When will I be able to order a base 70D Model X?

When will I be able to order a base 70D Model X?

I'm an owner of a model S and want to buy my wife a Model X, she however does not need supercar speeds.

Does anyone on the forum know when Tesla is expected or calculated to start delivering base models and when is current delivery date if I make my deposit today.



NumberOne | 18 February 2016

No one knows, but I would guess that, if you reserve and order now, you could have the car by October. This is because there are still some people who have reserved but not configured, so you would be able to jump the line so to speak. (People are complaining about that, but no one is forcing them to wait.)

carlk | 18 February 2016

No one knows for certain but the best guess will likely fall into toward end of this year. Either way sooner you put the deposit down the better. Not sure when they will ask you to configure but you can always get your deposit back before you order.

Darryl | 19 February 2016

Based on the slow ramp up and number of people who have already ordered cars if you were to place an order for a base 70D now I would think you would get it probably early 2017. They had said in January they had enough orders to last a year. The longer you wait to order the worse it will get. Once more P90D hit the street orders will pick up fast. Since they are prioritizing orders based on what model you order people ordering P90D now will still probably jump in line ahead and put the non-P90Ds deliveries further out. It is totally unfair but it is the way things seem to be working.
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VIN Assigned: 12/23/2015
Scheduled Delivery: 2/21/2016
Delivery Service Center: Orlando. FL

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vperl | 19 February 2016

Order, then wait I suspect 12 months or more

vperl | 19 February 2016

Order, then wait I suspect 12 months or more

aesculus | 20 February 2016

FWIW the current party line from the website says The estimated delivery for new reservations is the latter half of 2016

Gayatrikr | 20 February 2016

I ordered 70d base with ap last may
Confirmed jan
Prod q recently
No vin

Red Sage ca us | 21 February 2016

Remember the good, old-fashioned thread, when we all put forth guesses as to when the Model X Design Studio would be open to the public at large?



Triggerplz | 21 February 2016

Remember the good old days when you had to open the garage door a little if the car was running

Nexxus | 22 February 2016

@irsalman, You said: When will I be able to order a base 70D Model X?

Well, you can order one any time you want to, but when it comes in, well, that's another story.

Darryl | 22 February 2016

I agree with @Go_Peddle_4_Me. It is not when you can order it. It is when will it be delivered. If I ordered a Model 70D would they continue to slot more optioned cars in front of me pushing out my delivery. There is no question the margins on a P90DL are much higher than on a 70D.

Nexxus | 23 February 2016

@Darryl, Did you get yours yet? I think you had a planned delivery date of 2/22. Today is a new day!

Nexxus | 23 February 2016

@Darryl, Sorry. I meant 2/21.

Darryl | 23 February 2016

They are now saying Thursday, the 25th. .

cfenimore | 23 February 2016

I just cancelled my Model X reservation too. I was able to test drive a Model X on Sunday. I have to say the car is amazing. It's a marvel of performance and engineering. But, it fell short on two aspects for me.

- It's really not an SUV. Its very low to the ground (which I should have known from website and the launch event). But, you really don't appreciate it until you see it. On top of this, as everyone has written about the fact that the middle seats don't fold down really minimizes the amount of space in the back (ie not a typical SUV). So, functionally the car didn't hit the mark for me. With that being said it is a beautiful car and in ludicrous mode the acceleration is exactly that - Ludicrous.
- The 2nd thing that really bothered me is the delivery date. My reservation numbers was in the mid 3Ks and the Company has had my $5K for ~two years. I was told that would guarantee me a place in line. But, that is not true. They are allowing P90D and p90 orders to jump ahead of P70 orders. I don't need all the bells and whistles and a P70 would have been a good option for me. So, I was told that if I ordered yesterday that I wouldn't get the car until very late 2016 or 1Q 2017. This would mean that Tesla would have my money for three years before I would ever get a car. That is not right and quite frankly misleading and is not a way to treat someone that has been loyal for the past two years.

GoGreen1 | 12 April 2016

My thoughts are on the same lines. My reservation number is 37xx but did not order since I want a 70D and I did not get any firm date from TSLA as to when I would get the car. Now that the configurator is open to the public I don't see any reason to hold my money with TSLA. While I don't question TSLA's practices, as a reservation holder and with a definite order, I was expecting a better treatment with a clear date for delivery. What good is to put in a deposit and hold the reservation for 3 years, with no firm date for production/delivery from TSLA.

loganboyd | 12 April 2016

They don't make a P70 or a P75, the only P was with the 90kWh battery.