Can’t set 3 time periods

Can’t set 3 time periods

We are PG&E /EBCE electricity customers on E6 TOU rate. On March 1 we change from 2 rate periods: “shoulder” (5-8pm) and “off-peak” (8 pm - 5 pm) to 3 rate periods. Unfortunately Tesla has no plans (as far as our PowerWall project manager knows) to enable the Tesla App to permit setting the 3 rate periods. Does anyone know if there’s anything another PowerWall App that can do this?
In addition, our off peak period is tiered. While the initial 1500 kWh is free or very inexpensive, the cost/kWh rapidly escalates with increased usage. Even though I agreed to let Tesla access our PGE usage in real time, the have not and don’t have plans to implement tiered usage to their algorithm, in order to maximize cost savings. Too bad.

patrick40363 | 5 February 2020

I thought the change happens on May 1.

gregbrew | 5 February 2020

When I was fiddling with it, I thought you could set peak and off-peak, and everything else was shoulder.

Jones | 5 February 2020

@gregbrew has it right. You set peak and off peak and the app (and energy management) assumes all else is partial peak. Not terribly intuitive to set up, but it works.

Passion2Fly | 6 February 2020

@gregbrew +1

You can only set "on peak" and "off peak". The rest is called "shoulder". so, in essence, it's a three time periods setup. The shoulder time is used by the algorithm to extend the charging and discharging periods based on the "next day" events. It's basically used to transition from "week days" tariffs to "week ends" tariffs...

The algorithm makes sure that you NEVER discharge the battery during the "off peak" times and never charge the battery during the "on peak" times... The "shoulder" times are used to charge/discharge as needed...

M3NOICE | 6 February 2020

@gregbrew +1