Which Tesla for a Family of Five?

Which Tesla for a Family of Five?

I’m looking for advise from current Tesla owners who have three small children regarding the decision to buy either the Model S or the Model X.

I have three children ages 4, 6 and 8. I need a car that can easily seat all five people in my family. The youngest will need to be in a car seat for the next year or two (depending on my wife’s opinion), but the older two can be in boosters. I am not interested in the third row rear-facing seats on the Model S due to research I have read regarding the lack of ventilation in the rear and sun glare, and the limited time that they will actually be usable for my family. Not to mention that by the time I add them to my order, I’m only $3000 away from a comparable Model X.

So basically, I am looking for advise from people who have experience with using the Model S with boosters plus a car seat in the back seat. How difficult is it to get the kids in and out of their seats? Is it just too cramped for comfort?

I am a reservation holder for the Model X, but I have not placed my order yet because I want to see and drive the car before I drop one hundred large on it. Obviously the Model X makes more sense for my family situation, but I have some concerns regarding the Falcon Wing Doors and the Pano Windshield. I’m disappointed that the Model X will not allow me to haul my kayak for a day outing, and I have heard too many anecdotal stories regarding leaks and rain getting in the car. Plus, I like that the Model S is a more mature product line and I am a little reluctant to be a beta tester for the Model X.

I can’t wait to get the vehicle (whichever it may be), but I want to feel as confident as possible with my decision. Thanks in advance for everybody’s time and opinions.

bobby | 12 February 2016

I'm in your shoes with kids aged 14, 11, and 8. I went with Model X with 7 seats (extra room for when the grandparents are visiting).

ali | 12 February 2016

Not sure if this helps. We are family of 4 and one dog. We have model X signature with 6 seats and it is perfect for us. Plenty of room for everyone. Kids like their own seats and dog gets to sit in the middle. Two extra seats in the back folded most of the time.

Madatgascar | 13 February 2016

With a family of 5 I would go for the X and have extra room for the kids' friends and grandparents. Getting your 4 year old in and out of the car seat will be much more comfortable in the X. Second and third row seat cup holders in the X are a plus with kids. The third row is ventilated separately too. Kids will love the FWD.

mvbf | 13 February 2016

How large is your dog?

Redmiata98 | 13 February 2016

Model X, worth waiting for it!

elguapo | 13 February 2016

I have a family of 5, no dogs. All kids under 7. I have an early 2013 S and ordered an X as there just isn't enough room for the family for routine trips and I needed to be able to take a 6th or 7th person for carpools. I did not get rear seats in S because they're limited with respect to height and have no separate ventilation.

For my situation, an X should be a better solution (I hope).

skowalski | 14 February 2016

We have 3 kids under 7. Have an S with the rear facing seats and test drove the X.

Much easier getting kids out of the X. The real question for us: 6 or 7 seats. We originally thought 7, but after the test drive we are leaning 6:

- better visibility
- easier access to 3rd row
- feels more spacious and luxurious

The downside is the trunk storage is a little awkward with one seat folded down. There is limited protection for anything that might fly about the cabin in an accident. And of course, only 1 additional passenger could be accommodated.

Our kids sit 3 across in a row now and I'm wondering if there would be less fights / riling each other up if they each had their own non contiguous area.

aesculus | 14 February 2016

@skowalski: Our kids sit 3 across in a row now and I'm wondering if there would be less fights / riling each other up if they each had their own non contiguous area.

Are they human? I think we all know the answer to your question then. :-)

There will probably be an after market center console that can be placed in the hole in the second row. Tesla made up a custom one for one of the original founders cars that they used at the reveal test drives. That should keep your stuff from rolling around.

Red Sage ca us | 14 February 2016

"Mom! She's TOUCHING me!!!"

"Don't make me come back there!"

aesculus | 14 February 2016

Or as heard on last Saturday's debate:

"Gentleman, I'm going to turn this car around," Dickerson warned Trump and Cruz in an effort to move the debate on to other topics.

MB2 | 21 February 2016

Thanks for everybody's input. I'm leaning towards the X, but I still want to see one in person before I take the plunge. I'm in no hurry -- the longer I have to wait, the more money I can save for the down payment.

Deenobrown | 22 February 2016

Get the X with 7 seats. I have a wife and 3 children. I own a p85d model S and my wife drives a Yukon. Her Yukon has a walk through middle row ( 2 captain chairs ), plus a third row. This set up works fine until we need to put things in the trunk. Especially if we are going on a vacation. In fact we took the my Tesla on a long weekend trip over her Yukon because I couldn't get all of our luggage in the Yukon, plus the Tesla is a lot more fun. With 2 children in the captain chairs and another one in the third row, the trunk space is very limited. However, if you put all three children in the middle row, the third row can be folded for extra trunk space. For this reason I recommend the 7 seater. I've lived the 6 seater and it doesn't always work. BTW, my wife will be getting a Model X in December. I've had a reservation for over 2 years. She will be getting the 7 seater.