Time Scheduled charging?

Time Scheduled charging?

I'd like to ask if anyone knows if Tesla has not implemented scheduled charging? For me I would like to have the car only charge at times when my hydro is cheaper and I want the car to finish charging when I leave to go to work so the battery is warm and I can avoid the no regen issue that seems to have come up recently. This could easily be achieved through the app and would be much more convenient than plugging in the car in the middle of the night.

mizunosan | 9 January 2020

It's called Scheduled Departure and is already implemented

TranzNDance | 9 January 2020

The scheduled departure has ended around 5:30am for me, regardless of my set departure time. It seems to have worked out ok but I'm in California. It does seem to cause vampire gain, where the charge level would slowly increase and even get to 100% despite setting it to 90%. Also, it can only be set through the car, not the app.

jordanrichard | 9 January 2020

There is actually two aspects to the Scheduled Departure update. You can either set it to start charging at a set point or you can set it to be finished and the interior temp ready for when you leave. For the scheduled departure you can also set it be every day or just Mon through Fri.

V_I_Lee | 9 January 2020

Thank you Tranz and Jordan. Sorry, I missed it somehow. I'll check in the car tonight. I thought it was too simple of an idea for it to not already exist...

TranzNDance | 9 January 2020

They only recently implemented scheduled departure. If you have an old firmware version, it might be why you didn't see it.