Ordered Powerwall, Tesla has never called

Ordered Powerwall, Tesla has never called

I ordered PowerWall on 1/24, and got an email from Tesla saying that an Energy Advisor would call me in a week. It's now 2/14, and zero response. This follows me also signing up for Tesla Solar, and having them never call me back.

Is this normal? I've been super disappointed with customer service on the energy side of the business.

lilbean | 14 February 2020

They will call you.

axel | 19 February 2020

Is there a way to call them?

TeslaTechie | 24 February 2020

They may not actually call you at this rate. I had an order placed last year that was Solar+PowerWall for AZ. They called me on Wednesday to inform me they were canceling the Powerwall portion of my order as there was no availability until Fall of 2020 (In Tesla terms, probably means Spring of 2021 to be honest). Which I find weird, because why cancel? Why not just hold the order?


TeslaTechie | 10 March 2020

Well, as an update, they cancelled the rest of my order without any stated reason and my Advisor hasn't responded to multiple emails and calls. So, good luck to anyone trying to push through an order.