Supercharging to 80% and range

Supercharging to 80% and range

Hi Tesla Forum,
I've been supercharging a few times and noticed that something "weird". I always supercharge to 80%, but for some reason, when I reach 80% and stop charging, the range maxes out at 240 miles. Typically a full 80% charge from my house should be ideally 280 miles?

Had this "issue" on Wednesday when charging in Fremont, CA at a station that wasn't being overly-used.

Is this normal? Just curious

FISHEV | 7 December 2019

Does your home charger go to 80% and car says 280 Rated Range all the time? That would make full range 336 miles. Is that what your Model 3 is officially rated for?

If so then yes it is odd the car would call 240 80% charge one time and 280 miles 80% the rest of the time. Fast charging is not ideal for the Li-ion batteries so maybe the car reduces the 80% when it sees fast charging.

Joshan | 7 December 2019

Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may suggest.

Joshan | 7 December 2019

definitely not normal, I have not experienced this myself.

kevin_rf | 7 December 2019

280 seems a little high, of course the usual math impaired deliberately did the back calculation wrong just to throw us further off course.

One thing I have noticed when charging at home is after charging completes (lets say 80%) a few hours later as the battery cools, the car will indicate a higher state of charge by several percent and more range then when it stopped charging. Never 40 extra miles, but could be a good dozen.

I would look at the charge screen at home and see what it is actually charging to... 280 is closer to what one would expect charging to 90% on an LR AWD.

vmulla | 7 December 2019

I think you're getting confused between 80 and 90% limits. You probably set your limit to 90%.

It's very common to have 90% charge show 280miles. This is likely what you're seeing at home.

However I suspect your Supercharger session is limiting the charge to 80%, this is very common at high use Superchargers. This is 240 miles on your screen?

So if you're seeing 280@90%, and 240@80% you're doing just fine.

Just check what's really happening.

JAD | 7 December 2019

Sounds like 80% limit for crowded supercharger versus 90% normal limit. 280 is too high for an 80% charge.

jallred | 7 December 2019

Fish - see how when you make snide comment to someone about doing their homework it can come right back at you. Wouldn’t it be better to nicely point out a mistake instead of being nasty.

280 / .8 = 350

johnathan.chick | 7 December 2019

Hi everyone.
Thanks for the info. I have kind of a parallel thread going on for these two discussions.

I agree. I mixed up the 80/90%. My mistake. I mentioned in my other thread though that now a 90% charge is only getting me around 268 miles (used for be 280). Super charging [which I’ve only done 5 times total] is getting me to 240, not 248 at 80%.

Not trying to say I have a bad battery or anything but, do those ranges seem OK?

JAD | 7 December 2019

Yes, a five to ten percent drop is perfectly normal and will stabilize around there. Only sudden 50 mile drops are an issue. Otherwise it is just a rough estimate.

yudansha™ | 8 December 2019

I've never heard of anybody getting 350 at 100%. Is it something new?

jallred | 8 December 2019

@tanya. No 350. Just some innocent math confusion. Additionally, it is easy to get confused because sc will stop at 80% even if charging limit is higher.

yudansha™ | 8 December 2019

@jallred :-b

johnathan.chick | 8 December 2019

Thank you!

FISHEV | 8 December 2019

"I've never heard of anybody getting 350 at 100%."

Me either which is why I used the 336 number. I think one of the Model 3's offered at one point was 340? The LR AWD recently went to 322 so ranges are all over the map on models which is why I asked what was the car's max rated range.