Irregular Digital Ticking Noise in Steering Wheel/Column Model 3

Irregular Digital Ticking Noise in Steering Wheel/Column Model 3

Has anyone here had an irregular clicking noise similar to a click wheel of an older iPod noticed near the steering wheel? It seems to come out of the steering wheel column on the left side, right behind the wheel. Car is 2 months old and has had this issue since the beginning.

Here is a video of the noise:

It is faint but noticeable and drives me crazy! It is not always audible but only when the car is in motion, it does not go away when A/C or music is turned off nor does it go away after a reset of the car.

I've had the car at a Tesla service and they said they could not find anything abnormal so it would be good if anyone has an idea what this could be! Noise does not change when self driving is engaged or not. it does seem to get amplified by uneven roads but not always. Some days it is completely gone (although lately I hear it almost every day!)

Please let me know if you have successfully dealt with this noise or have an idea what I could try to pin point Tesla to the right source!

Thank you,

lilbean | 10 December 2019

Is it a loose VIN plate?

Ngm98 | 10 December 2019

I also have had very similar sound coming off within the same area. Have brought it in multiple times was heard by the SC once and they added clips or something to do it and it went away for a little while but it’s back again. Every time I take it to the SC they can never replicate it. Mine only does that when the roads are slightly bumpy or is rocky - like many of the road conditions after it rains really hard and they are in bad shape. At what speed does it occur? Mine does it between 25-35 mph.

The technician that was able to replicate and fixed the issue did the following during my visit. While the ticking was going on, he held down and push down on the steering wheel and the noise went away. Have you tried that? It is something g that’s loose or touching which is why it is making that ticking sound.

aperfectecho | 10 December 2019

@lilbean-I was going to ask the same thing! That was the source of my ticking/creaking sound, which I got fixed around 1500 miles. Tech said that some came from the factory that way.

Lorenzryanc | 10 December 2019

Can you try adjusting the steering wheel slightly to see if changes?

StefanM3 | 10 December 2019

@ lilbean: I will check again my VIN plate but based on my initial observation the noise is the loudest (moving my mic/phone around) right at the steering wheel/column on the left side behind the wheel.

@ Lorenzryanc: I did try adjusting the wheel before but it did not help.

@Ngm98: Same here, I haven't found a way to successfully replicate it every time, usually when I bring it in it stops. Sometimes even when I take out my phone and start recording it stops. Thought it could even be some BT connection sound and unpaired the phone but that did not help either. It does only appear on a rougher road, but not dependent on rain. I would say mine accords even at higher speeds but I will keep an eye on that the next time! I've tried to hold down the wheel and any reachable panels around it but everything seems tight.

Will bring it in again and keep you updated!