Any benefit for mid-West people to reserve early

Any benefit for mid-West people to reserve early

If the shipments will begin with the West coast and move east is there any benefit in someone from the mid-West (I'm in Ohio) actually putting in their reservation on the 31st?

I'm definitely going to put in a reservation, but my primary reason for going to the Tesla store on the 31st was to get near the front and have a better chance of getting the full $7,500 tax credit. I'll definitely upgrade some of the options but not going to go crazy with them, but if a less optioned car anywhere West of me is going to get delivered first then what's the point in making my reservation a day earlier than just waiting and going online?

Hopefully they'll come out with some more details as we get closer to the 31st.

Dithermaster | 21 March 2016

I'd think "yes" since you'll still be ahead of other midwest and east coast folks who get in line that day or after.

There are two factors at play: Tesla said west to east, but didn't they also say more optioned-out cars first too?

In any case, regardless of the number of queues and known and unknown delivery scheme, measured from an individual's point of view, for the same location and option list, you'll get the car later the later you register. Period.