Number of Doors?

Number of Doors?

Does anyone know if the Model 3 will have two or four doors? Or, is this just a matter for guessing since Tesla has played it so close to the vest?

jordanrichard | 21 March 2016


Hi_Tech | 22 March 2016

Not sure that was specifically mentioned. I think the assumption is 4 (or 5, if it's technically a hatchback).

jordanrichard | 22 March 2016

HiteshBhatt, you are correct, if it is indeed a hatchback, then it would be a "5 door". Though most people don't use the term 5 door. Actually there are very few 4 door hatchbacks, as most are 2 door. So the expression most people use is 3 door hatchback, even though technically it's a 3 door.

Part of me thinks it will be a hatchback, but then again, they are initially looking to make the car easy to engineer/manufacture and I can only that a standard 4 door sedan is easier/cheaper to produce.

carlgo | 22 March 2016

EM said it would be innovative, so I guess one big falcon door per side. Nobody else thinks that evidently. | 22 March 2016

@carlgo: I think the FW doors cost Elon half of his hair transplant :-)). I don't think he will go that route again. With only two rows of seats, you don't need it unless the car is Frodo height.

Dr. Toonhattan | 23 March 2016

It won't have any doors at all. There will be a teleportation device that allows you to beam directly into or out of the car by pressing the key fob.

jordanrichard | 23 March 2016

If and that is a big IF, they do FWDs it will be much later on, when they come out with a Model ≡ based SUV or CUV, whatever you want to call it.

FWDs would be too expensive for an entry level car. Since FWDs are a structural item, it is not exactly an optional add on like AP.

Red Sage ca us | 23 March 2016

Well, the trick would be designing regular swinging doors for a Cabriolet/Convertible, yet still having Falcon Wing Doors for a Coupe.

carlgo | 24 March 2016

So Tesla wouldn't build a convertible until the roadster is introduced. It just seems that they will be busy enough keeping production apace with sales for a few years and a convertible is kind of a complex diversion. We might see an S version first, especially if their sales take a hit from the 3. But nobody know nuthin...

carlgo | 24 March 2016

georgehawly: you would think by now those problems have been solved and that producing and fitting those doors is now routine. Perhaps there would also be some simplification of the design that would make it cheaper now, and surely the various sensors and other components would be cheaper and perfected. Just guessing for fun though.