HW3 upgrade schedule for cars with FSD

HW3 upgrade schedule for cars with FSD

I have a relatively early LR RWD Model 3 (vin 21xxx, May 2018 delivery) with FSD capability. I understand that I should be getting the upgrade from HW2.5 to HW3 at some point. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this has already started happening or if anyone has already had the upgrade. This is more out of curiosity than anything else, since I am planning to wait until Tesla contacts me or until my 50K mile service (in about 8K miles) to request it.

Apologies if this has already been brought up; I imagine it has. I don't read the forum often, and I have never been able to figure out how to search for posts here.

CST | 31 December 2019

You should browse, just a little...

AAinSoCal | 31 December 2019

@CST I browsed just a little and found my answer, which amounts to "no one really knows" but "Elon says rollout starts in earnest in Q1."

I could swear the last time I tried to find something on the forum, I searched through 20 pages and came up dry. This time, not so much. Thanks and apologies for adding to the clutter.

spuzzz123 | 31 December 2019

I’ve seen some posts of folks who made SC appointments - probably out west. I’m more patient myself. For starters there really isn’t much to gain right now. A little visualization I guess. Not anything I’m pining for.

Kenyakid | 1 January 2020

I have found that if you Google your question, you are likely to find hits in the forum.

zerogravitydrgn | 1 January 2020

Type this into google: “ hw3”

stevec195 | 1 January 2020

Here is something a little more useful: I made a service appointment via the app with a reference to HW3. About three hours later I received an email stating that “do to my request, the appointment had been cancelled” just as I was about to reinstate the appointment I received a text from the service manager saying that they did not have parts, didn’t know when they will get parts and “you’re on the list”

Red_Falcon | 1 January 2020

I too purchased FSD back in Oct 2018 and when I hear when Tesla is starting the HW3 upgrades, i'll be scheduling a service appointment. This was the only way i received my graphite spoiler...don't wait for them to call you...i think you'll be waiting a long time.

EVRider | 1 January 2020

Tesla has started HW3 upgrades. There’s a list of VINs that are eligible for upgrades at any given time, not sure how they decide when to add your car to the list, but if you have FSD you’ll be added at some point.

I was told by my service center that my Model S is on the list but my Model 3 isn’t yet. They told me the new processor has been shipped to them and they’ll contact me when they have it.

For searching the forums, see this:

globalMan | 1 January 2020

How long is the HW3 upgrade going to take? Is it long enough that the owner would have to get a rental car?

rwgallah | 1 January 2020

SC rep told me 2 hours but I have no data on actual time.

2pwr10 | 1 January 2020

I had scheduled an appointment for Dec30th for my glovebox, rear seat sensor, A/C, but pleasantly surprised to see the FSD hardware upgrade included and charge port pin update and finished everything overnight, even though their estimate was to get it ready by Jan 3rd (got $100/day Uber credits as they did not have a loaner). I had ordered FSD on March 6th 2019, though May 2018 delivery.

CST | 1 January 2020

Berkely service center kept my car for a week (including Thanksgiving) to do mine... I had a S70D the enire week as a loaner. I was told mine was one of the first.

CST | 1 January 2020

Berkely service center kept my car for a week (including Thanksgiving) to do mine... I had a S70D the enire week as a loaner. I was told mine was one of the first.

EVRider | 1 January 2020

Some service centers no longer offer loaners, they give you Uber credits instead. I thought this was supposed to be the policy everywhere, but apparently not.

noleaf4me | 1 January 2020

Yea - I hope they get to me soon as well. What is the issue with the charger pins? Have not heard of that one.

Bob.Calvo | 1 January 2020


You don't say if you have a Model 3 or S. Are you in CA? Do you have a Model 3? Model S HW3 upgrades have been confirmed. Those of us that have tried to schedule an appointment have had it cancelled and been told that Model 3 upgrades have not begun yet. Unless you are the first.

2pwr10 | 1 January 2020

my bad, i have the same LR RWD Model 3 as original poster, in CA at Dublin service center. I did not experience any issue with the charger pin, but they told me they have updated with better parts. "Replace Charge Port Insulator pins with Updated Parts". I guess I got lucky with my unscheduled FSD upgrade :)

noleaf4me | 1 January 2020

@2pwr10 -- I'll make sure to ask when I eventually get my call for the HW3 upgrade. I had a friend who had an issue with charging and they said they replaced the cable from the charge port to the pack -- I assume that included the pins too....

pankaj2000 | 1 January 2020

This is what I got text after appointment

Hi xxxxx, At this time the 3.0 hardware upgrades are being rolled out based on your VIN number. At this time your vehicle is not apart of the roll out. I would recommend checking back in 3-4 weeks to see if available for your VIN

JAD | 1 January 2020

My March 18 build is getting hw3 in two weeks. Wait a month or two and most should be available for update.

david_gelfand | 2 January 2020

I had HW 3.0 upgrade this week when I brought to Berkeley service center for 2 year service. My M3 is Dec ‘17 build & purchased with FSD with Jan ‘18 delivery. I tried to get HW 3 upgrade last Jan, but I was informed “not yet available.” Curiously, for many days after scheduling upgrade, but prior to installation I was repeatedly offered OTA updates that of course repeatedly failed until upgrade was completed.

spuzzz123 | 2 January 2020

@jad mine is same month and year build. But I did not buy FSD with car...bought it in feb 2019. I wonder if that is taken into account in the priority scheme. (I don’t think it should be vin sequence. It should be when you bought fsd). In any case I am in no rush.

BuckeyeM3 | 25 January 2020

I have a Model 3 LR RWD I received in May 2018. I purchased FSD in early 2019. I requested a service appointment at my local San Diego Service Center specifically for a HW3 upgrade/retrofit through my Tesla phone app on 2 January 2020 for a 13 Jan appointment. The HW3 upgrade/retrofit service was completed on 14 January. When I brought the car in for the upgrade the Service Center said there was a bulletin to check a high voltage connectors. They eventually had to replace a harness and I received the car back on 22 January.

joe | 26 January 2020

My story similar to Buckeye 3 above. M3 RWD delivered April 2018, VIN 012xxx FSD purchased later. Carlsbad (San Diego) service center told me that there had to be a bulletin showing under my VIN to do the HW3 upgrade before they could do it. They found the bulletin, and also a notice of an issue with the High Voltage Controller that might fail, and needed to be replaced. Brought the car in Friday, due to be returned same day, but after doing the hardware changes, the attempt to update the software "failed" (saw it on my App), and they texted me that they had to keep the car and "create a case with engineering about the high voltage controller replacement" :(. I suspect that is a team in Freemont that doesn't work weekends. I'm supposed to get the car back tomorrow (estimated), fingers crossed that they can figure it out quickly. Have Model S loaner- don't love it, but can't complain.

I have seen other posts where software update failed after HW3 replacement, requiring a longer stay in SC than planned. I fear my presets will be lost - I asked when I dropped the car off, and they said that they "try to back up and restore the presets, but it doesn't always work out..."...

Be interested if anyone has more info on what might be going on with my poor M3...

seattlemag | 27 January 2020

I'm in the same boat as all of you; early 2018 model 3 RWD and purchased FSD later. I haven't heard anything from Tesla yet and I may just continue to wait until I read more positive experiences.

Thanks for sharing! Hoping we got a few more successful upgrade stories while Tesla is refining the upgrade process.

ndmlong | 27 January 2020

I got FSD computer installed on Friday. It’s great except I lost the free Slacker radio. Tesla service says I need to subscribe to Premium Connectivity to get it back, even when on wifi. Apparently the settings are cleared when the new computer is installed & they have no way to retrieve them.

EVRider | 27 January 2020

@ndmlong: Tesla can restore the settings when they replace the computer, but a few people have reported losing them. Tesla should be able to provide you with your original Tesla Slacker credentials, and I don't believe that you need Premium to have the Slacker account (nothing about that in

joe | 27 January 2020

I saw cones! They did it! (see 4 posts back).

Initially they upgraded the computer to HW3 and replaced the high voltage controller, then software update "failure" and had to keep the car over the weekend. Today, I saw two more software updates (same current version 2019.40.50.7), then my app informed me that "remote access" was turned off so I could get no info on the car. Picked it up this afternoon (text that it was ready) - they told me they needed help from engineering to "program the high voltage controller". I did lose driver profiles and virtually all of the car configuration settings. I did NOT lose the phone keys, the lifetime TuneIn radio streaming and audio favorites. Cameras had to recalibrate on the way home before TACC or autopilot would engage. When they did, they seemed smoother - less aggressive slowing when a car pulled into my lane in front of me. And it seemed like the car veered away slightly when a large vehicle passed me in an adjacent lane, something I always missed. Maybe I imagined it, time will tell. And I saw cones! lol. Had to reprogram the HomeLink garage opener, annoying but worked fine. Done! After my S loaner, so glad to have my 3 back! :)

82bert | 27 January 2020

Got 1 of 2 done today. Works great. All settings saved. Very pleased. Can’t wait for the updates now.

walnotr | 28 January 2020

So, what does one do to justify scheduling the FSD computer if there are no issues to address other than the computer upgrade? My 3 has no serviceable issues to tag on to a possible upgrade. The closest service center is a 2 hour drive so it makes it a little difficult to just drop in for a chat. 7/2018 build with FSD purchased with the car.

82bert | 28 January 2020

You can still just request via app and put it in the comments section for installation/upgrade. IE “FSD computer retrofit. Is it available? Thank you!”

They will let you know.

walnotr | 28 January 2020

We’ll see. Requested next Tuesday. Now to wait for the confirmation/cancellation.

EVRider | 28 January 2020

@walnotr: Very unlikely that you’ll get an upgrade if your car isn’t on the list yet. You’re supposed to wait for service to contact you, which they’ll do when your car is on the list and they receive the part.

ModernTriDad | 28 January 2020

I plan to be patient and wait to be contacted, or inquire if I have an SC service appointment. However, I don’t recall any communications telling anyone not to contact Tesla to request an upgrade. Better communications from Tesla would reduce the confusion and the number of premature requests. They have all of our email addresses and it’s virtually free to send us a message, so I don’t think anyone is “supposed to wait”, unless I missed that communication. They could even have the app display a note when someone requests the upgrade... but they don’t-for now at least.

joe | 28 January 2020

I never received any notification from Tesla that my HW3 update was available. I had several attempted appointments that I made thru the app cancelled. I had a text exchange with SC prior to an appointment for a roof rack install, and asked - text back said upgrade not yet available. Very next day, at the SC, service manager looked up my VIN in his workstation, and told me that the upgrade WAS available for me. Tesla mother ship must enter a bulletin under your VIN in their system before service center can do the upgrade. But stay on it and keep asking. They are definitely rolling out.

EVRider | 28 January 2020

I said that you're supposed to wait for service to contact you, but that doesn't always happen. I actually asked someone in my service center, and they confirmed that my Model S was on the list and the part was on the way. I didn't schedule anything until everything was confirmed.

The problem with scheduling a service appointment just for an upgrade before you know you're eligible is this: you're creating unnecessary work for the service center, and you're taking an appointment slot from someone who might actually need it for something important.

So follow up with your service center if you can, but don't schedule an appointment until you know you're eligible (unless you're having other work done).

lbowroom | 28 January 2020

"until my 50K mile service"

There's a 50K mile service?

M3phan | 28 January 2020

At this point I think I can live without the cool visuals, and as others note, am happy to wait for the retrofit while they practice on more cars. 6/18 build; though I wouldn’t say No if my HW3 part came in tomorrow. ; )

walnotr | 28 January 2020

It would be much easier to wait if we knew for sure people were being contacted once they appeared on the list. When people who purchased FSD last year after having bought their car in late 2018 are getting the upgrade, I don’t feel being proactive is a bad thing. I figure the best way to find out if I’m on the list is to ask to have it done. At least I will be contacted to tell me one way or another by making a request.

EVRider | 28 January 2020

@walnotr: So are you going to keep scheduling appointments and having them cancelled until you actually get on the list? How frequently do you plan to do this?

walnotr | 28 January 2020

This is the second time. The first was last summer when I had some other work done. The reply was an expected polite no and haven’t bothered again until today. Is that infrequent enough? My situation is a little different than most others as we move around the country a few times a year so to my thinking, unless I “check in” once in awhile, there will be a chance of them sending the hardware to the wrong service center.

ray.sanford | 28 January 2020

Was scheduled for HW 3 upgrade. Just received notice "We're currently reviewing your upcoming appointment and notice we will be performing the full-self driving retrofit service. Your vehicle will be getting an updated computer. At this time we just been informed the computer we have received is defective, no ETA as of yet to when we will receive it but we will notify you right away and have you bring the vehicle as soon as you can."

M3phan | 28 January 2020

I believe YTuber Tesla Joy talked about her retrofit having same issue. 1st computer defective, installed a second one. She’s in Los Angeles area so prob why they had quick access to a second unit.
Another reason I’m ok waiting a bit longer.

M3phan | 28 January 2020

That said, I am looking forward to getting it eventually!

82bert | 28 January 2020

@walnotr. I kindly requested 2 previous times via app before the lucky 3rd time. They were polite each time. Final time they said my VIN was on the list. Will eventually start requesting for our other 3 (purchased later). There’s nothing wrong with a polite request via app.

EVRider | 28 January 2020

@walnotr: I'm fortunate enough to still be able to reach my service center via e-mail, so I don’t have to schedule appointments in the app just to hear from them. A benefit of having been an owner when communicating with the service center was not only possible, but easy.

82bert | 28 January 2020

The app really is quite easy and convenient. Nearly always get a rapid response. I have SC emails, but wouldn’t bother them personally.

marinergreg | 28 January 2020

I got my HW3 upgrade yesterday at the new Renton Wa Service Center. I set up a service appointment and asked if I could get the upgrade while in for service. It was approved and they told me that location has a large stock of them but they are installing them in bunches so that bugs could be found and addressed during the rollout.
Delivery - 38xxx - 8/2018 - Seattle

EVRider | 29 January 2020

@82bert: The app is easy, but it requires you to schedule an appointment, which means you’re taking an appointment slot that someone else might need. The service staff still needs to respond to your service request, so you’re not bothering them any less than you would by e-mailing them.

82bert | 29 January 2020

You’re not taking a spot someone needs. In regards to the FSD retrofit, they responded typically within a few hours every time and then canceled it for me when not available. And at least for me, it’s been a mobile service request each time.