Why is my car contacting

Why is my car contacting

I was checking my Model S' DNS requests on the WiFi last night while troubleshooting an issue, and I was surprised to find that the car communicates with I did not navigate to the website in the browser and only noticed this by accident. I did a quick check and found that Tesla used to (or still does) offer financing through them, but I still find this odd.

Does anybody know what this is about? | 6 December 2019

Perhaps some kind of credit validation for Supercharging fees? It is a bit odd.

Tesla2018 | 8 December 2019

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Frank99 | 8 December 2019

I'm buying into TeslaTap's idea - do you have a WellsFargo credit card? Is your car loan through Wells Fargo?

sebastianschoofs | 9 December 2019

Thanks for your thoughts -- I don't have a WF credit card, and my car was bought in cash?

rxlawdude | 9 December 2019

It's secretly opening accounts in your Tesla's name at Wells Fargo.

Happened before, can happen again. :-)

EVRider | 9 December 2019

Even if you were using a WF credit card or had auto financing from them, I can’t think of any legitimate use case for your car to access WF directly. Your financial information would be on Tesla’s servers. Unless WF is now in the business of providing web services, this is a mystery, and I suggest you contact Tesla.

Frank99 | 9 December 2019

I fully agree with you, EVRider. | 9 December 2019

Let me circle back to the browser. What is the last page it is on? Perhaps while not Wells Fargo, it might have a rotating ad where Wells Fargo appears, or the site has some other relationship with Wells Fargo. It could be Tesla scans the last website page on power-up, even if the browser is not on-screen.

Perhaps put the browser to and see if it occurs again. You can also use my site (my username) - I don't host any ads on my site or any links to Wells Fargo.

rxlawdude | 9 December 2019

@TTap, that sounds like the most logical explanation.