Tragedy in a Walmart parking lot

Tragedy in a Walmart parking lot
25 years old Nacime Kouddar was entering Walmart with his girlfriend.
The security guard told him there could be only one customer by car allowed to enter the Walmart for physical distancing reasons.
A verbal altercation began and the customer was escorted out of the store.
Couples minutes after, when the security guard finished his shift, the customer had waited in his car and drove over the Walmart employee. He got dragged over dozen of feet before falling on the ground, sustaining head trauma and sever concussion. He was brought to the hospital, and kept under sedation for severe head trauma.

The victim, Philippe jean, father of 5 kids, seemed to respond when his wife called his name repeatedly but no news of his critical health since the accident Saturday. He was working as a security guard during the day and as a construction worker with his 3 brothers to install plexiglass windows for customers protection in drugstores and groceries during the night to help his community.

Aurélien Hallade has opened a social financing website to help his wife and kids and already have received over $125.000 in donations following this tragedy

What a terrible tragedy.

WW_spb | 6 April 2020


jimglas | 6 April 2020

in the U S of A he woulld have waited in the parking lot and shot him

Orthopod | 6 April 2020

He’s been charged for use of weapon.

I guess the weapons are difference in Canada and in the USA