How long will we wait for the reveal event to get started?

How long will we wait for the reveal event to get started?

After wait times approximating an hour for previous reveal events, I wonder if things will get started on time at 8:30 PST.
I'm hoping (& guessing) 15 minutes late at most.

On time reveal events would help with Tesla's image with regard to "soon" and timelines for delivery.

Red Sage ca us | 27 March 2016

Idunno. I'm gonna make sure to take a nap the afternoon beforehand, though.

Chunky Jr. | 27 March 2016

The model X rollout was definitely a fiasco that reflected poorly upon the company. I hope they learned a lesson from that.

AlMc | 27 March 2016

It will be 'on time' this time. Book it! :)

PhillyGal | 27 March 2016

I think it'll be close to on time too. The live stream will be anticipated all over the world. I was peeved and gave up on the X live because it was very late on the East Coast but X isn't even a fraction as important to the company and the future of sustainable transport.

Plus, I'll be mighty tired and just want it to be so

jordanrichard | 27 March 2016

Ya, PG, I was thinking about that for those attending the event, from the East Coast. In CA residents heads, the evening has only started and in yours it is coming to a close. In the moment excitement can only carry you so far. Best of luck to you.

Shesmyne2 | 27 March 2016

Anticipation build. They normally run late in events, but it's always worth it.
And they do throw a great party!

Still Grinning ;-)

PhillyGal | 27 March 2016

@jordanrichard - Our flight is 9:50am east coast time, which very realistically means waking up at 6:00am. So when the event ends and somebody rich, famous, interesting or all three invite PhillyGuy and I to party after, I expect to need some caffeine, which I almost never consume.

Red Sage ca us | 27 March 2016

To those who are going -- I advise taking a jacket, or wearing long sleeves. Sure, there will be those radiating heater pylons, but it will still be cold out there. If you have foot, knee, or back problems, get there EARLY so you can find a seat, and wear comfortable shoes. Also, if you intend to record any of the event on your mobile devices, save your battery for as long as possible before starting any recording, tweeting, or posting to Facebook. There will be WiFi available, I'm sure.

AlMc | 28 March 2016

@PhillyGal: I have made that trip 3x in the last two years for TM events. The adrenaline will be will not need the caffeine. I am very happy for you...and while I could not have made the trip, if selected, a bit envious!

Have a great time. :)

PhillyGal | 28 March 2016

@AIMc - Thanks!

Haggy | 28 March 2016

It won't start "on time" at 8:30 PST. Tesla's early email listed that time, but later ones said it would be Pacific [daylight] time.

SUN 2 DRV | 28 March 2016

Haggy +1

When addressing a global audience, details like that do matter. | 2 April 2016

I note that this event was on-time! Extrapolating from this I think they will be more serious about the timeline they offered in bringing the Model 3 to market.

jordanrichard | 2 April 2016

From Elon's recent Tweet, I suspect that they will be building them sooner than expected. The current (as of 7am CA time) number of reservations is 253,000!!!! He said that he will give another update tonight for a 3 day total and one last update on Wed for a weeks total. Further saying that all efforts are focused on accelerating the ramp up.