Tesla app and Comed mismatch?

Tesla app and Comed mismatch?

Got Solar panels Installed at home in Chicago On Dec end.. January was not a good month for solar generation. My App shows that I used 1736kWh (Got 2 Tesla vehicles) and I generated 396kWh for January. Saw my bill which is charging me for 1600kWh. What am I missing?

gregbrew | 12 February 2020

Looks like you're missing about 260kWh!

I know...not helpful. Just to eliminate one variable...does the front of your inverter display show a total lifetime production figure that matches the value reported by the app? The figure on the inverter is going to be the most accurate.

I would have expected the utility to be charging for the net usage, which is production minus consumption, but the numbers don't work. No matter how I manipulate the numbers by adding and subtracting (which is no doubt what you did, too) I can't get it to work.

I'd write down all of the numbers available to you (meter, inverter, etc) during the utility billing cycle so you have some evidence that there's something wrong. Speaking of billing cycles, you *do* realize that your utility billing cycle doesn't necessarily line up with calendar months?

Tesla reports on calendar months. Your utility reports on "billing months", which could be at any time during a month. The only way to make these line up is to take *daily* numbers from the Tesla app, and line them up with the utility billing days.

I know, pain in the posterior...