Forum Software

Forum Software

Can someone PLEASE update the forum to modern forum software? If I want to find any replies to something I posted several days or a week ago, there's no search function and no email notifications. I have to scroll through 10-15 pages on the forum looking for my name.

If I want to see if there's already a post on a particular subject so I don't create a duplicate thread ... well, I can't without trying to do a Google search.

For a company with such great software in the car, this forum is beyond annoying, verging on infuriating.

EVRider | 23 November 2019

I’ll get right on it. :-)

There are other options for searching the forum: | 23 November 2019

@bill - Been asked for many years. It is what it is and obviously a low priority. Last month I wrote a Chrome extension that greatly improves the forum: TeslaTap Assistant Pro:

Check out the screenshots. It adds to the forum:

• Advanced and basic search
• Color coding posters by category
• Add/Remove poster names to categories
• Auto spam detect and auto flag spam
• Auto foreign poster detection
• Options to hide foreign, toxic or spam posters
• When saving new post text, auto saves to clipboard
• Shows images and video on screen
• Adds "Back To" button at bottom of the thread
• Import and export of lists
• Ability to disable/enable individual features
• Hides duplicate posts