How to be first in line to reserve a Model 3

How to be first in line to reserve a Model 3

Last night, just before closing time I had my wife set up a diversion while I climbed into the frunk of the white Model S in the showroom. It was behind the red one. They are AWD versions so the frunk was a tighter fit than I thought, having practiced in my S85. After the store closed, I climbed out of the frunk and relaxed in the show room, dozing in a comfy chair until just before 8 AM. I got back into the frunk and popped out at 10 AM, first in line.


Here you go:

Note: I f you believe this, I have a Model 3 to sell you.:-))

Red Sage ca us | 31 March 2016

Wait... Was that Nick's car...?

jordanrichard | 31 March 2016

Well done.

Of course you know the rules around here when someone describes a situation, if there are no pictures, it didn't happen. You however did provide a picture, so it must be true....... :-) | 31 March 2016

Nick is over on the "right" coast, struggling with what to do about the new X that Tesla wants to give him.:-))

Psyclo | 31 March 2016

Except April Fools day is TOMORROW! :-)

PBEndo | 31 March 2016

I am glad you picked the white one. I was in the red one and it definitely wasn't big enough for 2.

hpjtv | 31 March 2016

you can't reserve with cash where I am... so the money in your hand is useless :) | 31 March 2016

They took cash from me and told me not to worry about petty details like credit cards and receipts...

olanmills | 31 March 2016

I wish we could give post thumbs up