I'm betting that Tesla's new model will be named Model A

I'm betting that Tesla's new model will be named Model A


As the title says, the next model will probably be named Model A.
So, what kind of chassis will this car have then?
Mercedes A-Class is a small compact car.
I don't know if this is a segment that Tesla wants to enter, but if so, this car might cost a lot less than the model 3.
The model 3 is a fairly large sedan, and it would make sense, if they want to enter markets where they favour smaller cars.

What do you think?

BadgerErickson | 9 December 2019

Small compact? I guess I'm a little confused by your saying the 3 is a large sedan; I think of the Passat as mid-large size sedans.....Mercedes A class, I'll have to look that one up...looks like a base model shell with lots of Tech.. So, you think the CT is actually the Z car? ;-)

CXVII | 9 December 2019

I meant relatively large, compared to other smaller sedans. At least in the European market.
Think of a 2-door coupe/compact with 2+2 seats, with a base price of 20k USD.
The Mercedes A-class is larger than that, but it was just a reference.
The most important part is that Tesla is missing the letter A in their model lineup:
model S
model 3
Model X
Model Y
Model A

andy.connor.e | 9 December 2019

Followed by Model F. so the lineup is SEXY AF | 9 December 2019

Model A may be a problem with Ford - they already nixed Tesla using the Model E (which is now the Model 3). Still Tesla has already shown the electric ATV, so it would seem natural to have it be the Model A.

TabascoGuy | 9 December 2019


TabascoGuy | 9 December 2019

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jordanrichard | 9 December 2019

CXVII, if you consider the Model 3 as "fairly large sedan", what is the Model S and X considered?

crt6598 | 9 December 2019

The next vehicle(s) (according to Elon, there will not be a new model for at least 2 years) should be a smaller Model 3 variant (similar platform, shorter wheelbase), likely a 2 door coupe, with a fastback/glass roof hatchback, and a convertible model (very easy to produce w/ no roof).

In similar fashion, Tesla should offer single, dual motor, and performance configurations for these models. These models would put the nail in the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger (and other 2 door ICE coupes) coffin (if it has not been done already).

These models should be priced at the 20-25K price point. By then (2023-2024, or sooner), Tesla will be in production of their own battery cells (via Maxwell). Even the performance version of these models should come in at sub 40K (or close to it), making these very compelling offerings for even first time/younger car buyers just entering the market.