Latest update is a real treat.

Latest update is a real treat.

After reading the comments about the latest update, I find that I also agree. The increase in acceleration is unreal! I know that I have adjusted to the quick takeoff after owning the M3 for 16 months, but the latest adjustment is a thriller! Makes me feel young again. I also want to commend the stereo upgrade as I have felt the audio when related to music did not match my expectations even though I paid extra for the higher quality system. It now performs like I think it should have from the beginning with rich base tones and crisp treble, which makes one feel like they are in the middle of an orchestra not some recording. Congratulations on the latest changes!!

M3phan | 14 November 2019

1PD is a winner. So is departure scheduling for charging.

edhchoe | 14 November 2019

1PD is the best update ever!

Harvan Hunter | 15 November 2019

Stereo updates? Just curious, did your release notes specifically mention any changes to the audio system? Mine didn't, but I feel like my music has gotten considerably more shrill since the update.

kevin_rf | 15 November 2019

Scheduled departure time is a step in the right direction, but still a miss for me. My TOU ends at 7am, not 6am and I could careless about preconditioning the cabin. In the winter I want a warm battery as close to my departure time as possible. No needed to turn on the environmental controls before I step into the car.

It's 5:45am and the car has already finished charging for the night (from 80 miles to 225 miles). When it really gets cold, without improvements I will most likely revert back to setting my start time by hand. That extra hour of cold soaking in the winter is a killer.

gmr6415 | 15 November 2019

@kevin_rf, +1. I tried the departure time yesterday for the first time. Two issues. (1) at the scheduled departure time it stated I still had 30 minutes of charge remaining. (2) I thought I had turned off "cabin precondition" only to get in and find it 60˚ inside with the AC blasting and the windows all fogged up.

It's been cool in Central, FL and I've been running just the fan with no AC. Since there is no way to turn off the heat I turn the temp as low as it will go and turn off AC to obtain just outside air coming in. Precondition saw It had it set to 60˚ and turned on the AC to accomplish that.

I guess the AC running at full sucked up enough current that it couldn't charge in the time it had set aside to do so. I think the concept is great, but certainly needs some tweaking.

SteveWin1 | 15 November 2019

I feel like the music has gotten worse, if anything, although that's mainly because there's a new rattle coming from my front passenger door with deep maybe they increased the bass and that's why people are noticing a difference? I assumed the SC messed up my door when it was there last week. Never heard a rattle over there before. Could just be random also.

SteveWin1 | 15 November 2019

Definitely loving the 1 pedal braking, though.

SteveWin1 | 15 November 2019

*braking = driving

Harvan Hunter | 15 November 2019

My stereo's bass had always been too powerful - even if I turn the equalizer control pretty far down (like -4.0), some music still really booms from the sub. Hoping there's a physical adjustment somewhere on that thing.

M3phan | 15 November 2019

@ Harvan Hunter, if I recall, V10 brought better quality music streaming rate

gballant4570 | 15 November 2019

Scheduled departure isn't going to work well for me either - I don't leave early in the morning, and have no TOU anyway. And I don't have a 5 day or 7 day weekly schedule. I'd rather schedule a departure time for Tuesdays, another for other days - I would prefer a month calendar that I could pick the days to schedule for a departure time, and another set of days for another departure time, etc.... with no regard for TOU.

But I am not going to get a job so that I can use it as currently configured....

gparrot | 15 November 2019

gballant, methinks it could easily be fixed if we could do it from the app itself. This way, we could set it up before going to bed, regardless of the day of week.
Just my CAD $0.02.

M3phan | 15 November 2019

@ gparrot, just your USD $0.015127

andy | 15 November 2019

Update has been fantastic. Some new features that are incomplete, but could be easily improved. I have a 4 hour cheap electricity window (0:30 to 4:30). Many in the UK will be similar. Need to be able to tell the car the cheap rate times and also have the preconditioning times separated from the charge times and recognise that very many people don’t work to fixed schedules. The priority would be for a setting so the car records your cheap rate window. The schedule can be done in the cabin when you get out - although doing it through the app would be even better.

Still no variable speed limiter and the way that cruise control sets its speed on engagement is still broken, but the car feels brilliant and the remaining fixes could all be done in software.

TeslaG | 16 November 2019

The latest update is no bueno for me and not using any of it, except for the power upgrade. Although i dont feel it in 0-60, it does seem quicker in freeway passing. Scheduled departure i do not like because of the cabin conditioning. I dont want cabin conditioning and feel like it is just wasting energy.

One pedal driving i'm leaning 51% to 49% in favor of not using it and here is why i leaning 1%, safety. With one pedal driving, you are essentially using the one pedal to go and brake. There is going to be a situation where you need to emergency brake and you will subconsciously smash the gas pedal thinking you are braking. Trust me, it will happen to someone and not worth it for me.

gballant4570 | 16 November 2019

gparrot, that would be an improvement. Of course the ability to switch off or change TOU consideration would be required, but that could be easily done (I would think) in the app. I was looking forward to this part of the update, but the feature just is not usable for me right now - but it easily could be. Of course cabin conditioning is a big part of it - cabin conditioning using shore power does not use any extra energy, it simply transfers the energy requirement to shore power, saving stored energy.

TeslaG, not liking one pedal driving? Safety considerations? Really? I see it as being a lot safer. Higher regen upon setting off the accelerator is a large safety plus. And I cannot see myself (or anyone else for that matter) forgetting about the brake pedal. I've already had a couple of quick braking requirements, and nothing about my experience with them would suggest I would ever hit the accelerator instead. Not a credible possibility. Sorry, I'm not trusting you on this.

howard | 16 November 2019

I have been one pedal driving for the last 8 years never once did I think the accelerator was the brake. Non-issue.

mmclean708 | 16 November 2019

Living in maine with the worst electric company in the USA, cmp, TOU is a non issue. But it's ok, I like improvements!
As for TeslaG issue, we were driving this morning using 1pd. Neighbors dogs ran out of nowhere and right in front of the car. Before he could hit the break the car took care of it, engaged emergency breaking. No, we were not using ap. So no issue there!

nbleiziffer | 16 November 2019

@ TeslaG “ There is going to be a situation where you need to emergency brake and you will subconsciously smash the gas pedal thinking you are braking.”

First thing I thought of when I used it! Will 100 percent happen to somebody! And then the Media will cry and blow it out of proportion.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 November 2019

@mmclean708 Am I reading your post correctly? You were driving in normal mode (no AP) and the car braked for the dog (I.E. took over and applied brakes)?

lbowroom | 16 November 2019

If anything, one pedal teaches you to lift your foot to slow down. No way that will train you to mash the accelerator to slow down.

M3phan | 16 November 2019

@ TeslaG, no way 1PD trains you to mash accelerator to brake. Counterintuitive as lbow states.
As to wasting energy with scheduled departure cabin conditioning, just turn your climate control OFF before you exit and you’re good to go.

babagua | 16 November 2019

Caraoke rocks

kevin_rf | 16 November 2019

M3phan, Tried that trick, went to turn climate back on and it was already on and set to 68. Said a few words under my breath. Wonder if I turned climate off after I put it in park. there is a bug with the climate controls remembering settings while in park.

Lbanworth | 16 November 2019

I too am loving the V10 update! I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but in AP my M3 now moves in the lane, left or right, when coming up on other vehicles that are too close to your lane. I've had my car since Dec. 2018 and currently have 38,000 miles on it! Over 90% of my driving is on I95 through Maryland and I use "Nav on Auto" for about 90% of it. The stress that comes with highway driving has been significantly reduced! For those of you on the edge, I would highly recommend FSD...its worth every penny!!!

M3phan | 16 November 2019

@ kevin_rf , hmmm, do you have an easy entry profile?