

Shesmyne2 | 14 November 2019

Hubs LUVS his. Washable, and eye catching

Still Grinning ;-)

Anthony J. Parisio | 15 November 2019

My business partner of 20 years is turning 40. I am getting him a Model 3. I have told his friends to check out RPM Tesla for his gifts. They have many great accessories for all Tesla's.

spineeric | 15 November 2019

Happy Birthday! Below is a list of affordable items that can be purchased on eBay, Amazon or aliexpress. None of these will make your Tesla any faster but they add a personal touch. : )

Parcel shelf lift kit - probably the best thing I've purchased....over priced but it really works
Tesla logo puddle lights
Tesla logo valve Stem Caps
Window Switch chrome or aluminum embellishments (there are 3 styles - searching for Mercedes sometimes finds lower prices)
Tesla logo license plate screw caps
Chrome protector trim for lift gate (covers the black plastic sill)
Tesla logo steering wheel trim (fills the empty space in the bottom spoke)
Key fob cover

mizunosan | 15 November 2019

Abstract Ocean has a ton of great items! Replacing the dim interior and trunk lights is a popular option and they sell easy to replace lights

Mathew98 | 15 November 2019

Y'all amateurs.

Ask for a new Raven MS. It doesn't even need to be fully loaded.

It's within reasons to some... You could do worse and ask for a Taycant. | 15 November 2019

Here's a Tesla specific gift guide I created that has items at all price ranges:

Shesmyne2 | 15 November 2019

Can I work for you?

Still Grinning ;-)

Anthony J. Parisio | 16 November 2019

Yup! If you can cut hair. ;-)

nipper2 | 16 November 2019

Tesla logo puddle lights are they hard to install?

spineeric | 16 November 2019

The puddle lights and trunk/frunk lights are one of the easiest upgrades to do yourself. Lots of YouTube videos showing how to do this. You may have to lie on the floor/ground to do the doors but it's easy. | 16 November 2019

The only difficulty I've found with the puddle lights is getting the old lights out. On the Classic Model S it was fairly easy. With the Refresh, no amount of prying could I get them out. I ended up disassembly the door panel (which is not that hard - 3 hidden bolts and a bunch of snaps) and then breaking the plastic tabs on the LED modules. You may have better luck than I did. A worthy project. Here's my writeup and photos when I first did it back in 2013 or so:

Note there are better modules now that directly fit into the puddle light holes and if lucky, don't require opening up the door panel. I switched to the newer modules in my current refreshed S.

DRFLGD | 17 November 2019

Thanks again everyone.