Intermittent Bluetooth connection

Intermittent Bluetooth connection

Yesterday I received a call and could not take it over the model 3 screen.
I then did a reboot on my iPhone and a reset on my Model 3 while driving by holding the 2 scrollers.

After that when I called someone, the connection intermittently interrupted every 10 seconds going back on my phone and could not hear anything, then it was connecting back to the Model 3 for 10 seconds. Could talk and hear a bit before it disconnected again for 5 seconds.

Anyone had this problem before? Was going flawlessly for 1 year until yesterday.

Binary Dichotomy | 2 April 2020

This seems to be a huge flaw in the 2020.12.1 FW release, also having huge problems. Other forum boards confirm this is a defect in this release. Let's get a lot of 'me too's' in this thread so Tesla gets it fixed soon. For me, it's permanent, I cannot get *any* audio to pipe through my Model 3's speakers, it all goes through the phone, but the Model 3 screen controls do work, but they control the phone, e.g. volume/next/previous/etc. FWIW, I have an iPhone as well, don't know if it affects other device manufacturers.

Binary Dichotomy | 2 April 2020

There are other problems in the the 2020.12.1 release as well that are OT for this thread, but will list here anyway:
- DashCam sometimes doesn't start recording on trip start
- Cannot unplug charging cord w/o unlocking car first, or opening one of the doors
- Car will not unlock unless phone is awake
- Driver profile sometimes gets stuck and won't go to Easy Entry

Tesla's work from home policy may not be working out too well for their engineers ;-)

Coywolf | 3 April 2020

It's funny, I reported this same issue to them and mobile service told me "oh, it's because you use an android phone... We all use apple so the devs probably don't test it".... Which was not a solution (they refused to elevate it because they blamed android phone when the Tesla update caused it). Relieved but also disappointed to see that it's not limited to me... The Bluetooth support has introduced new specific bugs ever since the overhaul that included SMS reading, breaking phone mode.

Basically, "me too" with Android.

fazman | 5 April 2020

Yup, same here... no issues with bluetooth audio on my iphone 7 plus. After I got the latest and greatest FW 2020.12.1 I had to re-pair my phone for it to work again. After that I had two separate days of issues where it worked and then all of a sudden could no longer connect to the bluetooth until I did a two scroll wheel press on the steering wheel reboot. I’m sure they will fix it in a future release, but seems like a bug to me.

Orthopod | 5 April 2020

Alright after reading this I decided to place a service call with the app to put some pressure on the service department to transfer the message to their software development team.

Thanks for the feedback guys

Orthopod | 6 April 2020

Received a text today after I made a service call on the app yesterday
They pushed a software update to see if it could fix the problem.
It didn’t fix the problem but at least they were fast on the gun.

Robert_sweet | 7 April 2020

me too! Bluetooth keeps going in and out during a call.
Tesla Model 3 - v10.2 (2020.12.1)
Phone 11pro 13.3.1

Robert_sweet | 7 April 2020

me too! Bluetooth keeps going in and out during a call.
Tesla Model 3 - v10.2 (2020.12.1)
Phone 11pro 13.3.1

007bond | 9 April 2020

I have had since the last few FW versions sporadic BT connection issues. Mostly it does not reconnect automatically and I have to do it manually. Sometimes it connects on it's own others not no pattern.

However once connected it seems to stay for that drive.

ect1140 | 9 April 2020

Bluetooth keeps going on and off after update. iPhone x

robkaplan | 27 April 2020

+1 for intermittent bluetooth. Maddening. Using iphone 11 w/ latest apple software. Removed phone, rebooted car, everything good for two days. Rinse repeat.

M3phan | 27 April 2020

Ditto. Was able to have a 30 minute live chat with Tesla support this evening to further troubleshoot but they couldn’t find a solution. Asked me to video the process and call a number to get connected with advanced tech support. Will report if fixed.
I suspect it’s as we all say, software related amd new software will fix it.

iPhone 11 Pro Max. Did all troubleshooting. Unpair, delete, forget, reboot, reconnect, etc. no music plays from phone to car. Messages work perfectly. Started for me with 2020.12.x to the current .6

ktasken | 4 May 2020

I have the same problem with intermittent Bluetooth connection for phone after the latest sofeware upgradw. Goes on and off and pertains both to my phone and my wife’s phone (both iPhone 8). Have tried rebooting both phone and Tesla w/o any effect. Hope this big can be fixed ASAP.

M3phan | 4 May 2020

A fix that worked for me (and still holding for a week now), was to start my Bluetooth music from my Phone (Of course no sound coming through), switch car screen music source to streaming by right wheel scroll push request a song, once it starts playing that streaming song, switch source back to Phone, and voila (for me at least) the Bluetooth music had sound!

M3phan | 4 May 2020

Yes, a bugger of a bug I’m sure will get squashed soon.

martinoermando | 12 May 2020

They pushed a software update to see if it could fix the problem.

Orthopod | 15 May 2020

It got fixed with last update