Adjust charge current from the app?

Adjust charge current from the app?

Seems this should be available, maybe a safety issue?

andy.connor.e | 17 January 2020

What is a safety issue?

kevin_rf | 17 January 2020

You have to use the internet to see your car burn down ;-)

WEST TEX EV | 17 January 2020

+1 to adjust for convenience. Example: I will charge on 30 MPH (220v/32a circuit). I need 140 Mi. I have 10 hrs. Change so charges slowly (14MPH) overnight instead of charge fast then STOP.

jdcollins5 | 17 January 2020

@WEST TEX EV - adjust the amps at the car when you set up the overnight charging.

WEST TEX EV | 17 January 2020

Just think it deserves to be in app. Prefer to fiddle at app. Not sitting in car. #FAMILYTIME.

rmg007 | 17 January 2020


Atom12 | 7 February 2020

Elon: Model 3 api end point for “charge current” por favor.

shank15217 | 7 February 2020

It isn't safe to control the power flow from a remote app. Think of the consequences of a hack.

derotam | 7 February 2020

Sure consequences of a mean like someone turning on climate control to max and draining your battery, or venting the windows when it is raining...ohh ohh or how bout getting your car's location, unlocking the doors and starting the vehicle and driving away in your car? You mean like those consequences? Changing the charge current within the limits of the charging dongle is the least of any worries I think.

Atom12 | 7 February 2020

@shank15217: "Think of the consequences of a hack."

Please, continue.

mrburke | 7 February 2020

Unlock the car.
Open the windows in a rain storm.

Changing the charge current is a risk. Really ?