Lost Premium Connectivity - complained 3 months ago!

Lost Premium Connectivity - complained 3 months ago!

I lost my Premium Connectivity in early January. My car is LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD. I bought the car in June 2019.

I am being told the complaint has been referred to Engineering for several weeks, almost three months now.

Can someone rectify this ASAP?

hemdevg | 8 March 2020

I had the same issue and after week and weeks of complaining i finally got premium connectivity activated.

losangelesram | 10 March 2020

Thanks Hemdev.

I was there in Tesla even this morning reminding them!

Dont know what else to do.


losangelesram | 14 March 2020

Last week they installed a new patch to take care of it. But after installing the patch, nothing has happened :-(

I keep going to Tesla Service, hoping ....!

Yuklamcheung | 15 March 2020

I’m about to lose premium connectivity. Where do I sign up to continue the service? I just cannot find it in my Tesla account. Thanks

losangelesram | 25 March 2020

Finally I lost the battle to have it restored for free!

It was another minor battle, call it a skirmish, to have it restored, since it is not done through the app. Then i found out after a few visits and calls to Tesla.

You have to sign into and go to 'Manage' your vehicle. There it shows up as an upgrade for $9.99/month.

I just bought mine today!