Tesla Hat

Tesla Hat

Today I received from Tesla Customer Service a nice surprise; a Tesla baseball cap. Inside the package was a packing slip with no explanation regarding why I received the gift. Did anyone else receive one, and if so do you know why?

jimglas | 8 January 2020

the first rule about free hat club
Dont talk about free hat club

jordanrichard | 8 January 2020

Linebet, as jimglas said, you weren’t supposed to talk about this. Tomorrow when you see a van pull up to your house with guys wearing Foster Grants in it, don’t resist, just get in the van.
It was nice knowing you.........

Pg3ibew | 8 January 2020

Ah man. Now you ruined it for the rest of us.

Pg3ibew | 8 January 2020

Thinks like this are the reason Mr. Musk doesn't give us cool things anymore.

billlake2000 | 8 January 2020

I knew this guy once, and he wore a hat on his ass.

gballant4570 | 8 January 2020

I received two of them. I know why - I paid for them via the card attached to my Tesla account.

Varricks | 10 January 2020

I had two. One to crap in, and one to cover it up with.

And if you ever wear the bill to the back, I have naphtha. And a Zippo.

noleaf4me | 11 January 2020

@Linebet -- I'd check your credit card statement tied to your Tesla account....

noleaf4me | 11 January 2020

Did the HAT maybe come from mntlvr23???