Hardware 3 Upgrade

Hardware 3 Upgrade

Just wondering when the Hardware 3 Upgrade would be available for 2017 Model X with purchased Full-Self-Drive Capability? How can I schedule an appointment to do so? Thanks for your time.

donnieliu08 | 4 February 2020

Just wondering when the Hardware 3 Upgrade would be available for 2017 Model X with purchased Full-Self-Drive Capability? How can I schedule an appointment to do so? Thanks for your time.

jimglas | 4 February 2020

schedule aa appt at your SC and se

bp | 5 February 2020

When I scheduled a service appointment for next week for our 2017 S, I put the HW3 upgrade on the list to be done.

Haven't heard back that they won't do it (yet)... | 5 February 2020

If you have HW2.5 they may do the upgrade. For those with HW2.0, cars made before 1-Aug-2017, as far as I've heard, no FSD AP3 has been installed yet. They are still working on the retrofit. One rumor is it will require replacement of 7 of the 8 cameras on HW2.0 cars.

If someone with a HW2.0 car gets the retrofit, I hope they'll report it in the forums.

Vawlkus | 5 February 2020

Apparently there are compatibility issues with 2.0. I’m hoping to bug my local Ranger about it, but he’s avoiding me ATM. :P

davewhittle | 5 February 2020

My local (SLC) service guys researched this, and told me that my 2016 Model X 90D with the Full-Self Driving upgrade would receive the upgrade, but Tesla is still working on how to do the retrofit.

At first, they were telling me that they were doing the retrofit in order of age of the Full Self-Driving upgrade, but later found out that mine is the oldest they'd seen, so the real issue is that they are still working on how to implement the retrofit / hardware upgrades for older vehicles like mine with AP 2.0 AND Full Self-Driving. I think it also involves the MCU, which is so old on the 2016 that I'm missing features like stop sign/light recognition even though I have Full Self-Driving. | 5 February 2020

@davewhittle - MCU1 is not the issue as some cars with MCU1 and HW2.5 have gotten the upgrade. About 8 months of production had this combination.

Stop sign and light recognition requires the HW3 AP processor, nothing to do with MCU1/MCU2. Still, if Tesla gave us MCU2, I wouldn't complain :)

Saxman | 6 February 2020

I have a somewhat related issue. My Dec 2016 X with EAP & FSD and MCU1 is STILL on Software 2019.40.1.1.

Are YOU or anyone else still is a similar Software Purgatory? | 6 February 2020

I got my update to 2020.4.1 on Jan-28, so this update is now going out to owners with MCU1. As to how fast it is rolling out and/or if they stopped is an unknown. Do you have a good home WiFi connection? Also in Controls -> Software there is an option to get all the updates, which might speed getting this version.

markcohen | 6 February 2020

I also have an MCU1 car with AP2.5. I just got my update to 2020.4.1 last week also. It had been a REALLY long time between updates before I got that one. I am also still waiting on my AP3 update. I got it on my model 3 but no word on the X yet. It's in service today for the yellow border on the LCD today and I listed the upgrade if available on the service request, but I don't think it is happening today.

info | 6 February 2020

I have two MX Teslas. 2018 MX HW 2.5 have gotten the HW 3.0 up grade. Operating on 2020.4.1 However, on the options list in the car it is not listed as HW 3.0, it’s listed as “FULL SELF DRIVING COMPUTER’. My 2017 MX has the HW 2.0 with FSD , Which was purchased from new , was not retrofitted to 3.0, but it is operating on 2020.4.1. Go figure.

bp | 7 February 2020

Here's the answer I received for our requested HW3 update at next week's service appointment for our 2017 S:

"The hardware 3 computer replacement is not available by request. The replacements are being performed as a gradual roll out process in groups. There is no ETA available of when the replacement will be assigned to your VIN. The computer will be replaced at a future service visit automatically, without prior notification, once assigned to your VIN."

So basically they're saying they'll upgrade when they're ready - and they don't plan to notify owners when their vehicles are even eligible for the upgrade.

And because Tesla no longer has recommended annual maintenance, if a vehicle doesn't have any problems requiring maintenance, even if your vehicle is eligible for the HW3 upgrade, you won't have any advance notice the vehicle can get the upgrade and will have to wait until you need service.

Unless Tesla changes this policy, looks like the only way owners will know their vehicles may be eligible for the upgrade is for owners (especially MCU1/AP2) to post online when their vehicles have been upgraded, and then for everyone with an MCU1/AP2 to schedule a service appointment, requesting the HW3 upgrade, and wait for Tesla's response.

Surely there's a better way to manage this... | 7 February 2020

@bp - Yep, it would be nice to get notifications, although anyone that looks at the forums may get a fairly good idea of availability, especially for HW2.0 owners, which are not being done yet.

Clearly Tesla can't handle every car's upgrade at the same time, and they also can't stop all other services - most of which is far more important than getting HW3 that does so little today. My guess is they are adjusting HW3 retrofits with the free time after among other service work.

And yes, I'm in the same boat with HW2.0. Note that MCU1 is not an issue, as vehicles with MCU1 and HW2.5 are being updated.

inconel | 7 February 2020

MCU1 is a huuuge issue for HW3 upgrade because I *need* to be able to play Cup Head or Beach Buggy Racing when in FSD mode ;-) | 7 February 2020

@inconel - I think you understand, but for others no Cup head for you or me. HW3 update doesn't get you there on an MCU1 car even with the HW3 AP processor. You'd need to buy the MCU2 upgrade, that doesn't exist yet.

Saxman | 8 February 2020


Thanks for your input. I did FINALLY get 2020.4.1 but I VOICE COMMANDS are sketchy at best.

I cannot seem to receive or send TEXT MESSAGES. I unpaired my Samsung Galaxy S9 and repaired, but still nothing.

Any thoughts on that.

Thanks again

LTR | 8 February 2020

on main screen, upper right, you need to click on the Bluetooth icon and enable the function before it will work. It is not set to on by default. And mine reset to off when I got my 2020.4.1 update.
Hope this helps.

Saxman | 8 February 2020


Thanks for the tip. I'll try it tomorrow.

Saxman | 9 February 2020


I think I did what you suggested.

After touching the BT ICON on my MCU1 screen, I enabled Sync Calls and Contacts, but wouldn't allow me to enable Chime when receiving messages.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9. It is paired with my X. Is there a setting on my cell to allow X to display messages.

I had my wife send a text while in passenger seat. Her text appeared on my cell but not on my X.

Don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Alex M | 9 February 2020


Are they doing the hw3 mcu1 cars with ap2.5 now? Not doubting you, just hadn't heard of any mcu1 cars that had been upgraded to hw3 (besides Green's of course;)

LTR | 9 February 2020

Must be limited by MCU1. On mine (MCU2), after Sync Calls and Contacts I have a toggle for Sync Messages...

burdogg | 9 February 2020

@Saxman - check to make sure your bluetooth in the X is still saying you are enabled. Then try to disconnect your phone and then reconnect it to your x while in the seat. You should see a pop up on your galaxy that says allow yada yada (don't remember exactly) Say yes.

I know for mine - galaxy S8 I had to do this - basically telling the phone it was ok to share info to the model X.

See if that does it for you

Saxman | 9 February 2020

@LTR - I forgot to mention that I also enabled Synch Messages. Thanks for your help

@ Burdogg- nice to hear from you. It's been a while. Are you getting all the snow in Rifle we are in Vail?

I FINALLY was able to send a text but have not received one at this time.

Both my voice commands and texting is very spotty.

Thanks to you both for helping out.

bp | 10 February 2020

Tesla knows the configuration of every vehicle.

Tesla knows which vehicles have FSD activated.

Tesla knows which configurations are ready for an HW3 upgrade.

Tesla has e-mail addresses for every owner/vehicle.

Not too difficult for them to send an e-mail to each group of FSD owners to notify them their vehicles are ready for the upgrade (schedule service appt) or confirming for those vehicles that aren't ready that Tesla will notify them when it is time to schedule the upgrade.

Really no excuse for the lack of transparency on this, or having a policy that you can't find out if your vehicle is ready for the upgrade until after you schedule a service appointment... | 10 February 2020

@Alex M - There have been multiple posts from owners who have gotten the HW3 upgrade and own MCU1/HW2.5. As to the order or availability in a specific service center, I have no idea - just that it is not a hardware upgrade issue.

MCU1/HW2.0 appears to be a hardware upgrade issue that Tesla has not resolved yet, so none of these older cars have been upgraded yet (I'm in that boat myself).

I'm not all that concerned - there really is no useful benefit to HW3 yet. On the possible plus side, the software can be further along for HW3 by the time it's installed, and the hardware itself might be a slightly newer variant by the time our HW2.0 cars are updated.

Tesla | 10 February 2020

For sure there are many benefits, like the dashcam & sentry mode ! | 10 February 2020

@Tesla - HW2.0 already has sentry mode, although no video recording. Tesla has specifically stated there is no dashcam for HW2.0 -> HW3.0 AP retrofit. It's possible this will change, but at the moment, we shouldn't expect the dashcam feature after the HW3.0 AP3 retrofit.

garyjtate | 10 February 2020

“Hi Gary, your vehicle is not yet in the "wave" of vehicles that we are currently doing upgrades for. Check back with us in a few weeks/months. We do have the new b-pillar trim however, if you would like me to set up a Mobile Service visit for you.“

Waiting on the wave....

bp | 11 February 2020

We had a service appointment scheduled for our 2017 S yesterday, and had requested the HW3 upgrade and yellow band display fix. Since the machine to fix the display is broken - cancelled the appointment and will try again next month to get the service done.

Surely there's a better way to do this - rather than having to schedule appointments and then wait for the local service center to contact you (via text message) about those service items they can't resolve during the appointment...

info | 11 February 2020

Quick Question. I bought the LR model 3 in June of 2018 here in Canada with, at that time, Enhanced Autopilot with an upgrade cost of $6,600.00 (Canadian). Seems I have all the features that it offered at the time and seems to be very little difference from the FSD.

Q. Should I upgrade now to the FSD at $4000 (Cdn) or just leave everything as is and expect to get upgraded to the HW3 for free? Very very confused as I have enhanced auto pilot, summon, lane change, etc etc etc. It says upgrade will provide - "Respond to traffic lights and stop signs, plus automatic driving on city streets".
J | 11 February 2020

@info - Hard to evaluate if FSD is worth it to you. Currently, there is very little difference between EAP and FSD, but that will change over time. Note that only if you buy FSD will you get the HW3.0 AP processor. It does not come free with EAP.

weissmeats | 19 February 2020

Looking to buy late 2016 Model X (November) which currently has HW2.0.. There are many cheaper options that do not have FSD ability, but I am wondering if it is worth the extra money. I definitely wanted the FSD package and think its worth the extra money, but I now some reservations that they will or will not update HW2.0? If someone purchased the FSD package, which I believe back then was $5,000, isnt Tesla obligated to upgrade the hardware? Just curious on everyone's thoughts, especially those who currently own a 2016 or 2017 Model S/X who have HW2.0 | 19 February 2020

@weissmeats - In 2016, the EAP/FSD combo (you need both for FSD) was $7,000. You could buy EAP alone for $5,000.

Tesla has stated all HW2.X cars with FSD will get the HW3 AP processor upgrade. As to what else will be done is conjecture at this point. I think they will also replace 7 of the 8 cameras in HW2.0 cars. Not sure if anything else is needed. There is a small possibility the radar would be updated too, but I doubt that is necessary. | 19 February 2020

Sorry, that $7K should be $8K for EAP and FSD together.

Justin13 | 20 February 2020

Does anyone knows if we're able to keep the HW 2.0 or 2.5 computer after the upgrade to 3.0? I really want to have it. Would love to connect it to a pc and maybe help with some 3D rendering or do other stuff.

bp | 20 February 2020

It's likely they'll pull the old processor and refurbish it for use as a replacement part - similar to what's done when other electronics are repaired (laptops, PCs, ...). | 20 February 2020

@Justin13 - A definite no, although I like your thinking :)

eric311 | 20 February 2020

How can you tell which FSD hardware you have? I took delivery of a new Model X Performance (Raven) in August of 2019, but didn't choose FSD at the time. Does that mean I have hardware 2.5? Is there any test I can do to find out?

jjgunn | 20 February 2020

Eric -- go to software

jjgunn | 20 February 2020

Then select additional vehicle information

jjgunn | 20 February 2020

My X is in for other work ...(long story) & I'm having them upgrade the computer. YAY!!

Teslapalooza | 21 February 2020

@jjgun: Is your MX HW2.0?

bp | 21 February 2020

Despite being told by our local service center two weeks ago that Tesla would NOT notify owners when their vehicles were eligible for the HW3 upgrade, yesterday I received an e-mail notifying us our 2018 X (MCU2/AP2.5) was ready for the upgrade - and we've scheduled mobile service to do the upgrade on Monday morning.

The service center wasn't able to provide any update on if/when we'd be able to upgrade our 2017 S (MCU1/AP2).

jjgunn | 21 February 2020

Teslapalooza | February 21, 2020
@jjgun: Is your MX HW2.0?
No sir. Manufactured June 2018 (HW 2.5) MX 100D

Wish I could tell you more but I have NFI about the upgrade from 2.0 --->> 3.0. I heard they will need to replace/add cameras so I would imagine it takes a little longer.

Teslapalooza | 23 February 2020

@jjgun: Yes, mine is MCU1 HW2.0. Have not heard anything from Tesla yet. nothing can be done except wait patiently.

rbuckle1ster | 4 March 2020

Is it true that on a model x 8/17 build the upgrade to hardware 3 you lose sirius Xmas radio?

Propwash | 4 March 2020

I was told by the Seattle/Renton Service center yesterday 4/4/20 that they have not received the hardware yet and would not be installed in my X with a 2.5 next week, but they will put in the new CVC joint?? to stop the shuddering when I launch.

Propwash | 4 March 2020

My cars birthday is 12/28/2017

bp | 5 March 2020

Yes, the Infotainment Upgrade does not include the MCU2 radio, so AM/FM/HD radio/XM are lost as part of the $2500 "upgrade".

It appears Tesla will install the new FSD computer in MCU1 vehicles - and those vehicles will not get all of the FSD functionality - initially not getting the upgraded visuals, and who knows what other functionality will be lost in future software releases.

For MCU1/FSD owners that will buy the infotainment upgrade only if the radio is included, when the upgrade e-mail comes, you should request the upgrade but only if the radio is upgraded at the same time. Tesla needs to hear from those customers who don't want to lose the radio (which we listen to most of the time for live news and sports).

Vawlkus | 5 March 2020

Tune your phone to the radio and listen via Bluetooth.