Model 3 reservations will be taken at Galleries

Model 3 reservations will be taken at Galleries

I just spoke to the Houston TX Gallery and they said they will be taking Model 3 reservations on the 31st.

Details on timing not available yet, but saves me an overnight trip to Atlanta that I was seriously considering!

(I know this is not about Model S, but this Forum gets many more eyeballs and thought people in non-store states would be interested)

update - moved to Model 3 forum!

PhillyGal | 10 March 2016

Now I'll have to decide between the Devon service center and the King of Prussia Mall.
Actually, no. Easy choice - Service Center all the way.

SUN 2 DRV | 10 March 2016

PhillyGal: FYI The head guy at my Service Center said they would not be taking Model 3 reservations there. So you may want to double check on where and when reservations will be taken...

mrbarnes | 10 March 2016

Anyone know if reservations will be taken all day on the day of March 31st, or will it be after the reveal in the evening? | 10 March 2016

When I last talked to the people at a Tesla store a few days ago, they had no idea how it was going to work. Perhaps they'll find out when everyone shows up on the 31st! I predict pandemonium, but should make for a great news story!

finman100 | 10 March 2016

I'll add my own rumor to the mill...

Briefly talked to a Tesla person over the phone when they called me (yeah, I know!) to let me know of a test drive event in Corvallis, OR. I asked some other questions about the Model 3 and basically the person did not know anything specific and had not heard anything "from corporate", but expected to get the deets 'soon'. I kinda laughed. soon. that's true about many things...anyway... The person did say credit/debit cards were more than likely how they would accept the reservation grand. Not cash, not checks. "just like the online way" was more or less the quote from them.

This person was from the Washington Square Tesla store, in Portlandia, which I will be going to, but not bright and early the AM of the 31st. More like after work, since the hours say 'till 9PM. Plus my journey from Albany, OR requires one charge for my Leaf. Yeah, THAT is why a Model 3 looks so very promising, haha.

Rocky_H | 10 March 2016

It is such a basic detail that they have not clarified. They said they will be taking orders on the 31st. The debut event is also on the 31st, but their events are always in the evening, after most of the day is over.

This is sounding like:
"We're going to eat dinner at 6PM. And then we'll cook the dinner at 7PM."

UnshodBob | 10 March 2016

@Rocky_H - maybe they'll be taking $1000.00 deposits all day during normal business hours, and the reveal will happen that evening. Who would wait for the reveal to be done before putting down their deposit? The people that show up on March 31 have already decided to put up the deposit, I think,

Rocky_H | 10 March 2016

@UnshodBob, I suppose that is how it will probably work, but it seems really really dumb to say, "Put down a deposit of $1,000 on something, and then we'll show you what you put the deposit on!" They could have just arranged things in the proper order. Reveal on day N, In-store deposits on day N+1, online deposits on day N+2.

SUN 2 DRV | 10 March 2016

And did they really think kicking this off on April Fools Day was a good idea? :-)

PhillyGal | 10 March 2016

@joehuber - thanks for the heads up. I had assumed. I'm sure we'll know more details before 3/31 about how, where, when. At least, I hope so! | 10 March 2016

It's the Tesla way. Plunk down your money on faith that Tesla will have a compelling story for the Model$#8801; and will someday actually build it. It's only $1000 and it's refundable. If one doesn't like the story, cancel and get the money back.

Of course you can wait until after 3/31 and reserve one online, if you like the story and want the car. I plan to be at the local showroom when it opens at 10 AM, EDT. Sorry, California:-)) | 10 March 2016

Not good at HTML. That should be Model ≡

Tropopause | 10 March 2016

Be nice to Tesla or your Model 3 will be denied by Elon! LOL

I'm going to wait until the 04/01 online reservation opens.

Good luck to all. May there be many Model 3 reservations to change the world!

AlMc | 10 March 2016

@PhillyGal: They will be taking them at Devon. I was just there yesterday for the X test drive event and spoke with several of the sales people that were there to go over the X. TM has not given them any specifics about how they are going to run things but I have been assured by head of NASales (name withheld to protect the innocent) and Brent (sales director at Devon) that they will open at 10am/will take multiple reservations....and they already know of one person who asked to camp out the night before...........and NO, it was not me :)

PhillyGal | 10 March 2016

Woohoo! Thanks, AIMc. Will you be there? Maybe we make it a thing and get some donuts and such.

Tropopause | 10 March 2016

JUST one person camping out?!?

AlMc | 10 March 2016

@PhillyGal and Tropopause: That is what I was told..only one. Maybe Philly Gal makes two! :)

Seriously....TM, as we all know, can change things in a heart beat, and they have not given specific info to the Devon staff as to the how they are to prepare. They are getting 15-20 inquiries a day about 'the event' so they are expecting a good turn out.

I asked (because I just had to) IF I might just make a reservation(s) yesterday...'NO, NADA, Not gonna happen'...I finally got the distinct impression that they were not going to let me get an early reservation in.

Anthony J. Parisio | 10 March 2016

Am I going to have to take the day off?

AlMc | 10 March 2016

@Anthony: I am starting to feel a cold coming on and I am sure I will **cough***cough** not be able to make it to work 3 weeks from today :) | 10 March 2016

I'm still thinking about hiding in the frunk of the showroom demo just before closing the night before...

cchouston | 10 March 2016

I wish they had decided to hold the "in store" deposit event on a Saturday, so that those of us who live quite a distance away (Devon, in my case) can attend, without having to take a day off of work to do so.

JAD | 10 March 2016

Didn't they say they are producing based on options, not deposit order? Why worry so much about being first? I will order sometime that day, or online the next if I can't make it.

cchouston | 10 March 2016

@AIMc do you know if Devon has a Model X on hand for test drives or was the X there only for the event you attended?

church70 | 10 March 2016

I think this is weird you're not driving away the same day with the car.
Just for your information I could put my posit down a month before the car is released two years from now and get it before you
How You may ask simple I end up with the fully loaded one that's how Tesla works so far anyway

moorelin | 10 March 2016

Obviously there are early adopters and those who just want to wait and see. Fair enough.

But based on the current X rollout and broader history, my thinking is that there may be 10,000 (more?) deposits on the 31st, which could put a big delay into the April Fool's Day reservations. Planning to be there on the 31st, but hoping for more clarity on details...

church70 | 10 March 2016

I was still considered an early adopter when I put down my deposit on Boxing Day 2012 Canadian thing day after Christmas big sales. And I receive my car in April 2013 mainly because I got the suspension control. That bummed me I had of people that I've been waiting years
I'm just saying. There's no rush

NetWatchR | 11 March 2016

I'll be checking it out on the 2nd. I don't feel like trying to navigate the website as if I'm back in the days of Netscape and a 14.4

whitex | 11 March 2016 "I plan to be at the local showroom when it opens at 10 AM, EDT. Sorry, California:-))"

Based on what we've seen with Model S and X, they build them by region. And if they are trying to deliver them fast to juice the numbers, the first region is going to be California because it doesn't require long shipments of cars. Sorry east coast ;-)

AlMc | 11 March 2016

@ccHouston: No Xs at Devon to test drive long term. This was a two day event and AFAIK was by invitation to reservation holders that had not hit the 'buy/confirm' button.

Should be in DC area at this point. You might call the DC store and see if they have any time you could drive it IF you are willing to travel down there.

david.baird | 11 March 2016

They should already create a Model ​☰ section methinks...

But, bloody hell, I'm on vacation in Denmark that week - might have to suggest a trip to Arhus that day... | 11 March 2016

So here's the thing. Of course it probably doesn't matter if you are first in line. But it might. There's always that faint hope. Anyway, reserving early is the only thing you have control over and it's fun to be a part of the rush. I'm hoping for >100,000 reservations by end of business April 1. So is Elon.:-))

david.baird | 11 March 2016

As a shareholder, I'm hoping for 1 million reservations - and we don't know, it could happen :-)

Bruce Williams | 11 March 2016

If camping outside the door is what it takes, It's a good thing we bought that air mattress that nicely fits in the back of the MS.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 11 March 2016

It feels like I've already told a million people to get their reservation in ASAP! I hope we get some clarity on the timing "soon".

+1 @Rocky_H: Not sure why they didn't decide to wait until AFTER the reveal to start accepting orders...

rxlawdude | 11 March 2016

Not sure it's good to be getting the first cars off the assembly line.

AlMc | 11 March 2016

@rxlawdude: It has been suggested/rumored that the first model3s off the line may go to TM employees. Makes sense to reward your employees that would like a TM product and allows for some real world testing before going out to everyone else.

If it comes down to the choice of taking an early delivery and getting the tax rebate or a later delivery and no rebate.....I will take the former.

lilTeslaboy | 11 March 2016

Im wondering if they would allow multiple reservations at once? For instance I may want to buy one for myself and one for the wife.

I can see how it can get sketchy if someone were to buy multiple reservations, then later on sell the car for profit..

PhillyGal | 11 March 2016

I don't see myself camping out but taking off work and getting there for opening is likely. If for nothing else than fun with the employees. | 11 March 2016

My plan is to stop by & marvel at the line in the local mall (before heading on a previously planned long weekend getaway). Then try to order my daughter's car online on April Fool's day.

Tropopause | 11 March 2016

I think the lines may be around the block, in some locations. I will not fight this crowd but I admire Tesla for drumming up media stories. I want Model 3 to be a game changer for the world.

Haggy | 11 March 2016

When I enrolled my first child in kindergarten, I told my wife that I thought it was ridiculous to camp out overnight, and she should just show up at 6 am and we'd take our chances. She was hundredth in line. I found out years later that she didn't actually wait until 6 am. I have no idea how early she got there, but some people are crazy enough to line up all night just to see a movie they can see the next day. I can only imagine what people will be willing to do for this.

I'm getting the feeling that I might get there at 10 am, find no place to park, and go home to order on line the next day. Or maybe the fear of long lines will scare others away. It's hard to say. But you also have to ask why Tesla is doing this. Presumably they want a chaotic mess. There's not a single advantage to customers to do it in person and Tesla could obviously turn on a system a day early if they are 100% sure they will be ready to do so the next day. So why are they doing it? I blame Obamacare.

cchouston | 12 March 2016

@AIMc thanks. I thought it would be too good to be true to have an X on hand for test drives.

UnshodBob | 12 March 2016

@lilTeslaboy - my purchase agreement says "No Resellers; Discontinuation. Tesla and its affiliates sell cars directly to end-consumers, and we may unilaterally cancel any order that we believe has been made with a view toward resale of the Vehicle or that has otherwise been made in bad faith. ..."

If they limit reservations, I'd expect it to be 2. One per person wouldn't be unreasonable, either. (If you want one for each of your three children, bring two of them with you.)

@Haggy - yep. It's all on Obamacare. It would solve ALL the world's troubles if we could just cancel it. :)

Tropopause | 12 March 2016

Open, open, open...

NKYTA | 12 March 2016

This is all very exciting. I've emailed my SvC manager with some of these pertinent questions, and my wife won't be camping out, but she'll be there ahead of the opening bell for sure.

Rocky, indeed. But let's not waste this opportunity to call the local press. Certainly more invigorating than coverage of candidates on either side of the aisle! ;-)

church70 | 12 March 2016


church70 | 12 March 2016

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Is coming to mind for me. My thoughts on that have always been but you can put salt in his mouth

It does not matter when you put your deposit down the car will not be here for two years. Put your money in tesla stock

NKYTA | 12 March 2016

I think you are missing out on the "fun factor" @church. ;-)

church70 | 12 March 2016

Maybe you're right it would be a nice option if Tesla let you put down $1000 deposit with the option of having that deposit put into stock for you in your name I mean lol

garygid | 13 March 2016

Do East coast stores get 3 hours to take reservations that will have priority over
West coast reservations, because of time zone differences?
Or, are reservations all "time stamped" with local time, and later assigned
priority bssed on the reservation's local time?