Looking for a way to mount my cell phone

Looking for a way to mount my cell phone

I wish these forums had a search.

I purchased the OEM iPhone mount for my Model X and I really don't like it. I was wondering if anyone had found a solution that places the cell phone higher on the dash maybe? Any advice would be appreciated.


hoffenberg | 16 December 2019

Try buying it a drink first, then some romantic music

jimglas | 16 December 2019

i should not have laughed, but I did

iambigd | 16 December 2019

Hah, that actually was pretty damn funny. Thanks for the laugh.

hoffenberg | 17 December 2019

I laughed when I wrote it! Have a great day!

sandipan | 20 December 2019

@hoffenberg - Super funny!

@iambigd - I bought this and stuck it on the wooden part of the dash (right of the screen) -
It works well.

Then I bought this - and glued it to the one above. Now I have wireless charging on my phone and the phone is mounted where I can use Google Assistant. I like the setup.

schaaf | 20 December 2019

This one fits just right, combo magnetic holder and Qi charger. I put my on the upper vent to right right of the steering wheel.

Triggerplz | 20 December 2019

@ Hoff wow :-)