Click/clunking sound when rolling window up all the way

Click/clunking sound when rolling window up all the way

Hey guys! Just traded in my Model S for a Model X Raven this month and it has been smooth sailing except for a slight problem today. When I roll my window all the way up everything works fine but it makes an audible "clunking" sound. I am not confident whether the sound is coming from the top of the door or in the panel. Only happens when the door is closed either moving or stationary. I know people have problems with front windows on Model X's so I already have mobile service coming out in a week or so for a "window and wiper" issue.

As of right now it rolls up and down fine. Has anyone had a similar issue? I am in Chicago and it is very cold right now as I am aware temperature may be a factor in standard operation.

Thanks in advance!

manderko | 18 December 2019

I should add it is the *driver side window. Thanks!

festgiven | 19 December 2019


I have mine now for the weeks and I am having issues. Now to add to the list my sister in-law rolled the passenger front window all the way and when the door closed automatically I heard the glass rattling and I was like that’s not good. I really thought it was going to break. It only happens when the window is all the way down.