SR+ Immersive Sound

SR+ Immersive Sound

Can any SR+ owners help me figure out if I'm missing a feature after upgrading my SR to SR+? The owner's manual says:

"For example, if equipped with the partial premium interior, you can turn immersive sound On or Off, whereas if equipped with the full premium interior, you can choose between Standard, High, and Off."

I understand that the hardware is different between the partial premium interior and the full premium interior and I've already tried Google for an answer without success. I found posts that said some cars lost the on/off switch in an update earlier this year, but it seemed that was being reported as a bug and not a permanent change to the feature set. Before I open a service ticket I just wanted to confirm that other SR+ owners do have the on/off control for immersive sound.

Alan_F | 4 January 2020

"earlier this year" = "last year"... forgot it's 2020!

M3phan | 4 January 2020

First, have you found the toggle? (Open music screen, Click the Settings (gear) icon, and select the appropriate toggle.)

Smalm | 4 January 2020

Yes I have the toggle

Lonestar10_1999 | 4 January 2020

In my SR+ the enable/disable toggle makes a difference in the audio but it’s so small, it’s barely noticeable.

michaellemus10 | 4 January 2020

I have the SR with the upgraded white interior, the immersive on/off is not available.

Smalm | 4 January 2020

@lonestar10 - agree not very noticeable on all content/sources. USB I find to be best. One way to test and make sure it’s doing something is to put the fader all the way back, and turn up volume and toggle on/off. Likely because of inactive/missing front speakers in partial premium, rear speakers will demonstrate the difference.

Alan_F | 4 January 2020

@M3phan - yes, that is the screen I checked. No toggle there. I'll open a ticket and see if they can fix the configuration.

bcmusik | 4 January 2020

Immersive sound absolutely makes a difference. In the SR+ it enhances the center speaker in the center of your dash. That’s it but depending on what you’re listening to that will make a difference. In premium interior cars there are 7 additional speakers so you’re already immersed in sound and the various settings enhance the experience even further. The SR+ installed 4 speakers that are inactive (they would need a power amp) and the rear deck has no speakers. When I got my SR+ I had a sub-woofer added because I like to hear a little of the sub energy but IMHO SR+ Stock car stereo system is tuned very well and sounds good as long as you turn ON immersive.