What is your Discharge rate in 24 hrs?

What is your Discharge rate in 24 hrs?

Left the car unplugged and at 24 hours the discharge rate was about 8 Miles. After being away from the car on vacation for 3 days the discharge rate was 24 miles total. Keys not nearby.

I asked around and people with the model S had a discharge rate at 24 hours of 1 to 2 miles and others said should not be more than 4 miles in 24 hours?

Even the showroom model S, with hundreds of people opening the doors and checking out the features ( not plugged in) only discharge about 4 miles in 24 hours.

Anyone else with a high discharge rate with the power off and the doors locked?

mercc3650 | 29 March 2016

To clarify I'm asking about the discharge rate of the battery at 24 hours.

Also I tried a couple combinations with the battery and the discharge rate was still about 8 Miles in 24 hours and then I tried it when the battery was at 220 miles and the following day was 212 miles. I also tried it when the battery was at 200 miles and the next day 192 miles with it plugged in but without charging and also the combination of leaving it completely unplugged.

Seems like a really high battery discharge rate in 24 hrs.

Any thoughts?

Blue X | 29 March 2016

Suggest posting on TMC...seems to have more activity....

darlin | 29 March 2016

My nissan LEAF will show 12 bars of charge but after a day of non use, can and will lose one bar (4 -8 miles depending on driving style). I have grown used to this and plan accordingly.

pvetesla | 29 March 2016

Are you using the energy saver and uncheck the "always connected" button for online access.

This made a big difference on my MS but is slower to connect to my the app and takes a little longer to get moving.

jdsmith19 | 29 March 2016

I get somewhere around 8-10 miles discharge on my Model S in a day. That's without energy saver and with Always Connect chosen. I tried without it for awhile, but really missed being able to jump in the car and go--without waiting for it to turn on.

loganboyd | 29 March 2016

8-10 miles a day at ~350Wh/mi = ~$138/yr in electricity give $.12/kWh

mercc3650 | 30 March 2016

@pvetesla- I have not used those options, although I knew about them, as I don't want to have the inconvenience just like @jdsmith19 experienced since most of the time I need to pick up and go quickly do to my line of work.

I still find it awfully High to have this type of discharge rate with these two options being active.

Guess I have to live with it.

Thanks everyone for their input.

aesculus | 30 March 2016

Hmm. Have not done a detailed test on my 90D but I don't see any where near this vampire drain. I have Energy Savings On but Always Connected on too.

When I was sitting in the driveway playing with my car and using the climate control to heat the car for hours yes. But now that it is just sitting and standing by it appears to maybe use a few miles per day if that.

For example I only have 110v right now and it charges at 3-4 miles per hour. I have it set to only charge at midnight. Yesterday I looked at the mobile app at 7am and it was at it's rated mileage of 236 (90%). That night around 7pm it was still at 236.

I won't use the car after today for a few days so I can run up the charge and unplug it and see what happens over 24 hours.

darlin | 30 March 2016

All batteries will lose some charge as time goes by. That is the way batteries are

. However, if you are losing excessive amounts of charge, that may indicate something is wrong.

davediep | 30 March 2016


My Sig X used to drain about 11-12 miles/day but after the firmware update a few weeks ago, my battery drain is much better at around 2-3 miles per 24 hours. I have also voiced my concern to Tesla Service so I am not sure if the did anything in the background.

pvetesla | 30 March 2016


I'm pretty impatient too...but I've been ok with waiting. It takes the car no more than 3-5 seconds to boot up. In the early morning I would say it would never go past 7 seconds.

jdsmith19 | 30 March 2016

My numbers aren't scientific, just my anecdotal observation. I'll see if I can get some data points to back up or debunk my own estimate. 8-10 miles / day does seem excessive.

Luckily, I'm able to charge at work for free, so I don't have a direct $ effect.

speyerj | 30 March 2016

We lose about 6-8 miles a day as well.

vperl | 30 March 2016

Gets worse every year

jdsmith19 | 31 March 2016

Last night from 5:16 PM to 7:36 AM this morning, my Model S lost 4 miles. 4 miles in 14 1/3 hours puts it about .28 miles / hour or 6.7 miles a day. Picking up our Model X in less than an hour, so I'll do a comparison. Now--off to the factory!

darlin | 31 March 2016

The LEAF has not changed over a 4 year period. Ignore what Vperl's said.

vperl | 31 March 2016

In the good old days, 5-7

aesculus | 31 March 2016

@jdsmith19: Enjoy and hope your Model X is everything you expect it to be. Should be extra fun today with all the Model 3 excitement at the factory.

ernie | 1 April 2016

Right now 7.

elguapo | 1 April 2016

Mine is 4-5 miles of rated range over a 24 hour period. Not that big a deal to me and I do have "instant access" or whatever it's called for the app to connect as it is painfully slow otherwise.

It's not a ton of vampire drain and it will get better over time, I think, like the S.

mercc3650 | 1 April 2016

Thanks everyone. I have contacted Tesla and have an appointment next week for them to look into this as mine seems to have a slightly higher discharge rate than others.

@jdsmith19--did you get the X? How is it?

Gary an Rachel | 1 April 2016

2-3 miles in 24 hours. I make sure climate is off and shut down power from screen.

jdsmith19 | 1 April 2016

@mercc3650 No problems so far. It's my wife's car. I've been driving an S and she has been driving both a Volt and X1, so this is a huge upgrade to both.

I haven't had too much chance to drive it yet, but did take it for a spin to see what it could do. Very similar to my S. FWD open in my garage no problem, which was a bit of a surprise to me.

We did turn off the auto present front door. It hit a car in my wife's parking lot at work and I've had it hit a pillar in my garage. Luckily no damage.

I'm hoping to do quite a bit more driving with it this weekend.

speyerj | 7 April 2016

Since the last update my vampire battery drain has gone down dramatically. Over the last 33 hours of parked time (haven't needed to drive much this week) we have lost 2 miles of range.

Energy savings is off and always connected is on.

Much improved over the 6-8 per day we were losing.

darlin | 7 April 2016

That is great news speyerj.

mercc3650 | 7 April 2016

@speyerj--my X is in the SC and they just updated the software with the latest version as I got 3 failed updates in the past 3 weeks (i.e. every time I tried updated to a newer version when I was notified on my phone, within 15 min I got an error message that software update had failed). Looking forward to the same results when I get my X back

speyerj | 9 April 2016

Aaaaand now we're back to 6-8 miles lost per 24 hours. Went for groceries. Changed no settings. Installed no updates. But last 4 hours of range between bedtime last night and breakfast this AM.

No clue. None.

vperl | 9 April 2016

Once a month