2020: We have been waiting: for what?

2020: We have been waiting: for what?

A year or two ago, everything was to arrive in 2020.
Has it?
Will it?
Or is 2022 the new 2020?

Ross1 | 14 February 2020

Start the ball rolling:
Rivian deliveries Oct-Dec 2020

WW_spb | 14 February 2020

Well for one street driving in city's and traffic lights and sign recognition is part of FSD if you look at model Y pre order page.(it doesn't say coming later this year) I would guess this will be finally available with Model Y roll out.

EVRider | 14 February 2020

Model Y deliveries are supposed to start next month, so don’t expect any big FSD changes before then.

jordanrichard | 14 February 2020

Ya, Rivian says deliveries in the last quarter of this year. Juuuuust a minor detail/question, where/how? They keep talking about delivery timelines but never talk about where one is to buy one of their vehicles, where are they to be serviced, etc....? The same goes for Lucid and Byiton.

I am in CT up near the MA line and if I wanted a Karma, I would have to go to Long Island.

Effopec | 14 February 2020

Semi deliveries are supposed to start late this year.

howard | 14 February 2020

jordanrichard, Probably just like Tesla did in the beginning. How quick we forget. I just can't wait for the Rivian order configuration email. I have no idea where I am at in the reservation list but I made it over a year ago.

calvin940 | 14 February 2020

"How quick we forget."

Uhmm aren't other companies supposed to be learning from the pioneers?

No excuses for anything coming after Tesla.

Ross1 | 14 February 2020

So many Tesla Killers are due.

Ross1 | 14 February 2020

I just resurrected the Concept & Vaporware thread here, goes back 4 years.