How to contact Tesla service?

How to contact Tesla service?

There used to be a "Support" link somewhere in the Tesla account that allowed you to write a seemingly unlimited amount of text. It seems to have disappeared or I am unable to find it. Through many service appointments, I've learned to wait for a couple issues to appear before and schedule a single appointment rather than make an appointment when something goes wrong and having to update your appointment. Plus, 40min 1-way drive and having to uber back and forth is just terrible. Is there an official way to contact Tesla support and not be limited by a small amount of text like it is in the phone app? Was originally planning on waiting for mobile service to do HW3 and tack on whatever else needs to be done but some of my problems most likely needs to be at the service center.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 December 2019

You set it up through the app.

There is a menu pick for "schedule service".

Magic 8 Ball | 9 December 2019

There is also a "support" link at top of this page where you can schedule and type in details.

hokiegir1 | 9 December 2019

Just do a brief description of the problem when setting up your appointment. They will likely contact you for full details/clarification.

Bighorn | 9 December 2019

40 minutes is “just terrible,” huh? Help me with an adjective for 10 hours, then:)

foodking | 9 December 2019

>terrible? Don't think i can justify a car with a 10hr drive to the nearest SC.

Couldn't find anywhere i can ask tesla if mobile service can cover my issues without making an appointment. I'd prefer to figure out my options before scheduling anything.

GHammer | 9 December 2019

Just schedule the appointment with the app, it asks for your address and will sometimes give you the option for mobile service. If it doesn't, just put in the text field mobile requested. They will contact you.

aslammazad | 9 December 2019

Twice in the past year or so, I’ve had mobile service come to me. Both times I made an appt via the app and wrote in that I needed mobile service. Both times within a day or two, I was contacted by email that my initial appt was being cancelled and mobile service would contact me to set up a time to come to my home. In other words, it works. Trust me.

foodking | 9 December 2019

not enough room to ask for mobile service. mobile service did come out to me once to add a shem to the fruck lock and give me a dual motor badge. Maybe someone can help me keep my list coherate and still accurately describe the issues. Below is the max text i can fit

Left steering wheel horn button stopped working.
Right steering wheel stalk plastic piece popping up.
Have to periodically push the black plastic piece under windshield down to stop high pitched whistling sound.
Side view mirrors didn't auto unfold when unlocking and driving. Manually hit fold mirror button from center screen and the mirrors folded evenmore. don't look straight when in reverse.

M3phan | 9 December 2019

I like to edit, I’ll give it a go for you:

Left steering button not working. Right stalk plastic popping up. Pushing black plastic under windshield to stop high pitched whistle. Side mirrors didn't auto unfold when unlocking/driving. Manual fold mirror button from folds even more; mirrors don't look straight in reverse.

M3phan | 9 December 2019

Oops, drop “from” in last sentence