My Tesla Order is in.... I'm about 2 weeks in the waiting period for a mid March Delivery.

While I play the waiting game I have installed the charger, I also have a bunch of goodies to add to it but really want the HomeLink.

Question is can they install this before I take delivery of it? Do I order it online, or tell the dealer?

SysConsultant | 5 February 2020

Tesla doesn’t use a traditional dealer network. Your car will be delivered to a local Tesla service center where you can pick it up, or it will be delivered to your residence. Check with your ownership advisor on those details.

Regarding homelink, if you ordered it with the car, it comes installed and ready to configure. Configuration involves reading the owners manual and following the instructions. The owners manual is available from the multi function display in the car, or you can read it online.

Set up was simple for my Model 3. Note that you can configure Homelink to operate more than one garage door opener.

apodbdrs | 5 February 2020

In my case, the home-link was delivered to the Service Center, I scheduled the appointment and the mobile ranger came out and installed it and had it working with my garage door. I programmed the gate.

Telsa will probably send out a mobile ranger to make sure your car and the garage door work.

SysConsultant | 5 February 2020

Apodbrs: Did you order your Homelink with your original car order or as an upgrade after your car was delivered? I think the OP is waiting on the delivery of a new car.

apodbdrs | 5 February 2020

No I did not. I ordered the Homelink a couple of days after I got the car.

lbowroom | 5 February 2020

Unless things have changed recently, you can't order homelink with the car. It came with premium in 2018ish but was removed. It's an install through service after the fact.

SysConsultant | 5 February 2020

I took delivery in December of 2018 and I did have the “premium” package. It seems odd that Tesla would make Homelink a post-delivery add on. You’d think it would cost Tesla less to install it in a factory environment that later in the field. And since these cars compete in the luxury class you’d think Homelink would have a pretty high attach rate.

I guess the OP should disregard my comments since it looks like things have changed since my M3 was delivered.

PhiREflY | 6 February 2020

If you go to the online shop now, you can order it with no vin assigned which will get it on order. Once you take delivery you then schedule the install.

lbowroom | 6 February 2020

Homelink charges a license fee for each car delivered with the hardware installed.

audi2tesla | 6 February 2020

I ordered a 2020 SR+. The homelink is not an option on this car, I ordered the homelink from the Tesla shop, they are managing my reservation number, as soon as my profile gets assigned to the VIN, they will release my Homelink order from the Tesla shop to the service center where I will pick up my car. Then they will schedule an installation for it.

flybyglass | 6 February 2020

I just had this conversation with Tesla yesterday. I ordered a 2020 LR AWD and it is due in this week. I preordered a garage opener (the order can't be fulfilled until a VIN is available). They won't install until the delivery papers are signed regardless of payment or prepayment. In my case they will schedule a Ranger to come to house to install.

davec | 6 February 2020

A mobile ranger came to my house to install it. They said they do it at your house to ensure it interacts with your specific garage door correctly.

Joe M | 6 February 2020

I can’t speak to the install but I bought mine days after they started charging for Homelink and I was not happy. End of the day since I am not the type to trust my door to automatically open and close anyway I have been reacquainted with just how good the range is on my visor mounted door opener that I haven’t used since 2008. Bottom line is I would not buy it in the first place.