USB drive

USB drive

I've had my car for a week now and I've tried at least 10 different thumbs drives. Nothing ever works, the car never seems to let it connect. I know about the teslacam folder, fat 32 etc.
I purchased a 128 gig. writes at 300mbs. it still does not see it. Whats up?

pnagy | 3 January 2020

Which computer and software did you use to format your thumb drive? If it's a Mac, I am not familiar with Mac. But if it's a PC, you need to get third party software to properly format your thumb drive because Microsoft OS won't format to FAT32 for drives greater than 32GB.

Some third party software requires you to enter proper cluster size. Google for cluster size for FAT32 drives. Other third party software may automatically set proper cluster size. Cluster size is very important.


EVRider | 3 January 2020

See this site for help with your TeslaCam: | 3 January 2020

Sounds like it isn't really FAT32. The exFAT32 is not the same and will not work. Also the TeslaCam folder must be in the exact case, not all lowercase. More troubleshooting and recommendations on my site.

jeffcleanair | 3 January 2020

I gave up and went to bought it from them and works perfectly. I think I paid around $47 they have other options also

apodbdrs | 4 January 2020

@keys, In you comment you wrote you know about the "teslacam" folder, it is "TeslaCam".

jds3biz | 4 January 2020

I have had good luck with Sandisk usb drives but I recently got a SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB for iPhone and it's wonderful. If you use an iPhone you can pull out the drive while in your car and plug it into your iphone and see all the sentry mode clips. It's great!!

keys | 4 January 2020

Thanks folks- it was all about Teslacam not teslacam, It works now

EVRider | 4 January 2020

TeslaCam, not Teslacam. :-)

I was never sure whether this was actually case sensitive. I’m a bit surprised to hear that it is.

FISHEV | 4 January 2020

"I know about the teslacam folder, fat 32 etc.I purchased a 128 gig. writes at 300mbs. it still does not see it. Whats up?"

Mine stopped working after the update. Saying it is full which is wrong as Tesla is supposed to just keep over writing. I took it out and deleted all the files and it still says "full" so something went wrong on the Tesla end that previously working solid state drive stopped.

kohlbe | 4 January 2020

If you are looking for something completely idiot proof, tryout:
Plugged it in when first bought....have never had an issue. I realize there are cheaper ways. This just works. BTW- I have no relationship whatsoever with this company- just came across it on internet. | 4 January 2020

In Linux, files and folders are case sensitive.

If you delete files in Windows, it may just mark them for deletion, but they still consume space that Linux will not overwrite. Best to reformat, and it's faster too. Don't forget to add back the TeslaCam folder. | 4 January 2020

If it wasn't clear, Tesla uses Linux as the OS.

EVRider | 4 January 2020

@TeslaTap: I know that the OS is case sensitive, but most applications ignore case in file and folder names when it isn't important, since doing otherwise would result in support issues (as in @key's case).

By the way, deleting files in macOS won't free up space either. You can either hold down Option when accessing the Finder's File menu and choose Delete Immediately, or empty the trash folder on the USB drive after deleting the files. I agree that on macOS it's easier (and quicker) to reformat and recreate the TeslaCam folder.

FISHEV | 4 January 2020

“If you are looking for something completely idiot proof,”

More finding one that is Tesla “proof”. Mine was working, now it’s not so Tesla changed something but in true Tesla fashion, not tell owners what changed on what to fix.

I’ll probably order the PureTesla one as not worth time or money trying to work around Tesla issues.

giuseppe.giordano | 4 January 2020

Hi all. I have received my brand new Model 3 on December the 20th, in Germany. All the USB keys I already owned and tried were totally unsuccessful, and I received messages stating "Bad formatting" although they were perfect FAT32 standard, also with the manual described TeslaCam folder. I bought yesterday these keys from Amazon: They are SanDisk Ultra Flair 32GB USB sold at 8 euros on DE. I received today for fast courier and applied as-it-is with only the folder TeslaCam added.
They work perfectly! The sentinel recordings are present and I simulated an event by going without phone near the car, touching her. She just turned on the screen and declared Sentinelling. I extracted the key and checked in my Windows Notebook. All videos are clear. In less of a couple of hours it consumed up to 8 GB. So if it will continue on this way, in something around 7-8 hours a key with 32 Gb is full.
Hope I have added my 2c to the discussion.
All the best and have a great new year.

ytr3wq | 4 January 2020

A Tesla SC employee told me that he reformats his USB drive monthly to prevent corrupt files from impacting anything.

efuseakay | 4 January 2020

I had been using a Samsung usb thumb drive since they enabled sentry/dash cam. Lately it has failed to mount after the car has been asleep for hours/overnight. So I broke down and purchased a Samsung Pro Endurance microSD and a SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 card reader. No more mounting issues. Just an FYI for anyone that eventually has problems with a flash drive.

rvb104 | 4 January 2020

I used to be able to play music on my USB thumb drive. After an update I have not been able to do that anymore. Couple of times to Tesla service. No help. They say they will call back, but never do. Anyone else have the same issue? Tried many different thumb ones, reformatted luck...

Any suggestions?

TeslaYVR | 5 January 2020

I burned through 3 thumb drives in a few weeks leaving sentry to come on automatically. Killed a Sandisk, Lexar, and Kingston. I finally bought a Kingston 240 gb SSD with a Orico SSD enclosure on amazon. Less than $40 candian for the pair. Downloaded some free partition software online and formatted the ssd drive to FAT32 and created the TeslaCam folder. When plugged in the car , it auto creates a few new folders where sentry recordings don’t get over-written. I have had no problems since. SSD is the best solution for everyone I think.