App, where's my car?

App, where's my car?

This morning, I noticed some strange things in the app. My wife has the Model 3, and is at work. The app showed some things correctly, but if I look at the location, it shows that the car is at my house. It isn't, and it isn't even close. It's not in the same city. If I go to the map, it shows my house with a red arrow. If I go to summon, it thinks that the car is close enough that it would let me do it. I'm not going to try, for obvious reasons.

I'm seeing the correct battery level, odometer reading, etc. I can see my wife's location on Google Maps so I know where she is, and I can tell by looking that the car isn't in front of my house.

Has anybody seen anything like that?

EVRider | 14 February 2020

Ask your wife to reboot the car before she drives home and see if that fixes the issue.