New Owner Questions

New Owner Questions

As a new Owner I have a couple of questions for the group:

(Ordered Jan 22nd)... About 3 weeks from delivery

Is there a Valet mode?

Is there a place online to get the missing grocery hooks?

Thank You

Joshan | 2 March 2020

Is there a Valet mode? Yes it is built in to the car.

Is there a place online to get the missing grocery hooks? ofc

AWDTesla | 2 March 2020
detayls | 2 March 2020

Try reading the User Manual found under the Tesla logo at the top of the screen.

NorthValley | 2 March 2020

@detayls...he doesn't have his car yet...

hokiegir1 | 2 March 2020
matt.tomas88 | 2 March 2020

My car is being delivered this week. I already have a wall mounted fast charger for my Chevy Bolt, but does the Tesla come with an adaptor so that I can charge my Tesla with the same wall mounted fast charger?

Joshan | 2 March 2020

I use a nema 14-50 which is no longer included and must be purchased. You should be able to find the plug you need here.

mrburke | 2 March 2020

@matt - Your new car should come with one of the following.

matt.tomas88 | 2 March 2020

@mrburke, awesome, thanks!

Russell.K.Smith | 2 March 2020

just finished my taxes for 2019 to only find out on form 8956? tax credit for electric car tesla took away my credit of 3750 and brought it down to 1875

Russell.K.Smith | 2 March 2020

correction to form 8936 for 2019 model 3 sr +

WW_spb | 2 March 2020

Russell.K.Smith, depends when did you buy yours

WW_spb | 2 March 2020

Also you should put full amount 7500 and then adjust based on the % was available when you got your car.

Russell.K.Smith | 2 March 2020

I got my april 19 2019 before credit going down to 1875

NorthValley | 2 March 2020

@russell...then you will get $3750...just put in $7500 and then for % put in 50...that's it.

RayNLA | 6 March 2020

Don’t worry too much about the grocery hooks you’ll never use them.
But do get the carpet mat for the frunk!

bptj54 | 6 March 2020

Telephone problem: I can call and receive but voice communication does not work. Formerly I had no problem. I wonder if there is a link after a software update. If anyone could help me he would be welcome!

BluRay9 | 3 April 2020

Can someone kindly post a latest pdf copy of Model 3 owners manual for UK?
My car being owned through fleet company, I don't have access to this file on my account.
I can only read it in the car screen.
Thanks in advance.

arcotpremkumar | 3 April 2020

My new Tesla 3 quadtrac only charges to 310 miles instead of 322 miles on full charge. Has anyone have same issues? I have 240v connection thanks

arcotpremkumar | 3 April 2020

My new Tesla 3 quadtrac only charges to 310 miles instead of 322 miles on full charge. Has anyone have same issues? I have 240v connection thanks

stingray.don | 3 April 2020


Tesla just never updated the wh/mi constant. So the battery meter range estimate still reflects the 310 miles from 2019. However, that has no affect on your actual range. Your car has a rated range of 322 regardless of what the battery meter says.

andy.connor.e | 3 April 2020

Dont focus on what the estimate says. Focus on what YOUR driven Wh/mi efficiency is.

M3phan | 3 April 2020

Switch display to % and fuggetaboutit.

FISHEV | 3 April 2020

arcotpremkumar | April 3, 2020 My new Tesla 3 quadtrac only charges to 310 miles instead of 322 miles on full charge. Has anyone have same issues?

You might have 310 rated model. In US we have sticker that comes with the car that has to divulge a lot of info specifically the car's range. If EU has something similar it should have the Rated Range for your car there.

spuzzz123 | 4 April 2020

Fish is making this up. One of many lies he perpetuates to try to rile people up. Seek info elsewhere.

ODWms | 5 April 2020

M3phan | April 3, 2020
“Switch display to % and fuggetaboutit.“
This is what I did months ago, and haven’t looked back. I did notice, on a couple hundred mile errand run a few days ago in my PD3+ that my wh/mi was 221. These cars are truly remarkable in so many ways.

fazman | 5 April 2020

OP: If you got the performance with the 20” rims like mine... you will never get any where near the 322 or 310 rated miles LOL, I am lucky if my car can get to a physical distance of 200 miles on a fully charged battery.

With all this COVID and no traffic. I was able to beat the RATED line in the graph by driving at 65 mph for 200 miles... but even then I couldn’t get more than 200 actual miles driven. If you drive at 70 / 75 / 80... like normal flow of traffic... feel lucky if you can make 100 miles of range out of the full charge :(

ODWms | 6 April 2020

Depends upon driving style and many other factors. Keep in mind ICE cars get better range on highways, where EVs’ mileage shines in town/stop and go. Just the nature of the different platforms. I routinely get less than 240 Wh/mi which gives rated range on my P3D+ (20 inch wheels/tires). On highways, and over 70 mph, of course range will take a hit. But even driving on HW, but maintaining 60 - 65 mph when conditions are right, 250-270 miles and even more can be done. I cannot fathom what conditions one would need to be under to only get 100 miles out of a full charge. Your mileage, literally, may vary. But not that much.

Frank99 | 6 April 2020

fazman -
If you're able to match (or beat) the rated line on the energy graph, then you should get the rated miles of range for your vehicle. I don't understand what you're trying to say when you say "I was able to beat the RATED line in the graph by driving at 65 mph for 200 miles... but even then I couldn’t get more than 200 actual miles driven. " - it sounds like you drove 200 miles at 65 mph, getting better than rated Wh/Mi, but then immediately the battery died? If so, you have a defective battery and need to reach out to a service center.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 April 2020

"feel lucky if you can make 100 miles of range out of the full charge :("

@Frank99 @fazman is a new troll making dozens of posts with digs at Tesla.

bjrosen | 6 April 2020

The car comes with a J1772 adapter that will work fine with the EVSE for your Chevy Bolt. I have a ClipperCreek that I bought for my Volt. The only problem that I had was that I couldn't keep the adapter on the cable permanently because it won't fit into the CC's holster. I added a Tesla Wall Connector which I use for my Tesla and I use the CC for my Volt. The Tesla EVSE is faster, 48A vs 32A, which in the grand scheme of things really doesn't matter because they both can charge the car overnight, but never the less I appreciate it.

fazman | 6 April 2020

@Frank99 my P3D+ is epa rated and displayed as 310 mile range. I can’t seem to get anywhere near that far. I have been tracking all my supercharging sessions and its just impossible to achieve this range unless i was to do something extraordinary like drive 25 mph everywhere.

Even just doing some basic math...

* Car battery = 74 kwh
* bottom 10% of battery you don’t use because it won’t charge the 12v battery if you start going that low
* top 10% of battery you don’t really need to go that high (diminishing returns).
* 74 kwh x 80% of useable battery = 60 kwh (rounded up) of usable battery

If you average:
3 miles per kWh x 60 kWh useable battery = 180 miles
3.25 miles per kWh x 60 kWh useable battery = 195 miles
3.5 miles per kWh x 60 kWh useable battery = 210 miles
3.75 miles per kWh x 60 kWh useable battery = 225 miles
4 miles per kWh x 60 kWh useable battery = 240 miles

Driving at a constant 65 mph for 200 miles was able to show me 3.75 miles per kWh with no HVAC on flat roads. I honestly have never driven this slow with no traffic, I almost felt like I should of had my hazard lights on because everyone behind me in the slow lane was passing around me. Normal flow of traffic is generally 75-80 mph. If I drive at normal speeds then I will get punished on range to about 100 miles per full charge session. One of my earlier posts was about doing a long drive (280 miles) from Salinas, Ca super charger to the Oxnard, CA super charger on the 101, which I should have been able to do in one full charge, but in reality I had to stop and fully charge 3 full sessions (Salinas / San Louis Obispo / Oxnard)... while driving using AP the entire way at the posted speed limit +5 mph or so.

I plan to redo this trip to SoCal again but driving at 65 the entire way to see if I can get a better rating. I’m sure I will piss off people since most sections are 2 lanes with never ending construction (bring it to 1 lane) for 2 years already and posted limits of 70 mph. But it is impossible to actually get this epa rate 310 miles in normal driving which I can usually beat epa ratings on all my ICE cars by a significant margin.

I’m eye balling a Rav4 prime (plug in hybrid) that can do 600 miles range for future long hauls and just use this tesla as a daily putt-around local town kind of vehicle. I would even consider this doubtful as a daily commuter if I had to round trip Monterey, CA to San Jose, CA on a daily basis (150 miles round trip).

stingray.don | 6 April 2020


Your are artificially limiting yourself to 80% of the battery capacity. Charge to 100% when you need it. Drive it below 10% when you need to. People do it all the time. Not a good idea on a routine basis, but no problem for the occasional long trip. You also have a P, so you have 20” tires which cuts range further. Not really fair to complain about not getting 310 miles range with your self-imposed constraints.

If you achieve the EPA rated wh/mi, you should get very close to the rated range. I don’t have any trouble achieving the rated wh/mi during warm weather.

fazman | 6 April 2020

@Stingray In my original thread last year, I charged to 100% in Salinas, CA super charger and was at a yellow battery gauge by San Louis Obispo, CA super charger. I charged up to 90% and was at a yellow battery gauge again in Oxnard, CA super charger. I am not artificially limiting myself but I show you the math to be able to do a 100% —> 0% if you want... it still won’t get you any where near 310 rated on my car (Real world extreme driving).

My car has an option to choose which size rims are physically attached to the car as well, the epa rating doesn’t change even if I switch it to 18” rims or 19” rims on the setting. I agree the stock 20” rim/tire combo should have more contact surface (drag) and corner weight. But it is still advertised as 310 mile range. This number is in no way true for P3D+ owners... maybe stealth model 3P cars can achieve it with 18” aero wheels and covers? I just wish Tesla was more transparent with the real epa rating of this configuration car (It is very misleading to be honest).

If they updated the display and website to show a more realistic (yet still optimistic) 296 miles rather than 310 that would be fair... I would have done some math and said real world distance of 296 x 80% = 236 okay lets get a stealth model instead (Save the $5000 on the track package).

fazman | 6 April 2020

Its not the end of the world @Stingray... eventually someone enterprising will put together a low cost rim and tpms set with 18” rims that clear the red calipers for a reasonable price. Who knows maybe tesla will come out with an eco line of bicycle thin tires for these cars (like how the bmw i3 has them). I would be fine with dismounting the stock 20” rims and leaving them in my garage until the day i want to track the car. But for every day usage... having a thin/light wheel/tire combo would be more useful and probably even exceed that 310 rating on this same car. I would be happy to pay $1500 for a set of rim/tire/sensor/mount and balanced/road hazard/installed for that price point.

Frank99 | 6 April 2020

Let's see, you go from "I am lucky if my car can get to a physical distance of 200 miles on a fully charged battery." to
getting 225 miles on an 80% charge, to all kinds of other numbers that simply aren't believable, especially when you can't keep your own numbers straight. I find your report unreliable, but suggest that you take it up with your service center.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 6 April 2020

“ If you drive at 70 / 75 / 80... like normal flow of traffic... feel lucky if you can make 100 miles of range out of the full charge :(”

Only if your car is defective.

ODWms | 7 April 2020

I can and do easily exceed rated range for the PD3+, which has the 20 inch wheel/tire setup. Just yesterday, I had a 100 mi round trip that was about a third highway miles, and my finished Wh/mi was 222, even using A/C the entire time. This extrapolates to much better than rated range. I see numbers like this all the time, when I’m driving conservatively.

EPA numbers don’t include driving at 80 MPH, even with ICE vehicles. Driving at the speed limit with no passengers, no A/C, even roads, and exercising common sense would more closely approximate the EPA testing and result in much, much better range than is being indicated here. Anyone saying they’re only getting 100 miles — or anything even remotely close — out of a full charge is just lying, plain and simple.

VaidasTesla | 8 April 2020

Hello guys
I lost my Tesla model 3 Roof Rack key. Do they mach others ? Can I borow it from someone else and make copy of it?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 April 2020

Wow! Another euphemism has been discovered!

" normal flow of traffic..."

Obviously, someone normally exceeds both pisted speed limits and 'normal flow of traffic' and is then 'surprised' by the results. This is even more vague that the ' highway speeds...' protest that so many waged in 2014.

What will they do when a 150 kWh to 200 kWh battery pack capacity is common on Tesla products? Keep ignoring reasonable advice? Continue to complain about the predictable results achieved as a result of their abuse...?


70 / 75 / 80 MPH correspond to the precise speed points were aerodynanic drag begins to affect the useful range of ANY car. When you regularly exceed posted speed limits by 15 / 20 / 25 MPH you will always see lower 'Real World range in ANY vehicle. This has nothing to do with inaccurate testing procedures or misleading specifications from a manufacturer. Problem exists between Seat and Steering Wheel. Slow the [FLOCK] down, and your 'range problem' will miraculously disappear.


gparrot | 8 April 2020

Red’: amen to that!