Cybertruck rack for construction?

Cybertruck rack for construction?

Wondering if there will be a way to attach rack for construction to store ladders, lumber etc? If you cannot attach heavy duty rack, the truck has limited function.

mjrchode | 22 November 2019

Very true. I want to know if it will have the ability for a goose neck hitch and an integrated brake controller. We have a farm and from May-Oct our trucks have trailers attached 24/7...20 ft trailer hauling hay, tractors, horses, etc. Goose neck is much more stable than bumper tow. The advertised towing capacity for the three motor unit is well above our daily operational requirements. The outer design doesnt bother me or get me excited. I just want a simple drive train, easy maintenance and reliability. I'm sure they will get the bulletproof glass issue resolved. That was just a demo oops. I'm tired of $100 dollar oil changes on our diesel trucks and very expensive maintenance not to mention the cost of diesel (which isn't bad in TX). FWIW.

Ross1 | 23 November 2019

Re the ladders: have you thought of hanging them underneath the MC (Model Cyber)

starke49 | 23 November 2019

Lumber,, conduit,pipe, all require an overhead rack with durability. Also need to know how that bed cover works.

FISHEV | 23 November 2019

"If you cannot attach heavy duty rack, the truck has limited function."@starke49

Tesla pick up looks to be mostly for show. In fairness, 70% of pickups are in urban/suburban areas and are just an image choice for vehicle so Tesla's marketing is OK.

No way to add the rear cover and rack needed for a working pickup or even the off road adders for trekking. Tesla truck is for people who purchased original Hummer's. | 23 November 2019

With 15" bottom clearance, it seems you could install a 10" deep undercarriage rack. Rather cool to make it rather hidden for ladders, pipes, etc. and easier to load/unload.

There might be a way to open the rear cover and have a couple of roof racks mounted into the cover tracks. I'd also expect some third parties will come up with some options, but it may be a year after first deliveries.

SamO | 23 November 2019

Wisdom of the goldfish: made things out of adamantium for “show”. Lulz

charles_low | 23 November 2019

You are exactly right, as I mentioned elsewhere, cybertruck needs a sturdy rack, a simple way to attach a winch and a simple way to attach a snow plow if it is to be taken seriously as a work truck. Since the current model is probably a prototype design the needed changes could certainly be done before it goes into production.

While thinking of practical, useful stuff, have they shown the placement of tie-down points in the bed?

starke49 | 23 November 2019

Yes tie down points and you will want a spare tire for 4wd use.

bruryan | 23 November 2019

This can be a formidable work truck, but it is difficult to drill into stainless, You should look into towing a trailer for lumber/ long stuff.

I would have loved this as a tool carrying work truck, No job site nicks and dings from careless employees. covered, possible power source

patswin | 23 November 2019

A video I saw shows an L slot that runs around top of bed allowing one to put tie downs wherever they want. There are t slots on bottom of bed for anchors or whatever they think of. Maybe a base for a ladder rack?

starke49 | 23 November 2019

Do you know where I can view that video?

Ross1 | 24 November 2019

My car with adjustable fluid suspension, a Citroen C5, gets all funny and wobbly when on tiptoes. I wonder how the C will act. If it is unstable at height then it would not be practical to do my suggestion above of slinging a rack underneath the vehicle.

patswin | 24 November 2019
patswin | 24 November 2019

In video he talks about the tie downs and anchor points near the end. Should not come as a surprise but it looks like the Tesla truck will offer superior flexibility and usefulness when it comes to tie down your load and probably installing just about any kind of accessory you can think of compared to traditional car manufacturers

El Mirio | 24 November 2019

Elon twitted that it will have some sick attachments, i would expect those to cover construction worker needs.

FISHEV | 24 November 2019

After taking car of metal boats, the stainless steel is going to be a nightmare to keep scratch free and shiny and then painting to customize...have to use wraps. That the selling points of the Tesla truck are all about surviving gun fire is odd. Stainless is expensive and hard to work with and heavy vs. aluminum body.

jlhm | 24 November 2019

@fish, it’s a truck, not a beauty queen.

patswin | 24 November 2019

What kind of metal boats fish? You can’t compare aluminum to stainless steel. Your comments are good for a laugh though.

Just like your comment yesterday about there being no way you can install a ladder rack on back of the Cybertruck The video above completely disproves your argument on that one.

The Delorean and all the issues it had. The stainless steel panels was not one of them. They still look as good today as they did 30 years ago.

SamO | 24 November 2019

Please list all the stainless steel boats you’ve ridden in or washed.

We will wait.


heathercarter009 | 24 November 2019

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tom.brondolo | 25 November 2019

I have a pre-order in, but I would like to see a rack for ladders and long stuff. Also adding a plow, hooks and winch. I want this as a work truck, not for show. The truck should also have heavy duty power plugs for running tools. I have a Dodge Ram and just bumped the left front quarter panel into a tree, $2k gone. It would be great to have a truck that could take bumps and scrapes without trips to the body shop.

FroHawk | 25 November 2019

This truck would fit in nicely here in Colorado.

I really want this truck. I really do. I just wish it had a 8 ft bed. Being able to haul 4x8 plywood, metal roof sheeting, 2x4s and such (with the tail gate up) is a big deal for a work truck, especially in construction. 18 more inches in length would have provided room for a bigger battery under there too. Maybe in the future Tesla will offer longer bed options. Something that we see in Ford, Dodge, Chevy trucks.

I do wonder if, (as queried by Mjrchode near the top of the tread,) if it will support a gooseneck hitch in the middle of the bed. I tow a 29 ft gooseneck hitch 5th-wheel camping trailer and will soon be getting a flatbed trailer with the same type hitch. My next 5th wheel camping trailer will have a larger traditional 5th-wheel hitch that bolts through the bed to frame, so without a traditional trame, how will this truck manage? I can't get this truck if it can't do what I need it to do. Yes, It will still haul my mountain bikes, camping gear, shorter whitewater kayaks but without a rack I can't haul my much longer racing and ocean/lake kayaks. I don't want to have to own two trucks: one for work and trailer time and one for play time. No go. Often time the ladders, rebar, pipes, etc on the rack is longer, than the bed, sometimes longer than the vehicle. Not always street legal, but many work trucks on the farm/ranch vehicles never see pavement. They just need to get the job done. An undercarriage rack would be inventive, sometimes useful, and might work in the city, but off the pavement it would get snagged or bashed on rocks.

I too would like to see how Tesla deals with real world issues and concerns to make this truck into a capable work truck. $40

nothotpocket | 25 November 2019

For a ladder rack you could have it mount to the outside of the truck. It's certainly strong enough. Threaded inserts in the panels would be a nice thing for Tesla to include, though it would mess up the clean look of the panels.

nothotpocket | 25 November 2019

For a ladder rack you could have it mount to the outside of the truck. It's certainly strong enough. Threaded inserts in the panels would be a nice thing for Tesla to include, though it would mess up the clean look.

tom_sawyer | 5 December 2019

It would be nice to have the ladder racks slotted into the frame and very secure. Rivian's system looks good, and the pieces looks easy enough to remove and sturdy enough for big loads. This is a must for a work truck, yet I want the option to remove them for road trips.

Bagzzz | 6 December 2019

This is 3 mil thick steel. The frame is the skin. You can easily weld on attach points for ladder and lumber racks. What are you worried about? It won’t damage the look.

TabascoGuy | 6 December 2019

3mm is less than 1/8" thick. That alone is not sufficient for load bearing attachments.