Construction zone road narrowing

Construction zone road narrowing

Curious why navigate on auto doesn’t even pretend to see temporary cones lined up to narrow down lanes for construction?
Especially when it occasionally will dramatically slow down for what appears to be nothing( granted less then previous) .
Not upset and I know it’ll get there. Just wondering how it works.

vmulla | 7 December 2019

You're probably in hw2.5 that does not render cones in the screen. The system may be detecting the cones, but not showing them.
I had a situation where it felt like the system was detecting and reacting to the cones, but there was no visualization on the screen.

vmulla | 7 December 2019
dvargo71 | 7 December 2019

I hit cones. It does not avoid the thin ones they used in Pa. It was a year ago

vmulla | 7 December 2019

There's this incident where a guy mowed down umpteen traffic barrels while on AP.
The system isn't fail safe, but it also doesn't mean it ignores cones altogether.

jlaurie | 7 December 2019

What do you think causes sudden unexpected slow downs? In general. Not cone related

kevin_rf | 7 December 2019

Video in question w/ sounds effects

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 December 2019

That's what they mean by "Beta". AP is not complete. It can't handle all situations on the road yet.