Does advanced summon work any better now or does it still almost not suck?

Does advanced summon work any better now or does it still almost not suck?

I've had it awhile now and try using it once in awhile where if it stalls out it won't cause a problem. sometimes it works but not as well as it should. I've tried the come to me and the go to location. It' doesn't usually go in the right lane that a driver would and it doesn't pull up parallel to where I am at like a driver would. Usually at an angle sticking out in the traffic lane. Sometimes it starts then just looses the connection and stops blocking a lane. I've had it almost hit another parked car if I wouldn't have stopped it. While trying to use it at a Christmas party when I was leaving it started to work then just kept stopping and turning the wheels, moved a little then stopped in a road in front of the house. I had to go out and move it as a car showed up and was blocked by mine much to the joy of my anti electric car friends who still don't think electric cars are there yet. So has it worked well for anyone else yet??? I am still on the 2.5 computer .

minervo.florida | 13 January 2020

Too soon. Needs more work.

Anthony J. Parisio | 13 January 2020

It is a good party trick at this point. It is a nice preview of what is to come. I am amazed they have gotten this far so soon. They should be really be commended for their work.

wiboater4 | 13 January 2020

I wouldn't say they released it to soon . They need the feedback to improve it. I am just curious now that it has been out for awhile if anyone else is getting better results with maybe the version 3 computer?

EVRider | 13 January 2020

Works better than the Summon feature in your friends’ ICE cars. :-)

M3phan | 13 January 2020

EV, hahahahaha. True.
I still find it spotty.

jebinc | 13 January 2020

The later. | 13 January 2020

still almost sucks.. I tested it just yesterday in an empty parking lot at the grocery store at 7am, and saw no improvement on latest software update

CST | 13 January 2020

The other evening, I was walking out of the tennis club, talking with a friend. I knew how my car was parked, and it was quiet, so I summoned it. While we were finishing out discussion, the car pulled up, we spoke for a bit longer and I got in. Nailed it!

Lonestar10_1999 | 13 January 2020

I think it worked best when it was first rolled out. After 3 or 4 firmware updates it’s gotten worse and worse. Its a shame because when it works correctly it blows people away. It’s not amazing when it performs like a drunk is behind the wheel.

GrumpyinAZ | 16 January 2020

It needs some work but i think it's learned a lot since it was released. I agree that it doesn't keep lanes well, stops at angles instead of xcurbside, etc. But it's impressed a lot of people for me, including one woman who tried to open the door to stop the car 'rolling'. I honked the horn and scared her a bit....

aslammazad | 16 January 2020

I think what the OP wants to know and that no one has answered yet is whether smart summon is better on hardware 3 verses hardware 2.5
My model 3 also has HW 2.5 and I would very much like if someone would comment whether they have heard of or seen a difference between smart summon on 3 verses 2.5

Varricks | 17 January 2020

First time I tried it, months ago, I first thought the car was running away. But it didn't, and found its way circuitously to me.
Last time, happened to be at the end of an un-trafficked parking lot and thought I'd give it a try. Worked perfectly. Turns out someone I'd not seen had been watching, and applauded.
Still, just a toy.