Radical design or not, reveal was a missed opportunity

Radical design or not, reveal was a missed opportunity

The design of the Cybertruck is definitely a radical shift. By this point I know that Elon is not the best speaker, I just wish that the long awaited reveal would have been done much better. Tesla really had an chance to bring in a lot of new people not already in the fold, and I think it was a missed opportunity. They could have shown preceding designs like they quickly scrolled through on the screen and taken the time to explain why the new design was better. I wish they would have shown the use of the air compressor and AC power to power tools, as well as showed the interior. I wish they would have spoken how the hardness of the body translated into improved safety. I think it was unfortunately they worst choreographed reveal yet, for their most radical design. I am disappointed in it as a supporter who really wants Tesla to succeed in speeding up the transition to sustainable energy.

andy.connor.e | 22 November 2019

Agree this was like the first Model 3 reveal at the gigafactory. Production is not for 2 years so i hope there will be better details, or perhaps one in a showroom i can go look at.

Uncle Paul | 22 November 2019

That kind of presentation would be what the Germans would do. Elon will let the internet slowly roll out all the details in bite sized bits.
By the time it becomes available for delivery all the details will be released. It is at least a year away from production and the line is already around the block :)

bogunsjohn2000 | 22 November 2019

They put all these great speakers to present BMW, Audis etc and look where we got. Losers like Audi and VW never did anything to give me a reliable, stylish and cost effective car. Tired of plastic speakers. It looks natural with Elon Musk. I agree later he can launch a second event to show more details.

Cybertruckee | 22 November 2019

I park my butt at the truck and RV forum. And everyone has anticipated, based on Elon's own words, a tactical old military humvee or Land Rover Defender design. Every comment and the consensus is that it's damn ugly and I guess won't be lining up to buy to replace their trucks.

Sasquatch2001 | 22 November 2019

agreed, missed opportunities! would love more details about the engineering of the exoskeleton, how much weight/cost does it save, is that why the panels are flat and manufactured with a sheet metal brake! Looking at the doorjambs, theres a lot of complexity there as opposed to the exterior panels... wonder if they just didn't finish the body and this was a stand-in? so many questions...

egonzo21 | 22 November 2019

Seems like after the glass incident it threw him off his game and he wrapped earlier..............definitely a lot of unanswered questions. But all in all, I'm' 100% on board, order placed. Life is good!