Voice command problem with todays update.

Voice command problem with todays update.

any one having problem with voice command with the new update?
before i ask to play music, nav to work, home. everything works perfect. today after the new update. looks like nothing works. it does not understand any which i says. the only thing it understood is go to work. but it does not do anything after that.

mike w | 9 January 2020

Have been at Tesla Service today because of other reasons. They told me that they are Aware of the Problem and next update schall sove it.

Bighorn | 9 January 2020

Worked great for me. Impressive array of random commands that worked. And ones that did not said the feature wasn't programmed yet.

yudansha™ | 9 January 2020

Set the speed to 40 sets the wipers to mad max.

vmulla | 9 January 2020

What is your update number? Your latest update isn't the same as another's

Massimo76 | 9 January 2020

Hello jinrao,

I posted the same questions but still no answer. At the moment I can't make a phone call white driving (command not understood) but I can turn on climate control for example (and not off...).

2019.40.50.7 firmware

AmokTime | 9 January 2020

I thought I got the voice command update on Christmas Eve, but none of the new commands worked. Then I got another update with seemingly identical release notes last night. Now everything works. I still have an issue, though. My wife’s name is similar to, but not equal to “Penny.” Every time I try to call her it hears, “Call Penny” and tells me “Contact not found.” I will have to make a contact called “wife” or something like that.

FISHEV | 9 January 2020

"Worked great for me."

You always say that which is of no use to the people having problems. Here's a commonly reported problem to the point Tesla service acknowledged the issue to an owner so what is the point of the "works great" comments in the face of common problem acknowledged by Tesla.

That Tesla knows about the problem and is working to fix it is useful. Claiming it doesn't exist is not useful.

wiscy67 | 9 January 2020

Mine is hit or miss now with 50.7. When it doesn't work - it displays in gray text some command examples - ie apparently it's not hearing my commands. Sometimes.

CharleyBC | 9 January 2020

Can we make it an international law banning phrases like "todays [sic] update" and "latest software"? They are inherently imprecise and become quickly obscure. Heck, we had three iterations of 40.50.x within several days, with different people on different ones. Your "today's update" and my "latest software" may very well be different things.

WEST TEX EV | 9 January 2020

Also bug report doesn’t work ...50.7

U can say “bug report”. It works.

But not “bug report [stuff...]” which is really the point.

CharleyBC | 9 January 2020

"Also bug report doesn’t work ...50.7"

That's a feature. They were getting too many bug reports.

Massimo76 | 10 January 2020

About the call bug I found out that if the contact is saved in the name+surname form it works, if it's only one word it always fails. Navigate to still failing, play a song/artist and so on. They worked on more complex commands but now there is no scalability and simpler ones fail

sidetracked1 | 10 January 2020

I continue to find voice commands great... except when they suddenly aren't. It must be something about connectivity, but even in areas like my garage, where there is always wi-fi, it works about 80% of the time, but then randomly seems to stop responding to anything, even the basics like 'open glovebox'.

It's frustrating, because it seems like such a moving target. If it was only in areas with weak cell reception, for example, it would make a lot more sense...