How to watch Cybertrk premiere (link)?

How to watch Cybertrk premiere (link)?

What is the link to the Cybertruck premiere livestream?



EVRider | 20 November 2019

I haven’t seen a link yet. Chances are Elon will tweet it out tomorrow before the event. You can probably find it on (that just redirects to at this point).

blue adept | 20 November 2019

Here on the website or on Tesla's Youtube channel:

rxlawdude | 21 November 2019

@azucena, flagged for suspicious link.

EVRider | 21 November 2019

Tesla tweeted a livestream link, but it hasn’t started yet (only 6:35pm EST):

Earl and Nagin ... | 21 November 2019
looks promising

blue adept | 21 November 2019

It's started!

blue adept | 21 November 2019

'Starting' might be a more appropriate descriptor....

blue adept | 21 November 2019

Reminds me of those offroad, Baja sport trucks that they do endurance racing with out in the desert, though the whole shattered glass thing was anti-climatic even if the ATV reveal was pretty cool.

Earl and Nagin ... | 22 November 2019


I didn't see any glass "shatter". I'm sure MSNBC and others will embellish enough. We don't have to.

EVRider | 22 November 2019

Did Tesla publish a recording of the unveiling anywhere? The livestream just takes you to the order page. There are videos on YouTube, but not from Tesla and not complete. I’d like to watch the whole thing.

nukequazar | 22 November 2019

They won’t be posting the unveil, and they’ll be scrubbing it from the internet on copyright grounds. It was an epic fail, as the kids say.

nukequazar | 22 November 2019

The question is not how to watch it but how to unwatch it.

jimglas | 22 November 2019

those ordering disagree nuk

blue adept | 24 November 2019


You can watch a brief replay of the event, complete with the glass shattering bit, here:

@EVRider, you can watch a replay of the entire LiveStream, after a brief loading period, here:

It was pretty well pre-staged with a "Spinner" police car from the Blade Runner movies and some guy playing with a Tesla coil and other such futuristic-toned exhibits outside the event.

blue adept | 24 November 2019


@jimglas is right given the fact that Tesla received another 41,000 Cybertruck orders since yesterday, bringing the total up to some 187,000 pre-orders thus far:

Earl and Nagin ... | 25 November 2019

That isn't "shattering" glass. Perhaps "breaking" glass or more appropriately "cracking" glass but definitely not "shattering".
This is an example of "shattering" glass
See the difference? Don't get carried away with overly dramatic verbiage. There's too much of that going around the internet and new media in general.

blue adept | 26 November 2019

@Earl and Nagin ...

Was just using the language as defined by those that were there, but it still could've gone better.

Up to 200,000 pre-orders now!