Where's the Model Y Forum?

Where's the Model Y Forum?

Is there going to be a forum dedicated to Model Y?

Fortemd | 28 June 2020

I second that motion!

gerrenwang | 29 June 2020


gerrenwang | 29 June 2020

I third that!

jimfackert | 29 June 2020

picking ours up at 1:00! at the new michigan dealership.

i imagine Y forumwill be started soon.

edward.earle | 29 June 2020

It is particularly important given the current ramp up after the Covid-19 shut down. I have some experiences with order and delivery of my Model Y to share.

bruce_person | 29 June 2020

I'm a new Model Y owner and wondered: How long in general before new owners will see a software update? On youtube you see a bunch of new features on release 2020.24.6.1 but my car came with 2020.11.103.5. Many of the features seem dated. Does anyone know what the naming convention used for these release numbers? Some references seem to go back to November 2019. | 29 June 2020

Releases come faster if you're connected to WiFi at home. If not, they may be further apart. That said, I've had updates appear within a few days of release and at other times as long as 3 months without an update. Keep in mind not all updates apply to all cars. Some are very narrow - perhaps a Model X that was made before 2017.

The 2020.24.6.1 release was created in 2020, week 24, and the 6th minor version, and the "1" indicates the 2nd very minor version. A "0" is not normally shown so 2020.24.6 would be a release before this.

Also, some releases are internal to Tesla and some are to Early-access owners as a beta test.

naromo | 29 June 2020

I picked my Model Y up on June 21st and have already had an update. I'm now running 2020.24.6.1 .

One MAJOR thing at delivery was the HUGE drop in trade-in value. I had agreed to a trade-in value in mid-March, immediately prior to the country's shutdown. Yes, it was clear to me that the offer I accepted was good for 30 days. The offer stayed in my account until delivery despite me calling a number of times asking if it was still good, due to the 30 day time limit. I was repeatedly told that if it was in my account, that was what to go by.

At delivery I pointed out to the TSLA person that the mileage reflected on their docs for my old car (2017 Jaguar F-Pace S) was incorrect because of the 3 months since I entered the info. Everything ground to a halt and my "15 minute delivery" became a 3+ hour marathon. They said they had to get a new quote, which came back over $3,000 LOWER than the original deal. Brutal. (Also, my new Model Y only had 15% charge on it after all of the paperwork was finished, so that added to the time.)

Just be sure that your trade-in quote is current (<30 days old) or be prepared for quite a shock.

Love the car, got very lucky with the lack of a number of major fit and finish issues that have been publicized online, but went away from delivery feeling like it was a regular car-showroom experience. The only thing missing was the arm-wrestling over undercoating and paint protection. ;-)

T35LAX | 29 June 2020


rxlawdude | 29 June 2020

I'm definitely in agreement that a MY forum is badly needed!
(MY delivered 6/25 on the God-awful 2020.11.103.5 software.)

Chunky Jr. | 29 June 2020

One thing I'm curious about is if there are any Model Y owners who previously had a Model S and how that transition has gone. I'm on the fence between a new S and Y

tom29928 | 29 June 2020

Amen. I ordered my Y in Sept 2019, and have been at "we are preparing your contract" online since April. I have no idea what's happening with my order.

trixiew | 29 June 2020

@Chunky-I’ve had both an S60D and an S90D. Got the Y in March.

At this point, the only thing about the S I miss is the sunroof. Took a bit of time to get used to the single screen, but now I really wonder why I thought I needed to look at all of that stuff before. Much less distracted as I drive. The Y is not sexy beautiful like the S, but gorgeous. Getting in/out is so much easier even given I could raise the S suspension in the garage. As I keep saying, the Y is by far the best car I’ve owned, and I loved my S. No brainer, get a Y.

Tom | 29 June 2020

yep, where is it? Have questions about the tow hitch cover.

Chunky Jr. | 29 June 2020

@trixiew - thank you, that's super helpful. The main appeal of the S to me is the 400 mile range. I do a couple 300 mile road trips a year, and the thought of doing that in one stop (or less) is appealing. Y could possibly do it in one stop, and the higher charging rate is appealing

Madatgascar | 30 June 2020

@Chunky, I traded a 2014 Model S P85D for a Performance Y. I am very happy with it. Hard pressed to think of things I miss. I loved the adaptive suspension in the S, but have not needed it with the Y’s higher clearance and increased approach angles. Sometimes I miss the separate bird’s eye map in navigation. Range for me was not different. We have also owned an X and a 3. Overall I would say the Y is the best value for the $.

trixiew | 30 June 2020

@Chunky-I’m not a big road-tripper, prefer to fly. I did once drive my S90D from No Cal to San Diego. I find driving the Y so much more comfortable than the S, no specific reason, that it’s hard for me to imagine I drove it all that way. Actually look forward to driving that distance sometime in the Y.

gphilip | 30 June 2020

I got my red Model Y dual motor long range yesterday!!! | 30 June 2020

@Chunky - Charging rate is no longer a big difference. The new S/X has a max charge rate of 225 kW, whereas the 3/Y has a maximum charge rate of 250 kW, only 11% higher. Because of tapering, I'd guess timewise, the 3/Y would only be 5% faster than charging an S/X. | 30 June 2020

My notes above were only considering the speed charging to get the same amount of power. The 3/Y will add miles faster, more like 25% faster because the smaller, lighter cars are more efficient.

Chunky Jr. | 30 June 2020

@Madatgascar : Thanks for that info. I also have P85 : Thanks. I thought S capped at 200. Good to know. | 30 June 2020

Yep, it was 200 kW, but announced last week that it's now 225 kW charging for S/X.

MilesMD88 | 3 July 2020

Where’s the Y Forum?

No one has stated the obvious so I will. There have been a large number of owners unsatisfied with their new Model Y deliveries. Whether it be on UTube, TMC, or other forums. JD Powers recently slammed Tesla. The Model Y’s coming out of the factory apparently are a smorgasbord of perfect masterpieces to a hunk of junk consisting of mismatched paint, unaligned body panels, dirty headliner interiors, loose trim, dents, scratches, swirls, bad welds...all worthy of rejecting the car at delivery.

We did our Y test drive a month ago, serial # 8xx . Amazing car. Very early build so I honored that fact. Mechanically, I think the Y is the best crossover out there & will keep Tesla very relevant. Can’t imagine why someone would buy something else. Then came the quality control & paint. It’s amazing that Elon can land damn near 50 1st Stage rockets on a postage stamp, but can’t find experts in paint & quality control for a $60K vehicle.

I’ve watched every episode of Sandy Monroe tearing the Y down. Funny, on our test drive, my wife bitched about a lot of wind noise around the A Pillar. I couldn’t hear it in the pax seat. When I drove it, very loud, same area, Concentrated! Annoying, Localized!
In the Monroe teardown, Sandy blast Tesla for the squirt of foam in the A pillar, saying this will “accomplish nothing” in terms of silencing noise, which it didn’t. Hope Tesla watched that episode. Found it funny since we experienced it.

My 2015 P85D was mostly perfect at delivery. No paint issues. Some extremely small body gap issues that I let go. 5 years later, no mechanical issues, or any issues other than service is extremely disappointing for a $120K car. Amazing that I can’t call someone at my local service center, develop a relationship....sad.

Taylor, a Tesla salesman, called today. (Why I’m posting) He was following up on last months test drive. I told him I’m still planning on getting a Y for my wife, I just want to let Tesla build a couple hundred thousand before mine.

Tesla’s bottom line, it’s continued wave of success, is riding on the Y right now. It’s a fabulous vehicle, but the factory has some serious QC issues that they don’t want reoported on their own forum. That’s why there is no Y forum at this time in my humble opinion.

paul | 4 July 2020

Does anyone know approximately how far out a Model Y hitch installation would be? I understand there are a number of factors involved, I'm just wondering if they have the hitch components manufactured and the wait time is mostly about how long it takes to get an appt at a particular service center or if no hitches exist yet so this is a month or two away?


ezoom | 4 July 2020

FYI model Y owners
Just had my Y suddenly slow down for 1-2 seconds while doing 80mph, cruise control on, very light traffic. Happened so fast I am glad I wasn’t in heavier traffic. So on scheduled service call will add this to : battery capacity dropped 18% overnight, and front trunk ‘warning trunk unlatched’ will not stop (happens when stopped as well as driving.)

ezoom | 4 July 2020

FYI model Y owners
Just had my Y suddenly slow down for 1-2 seconds while doing 80mph, cruise control on, very light traffic. Happened so fast I am glad I wasn’t in heavier traffic. So on scheduled service call will add this to : battery capacity dropped 18% overnight, and front trunk ‘warning trunk unlatched’ will not stop (happens when stopped as well as driving.) | 4 July 2020

@MilesMD88 - So you're complaining even though you don't own a Y? Just because a few people have problems that are amplified by shorters and competitors, doesn't mean there is a widespread or even a significant problem. From various threads, many seem to have perfect cars. Even Monroe was happy enough to recommend the Y, and he had one of the very first off the production line. When you examine any car to the mm level, you're going to find issues. If that is your requirement, I'm not sure you'd be able to find any car made from any manufacturer that would satisfy you. Now I'm not saying every Y is perfect, but random people who rant, and usually post many times over many threads with the same issue, it can make a one-time issue appear far larger than it is.

I also trust the reviews from the automotive press a lot more, especially since they get zero ad revenue from Tesla. The Wall Street Journal, not know to be positive on Tesla, gave a glowing review of the Y. Same for the latest issue of Motor Trend. | 4 July 2020

@jrosenberger - On the slow down, that can occur with AP and it's nothing service can do. It's the system detecting a possible obstruction, but more likely an overpass or large sign that the radar picks up as an obstruction. Once it resolves it is not an obstruction with the cameras, it no longer brakes. It happens with most collision avoidance systems on all cars, not just Tesla. Tesla is getting better over time. I haven't had one occur in 6+ months. Perhaps it is more likely to occur in some area very few Teslas have gone and Tesla doesn't have any historical information.

Battery capacity did not change. Now your SOC (State of Charge) can go down, depending on what features you leave active. Sentry mode can consume 1 mile of range per hour, and standby summon (if you have FSD) can also consume a lot of power as the computers are all left powered up. Lastly, Cabin Overheat Protection can consume a lot if the car gets hot. Turn all these features off, and you should use less than 1-2 miles of range day, what's called vampire drain. Another more rare situation is leaving a door slightly ajar - even 1/4". The HVAC remains on and it can use quite a bit of power.

Service will have to deal with the trunk warning light, assuming the trunk is closed. My guess is one of the adjustments is off and it may only take a few minutes to fix.

rxlawdude | 4 July 2020

My VIN 180xx AWD was delivered flaw free.

MilesMD88 | 6 July 2020


I stand by what I posted. The Y we test drove had a lot of issues, Noise from the A Pillar (it was very loud at 70mph), paint, trim, & body panel issues. I’ll regress that it was 8xx build like I said. Even today, I’m getting TMC post in my email of new model Y owner’s pictures of their cars at delivery with incredible paint, gap, QC issues, and dirt.
Many are rejecting the delivery & posting pics.

All I can say is what many others say, unacceptable for a $60K vehicle. Your correct, I don’t own a Y. I own a $124,000 P85D. I wanted to order a Y for my wife to replace her ICE. The reason I haven’t ordered a Y is all of the above. Glad that Mr. Monroe recommended the Y, that was cool. I said in my post that I think the Y will be the best crossover ever. Maybe you skimmed through my post & missed that.

I did forward the “Wall Street Journal” article on the Y to several associates interested in Tesla.

It’s all good. I’ll wait till 100K or more are built, then order. I don’t want all the drama at delivery.
Miles | 6 July 2020

@MilesMD88 - Fair assessment and understand waiting for later builds. I test drove a friend's Y Saturday (3 weeks old). They hadn't had any issues, but the rear hatch was maybe 1mm off. Hard to tell, and they didn't seem concerned. I looked the car over carefully and didn't see any paint issues or other concerns.

Not to give Tesla a pass, but it may have been the combination of factory shutdown/restart and the push to make Q2 not a disaster that some cars left the factory without proper QA. I expect they will get better.

trixiew | 6 July 2020

A lot of Y’s got spit out that were fine. Perhaps I should register at TMC and post photos.....

Nah | 6 July 2020

Of course, other automakers have zero problems when they don't sell any cars. A great way to look good in the stats!

rxlawdude | 6 July 2020

There are a lot of new members on TMC with relatively low numbers of posts, but all of them negative towards Tesla.

They have magnified the incorrect perception that most MYs have significant build issues. It just isn't so.

sjohnstondc | 6 July 2020

Where's my MY? Ordered 1/22/20, info completed 5/27/20. Rockville MD.
Model Y
Long Range All-Wheel Drive
Midnight Silver Metallic Paint
19’’ Gemini Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior
Five Seat Interior

spaine | 7 July 2020

Cover for outside parked Y? This horse, like the parked Y, is out of the barn. Which is to say I bought the cover already. Any negatives that anyone knows about in using a cover on an outside parked Y? Thx

rxlawdude | 7 July 2020

@sjohnston, the end of quarter production pretty much got shunted to the West Coast to make delivery numbers.

Rumor has it that initial batches in Q3 go to Canada, with US production ramping up later in the quarter. Again, just a rumor.

Ross1 | 8 July 2020

....which I imagine is why Tesla hardly made the list for Norway sales in May.

(Hey, I really am multicultural, right?)

blackiysto | 8 July 2020

I'm definitely in agreement that a MY forum is badly needed!

blackiysto | 8 July 2020

I'm definitely in agreement that a MY forum is badly needed! , ,

CFleck | 10 July 2020

Where is my Model Y and why isn't there a forum for this yet? Crazy. I have ordered my MY PUP White on May 15, 2020. It took a month for my Tesla rep to work out financing but I was approved. It took so long because my part of Canada wasn't set up for financing a vehicle. My rep, Cathy Yan in Ontario has been excellent but no one has contacted me from the delivery department. C'mon Tesla, get your customer service and delivery system together. Even if if someone would just call me and say thank you for your order and we are working on your vehicle as fast as we can but nothing. I am about ready to cancel my order. And if rumor has it, @rxlawdude that all vehicles are going to Canada then its not the case here. I am in Eastern Canada and I am about done waiting for a response from Tesla. | 10 July 2020

@CFleck - Sorry about your delays, but Tesla is still recovering from the factory shutdown due to COVID and Tesla is still delivering cars to the other 100,000 or so people that ordered a car a year ago or so. It's a great car, but if you have to have a car today, you might have to pick something else. I have no idea how long it will take to get your car, and I wonder if Tesla does either, but hopefully, it will arrive this quarter. They are ramping up production quickly.

Linemanap | 10 July 2020

Rejected my model Y delivery on the 8th. Basically had every possible problem many people have mentioned. It's definitely not an isolated or statistically insignificant number. I looked at two other model Y s at the service center that same day and both of them were just as bad as mine. Despite all of this I still think it's the best vehicle you can buy right now and we'll see how the next one turns out.

jimt | 10 July 2020

Model Y delivered 6/4/2020. I've tried to get VERIFIED so I can create a post but have had no success as yet.

So I don't expect to see much activity from the "powers that be" because they seem to have run out of energy and are not doing anything for any reason.

But one can hope, eh?

Ross1 | 11 July 2020

Just buy the stock and ride it like you stole it

taniyakhan7778 | 11 July 2020

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