Reservation Number "RN" shows on MyTesla page

Reservation Number "RN" shows on MyTesla page

I placed my Model 3 order at about 10:45 local Eastern this morning. About 30 minutes ago I took a look at MyTesla page and above my current Model S vin number is the "Model 3" followed by RN and 9 numbers. So I am guessing everything went smoothly with my order today.....let the waiting ( and speculating ) begin ! Good luck everyone !

jman | 31 March 2016

Same here, would LOVE to know what that number means......

chrispga | 31 March 2016

Same here, I was second in line at the Manhattan Tesla Store. My order may have been 3rd to process.

niunio | 31 March 2016

Did something go wrong? I made reservation about 11:30 Central time but don't see anything about Model 3 on my Model S page...

taylor | 31 March 2016

We can deduce what the numbers mean if we share them.

I got RN107790043. I reserved at 10:45 Eastern in Natick, MA (on 3/31/2016... I mention that for if someone looks back on this thread in a year or two).

My current theory, without having seen anyone else's number, is that 1 is a country code, 0779 is a register number within the country, and 0043 is which customer # I was at the specific register.

Once a single register goes over 10,000, you can just retire that register number and give that register a new number. Once your country runs out of register numbers, retire that country number and assign it a new number (indicates you have tens of millions of sales in a single country... not something for Tesla to complain about, I don't think.)

Darryl | 31 March 2016

As a reminder the site will go live at around midnight tonight. Please enter your information within the next day or so. This way we can get an idea of the number of reservation which have been made. Please enter all of the information requested (Reservation Sequence Number, City, State, Zip Code).

If the reservation for the Model 3 is like the Tesla Model X reservations you will get two numbers. They will give you a reservation number (RN) which is a number which identifies you as a customer. This number should be kept private. The second number they will assign you will be the Reservation Sequence Number. This represents your place in line and there is no risk in sharing this number with others. This is the number you should enter into . I am co-administrator of the site so if you have question about the system send me a private message.

danCE | 31 March 2016

When I go to my My Tesla page, I don't yet see confirmation of my reservation. But the URL in the browser's address bar shows RN8407853. Only 7 digits instead of Taylor's 9 digits. I reserved in Highland Park, IL and was about 25th inline; done about 10:20 Central time.

danCE | 31 March 2016

Ignore my post above. I just spoke to someone in Tesla support and the number I quoted above was my Model S RN from last year. No way to look up the Model 3 RN until tomorrow (in case there was a typo.)

Tesla servers are severely overloaded right now, so the confirmation emails are being delayed for most people.

BoxcarX | 31 March 2016

Hey danCE, I was there about an hour after you. Should be interesting to compare numbers when we get them.

Captain_Zap | 31 March 2016

The number is random and means nothing! It is best kept to yourself.

KP in NPT | 31 March 2016

Someone else noted that RNs seem to start with 107,108 or 109 - and don't seem to denote country or region but perhaps servers. What the rest means however, I don't know.

Taylor, I ordered mine in Dedham about 35 minutes before you, yet my number is about 300K lower than yours. (also starting with 107) so clearly they have nothing to do with sequence.

ssarker | 31 March 2016

Reserved around 1030 AM CST. No number yet.

mntlvr23 | 31 March 2016

Here is info from myself and a friend who registered back to back within a minute at the same location (Tysons Tyco, VA). Our first three numbers were the same (perhaps a three number location code - or "1" country code for USA and then a two number location code). The following 6 numbers appear completely unrelated. Other than the first three, only the 6th number was the same, and the others seem way far off from anything considered sequential.

mntlvr23 | 31 March 2016

Here is info from myself and a friend who registered back to back within a minute at the same location (Tysons Tyco, VA). Our first three numbers were the same (perhaps a three number location code - or "1" country code for USA and then a two number location code). The following 6 numbers appear completely unrelated. Other than the first three, only the 6th number was the same, and the others seem way far off from anything considered sequential.

mntlvr23 | 31 March 2016

Just checked with a third person in my group - first three reserving at Tysons Tyco. Two started with 108, one started with 107 - the rest seem random.

kwoo4424 | 31 March 2016

Question: IF you ordered 2 Model 3's do you get one or 2 RN's ? Maybe someone in this category can answer...

bj | 31 March 2016

@taylor - I don't think the initial '1' is country code, because I was one of the first ones to make a reservation in Australia yesterday, and my RN starts with '1' as well. It contains 9 digits and quite a few zeroes. In another thread, someone said you should never share your RN.

bernard.holbrook | 31 March 2016

I second bj's comment about not sharing your full RN... might be ok to share the first half though.

As for me, I do not see an RN anywhere on "My Tesla" or on the address bar. I do not have an "S" so that functionality might not be set up on my account yet.

kwoo4424 | 31 March 2016

... if you ordered 2 Model 3's do you get 2 " sequence " numbers is what I meant ... ( 1 per car)

ToddMeister | 1 April 2016

If the RNs are random, and if two are issued when you reserve two cars, then those two numbers should NOT be sequential. Can anyone confirm that this is the case?

iordache | 1 April 2016

Not sequential indeed (submitted 2 at less than a minute interval - my address was wrong first time around). Now I have to figure out how to cancel one and which :)

kevin_rf | 1 April 2016


I was in the same Natick line. Actually, my wife was a bit curious and did a head count. So we where position 147 (no clue how many people came as a couple and how many ordered two) and where processed at 11:30. So based on your time of 10:45, you should have been about number 70.

The reason I bring this up is, other than the RN107 in our number, nothing else matches your number. The last three digits are in 600's (should be in the 140s, 150s?, maybe 300 is everyone reserved two cars) and the total number is in the high 200 thousands. More than they sold yesterday. Kind of gives credence to these being random numbers.

If anyone is interested, when the doors had opened at 10am she counted about 170 people in line, she then started timing transactions (five at a time) first one taking 91 seconds, then dropping to about two minutes a transaction... When we left natick about noon the line had grown to 250 people.

Fun times!

Erwinvol | 1 April 2016

Thats interesting, I was at the Natick store around 2:30pm and there was no line. Must have been a lunch rush or something.

I have a RN108 number but it does seem completely random.

mkamran | 1 April 2016

I booked online from Canada at about 9:35 pm mountain time on March 31st, before Elon announced that they have 115,000 reservations. The number started with RN108, rest seems random.

Tarla's Driver | 1 April 2016

I was also in Natick, 14th in line, registering at 10:08. Mine is RN108... with no zeros in the '...' part. There's no pattern. Most people are reporting 107... or 108..., but I've heard a few are 109...

nikunj107 | 1 April 2016

And I thought I was too obsessed to care about the RN# this but I guess there are others hahah
I got RN1085...... and i reserved it as soon as the online reservations started (19:30 PST)

lalongboarder1 | 1 April 2016

let the waiting begin...

dnland | 1 April 2016

RN108 here. Central time zone. Ordered around 8pm.

bbeakes | 1 April 2016

rn107 east coast, ordered around 10:30 est on my phone about an hour before reveal 10/31. I am sure these are not just random numbers, why even bother then. If someone put these numbers into a spreadsheet and added time, where, when then I bet you would be able to see a pattern.

eddiemoy | 1 April 2016

i went to the store and reserved two and i still don't see it on mytesla page! all i see is my model s and x. where as my cousin reserved online and got his reservation number today. all i have is an email confirmation! :(

kendungey | 1 April 2016

I think the RN is random, I reserved 2 and one is 107 and one is 108.

HenryT2 | 2 April 2016

I have 2 reservation numbers and they are more than 100,000 apart from each other. My reservation was processed by 12 noon PST on the 31st so even my 'non-priority' reservation (only one is priority for each Tesla owned) shouldn't be over 100,000 on the waiting list. I would have guessed about 15-20,000th in line at worst (and hopefully within the top 2000th for the priority reservation).

andrew.zanella | 2 April 2016

I am in Ontario Canada and reserved mine online around 9 a.m. April 1st, my number also starts with 108.

bobsuemartin | 2 April 2016

Manhasset NY accidentally charged us for 2 model 3's. I guess one of my children will ge
t a nice present in 2018!

pepsundar | 2 April 2016

Received confirmation email approx 20 hours after placing the order and now the RN appears in mytesla page!

alnrench2 | 2 April 2016

My RN number showed up quickly on the MY TESLA page on Thirsday, but I have not yet received a standard EMail confirmation. I'm not worried, but I'm surprised that everyone seems to have a different process taking place.

alnrench2 | 2 April 2016

I finally got the confirmation EMail at 7:09 tonight after placing the order on Thursday morning and having the RN number on the My Tesla page since early Thursday afternoon...... now it's sit and wait for the next 2 years......

kkramer1990 | 2 April 2016

I am still waiting, was third in line and still no email confirmation. Card is charged tho on friday after a day of pending.

Flemingljr | 2 April 2016

So when will we get the reservation sequence number?

Always_exploring | 2 April 2016

Preordered 2 Model 3s on March 31st at 1pm in Seattle at the store. Both RNs begin with 108 and the last 6 digits are hundreds of thousands apart.

rafobair | 4 April 2016

I ordered my Model 3 at 7:33 PST just 3 minutes after online ordering went live. I just learned about logging into the 'My Tesla' page and I only have an RN number as of 10:55 AM April 4th. I would love to find out my sequence number.

galla | 4 April 2016

We should through a big RN speculation party and perhaps start a pool and whoever guesses within say.. +/- 150 should win a prize.. which should go to charity!..just a thought!

alnrench2 | 5 April 2016

It's possible that something in that number sequence may contain some or all of these?

Region or State
Store or Online purchase
Current owner or First timer
Time and date

Who's gonna break the code ??

emin.ibadov | 6 April 2016

Saw this on another forum and wondering if it works for you?

"...You can go to the page that shows your RN and look at the source code of the page (each browser does that differently, but usually you right-click on the page, and there's "View Source" or "View page source" somewhere). Search for "vin_sn". You'll see something like:



The number there is your sequence number. Note that people who ordered very recently have reported that they don't have this number in the source code..."


I was not able to find "vin_sn", but did find "icon-caret" code followed by a 4-digit value (not sure what it stands for). I ordered mine before the Tesla M-3 Event was over.

Note: It might be possible that sequence/configuration ordering number is based on the time Tesla clears deposit with your bank, and not the time of the order submission.

mkoistinen | 6 April 2016

I was about #250th in the queue on the morning of the pre-ordering (long before the reveal) and I'm RN1088

@emin.ibadov, I suspect we'll start seeing the VIN # once we configure our cars and they assign the VIN.

kurt.saik | 12 April 2016

My guess is that the RN107=[model 3] and the suffix following six numbers are a pure random unique database id that can be used to query the actual user registration.

Rosscvp | 13 April 2016

It may be a coincidence, but the last 5 numbers of my rn# are of a zip code in the L.A area. I'm located just a few hundred miles north of this area...

steven | 17 April 2016

As many speculated, I'm pretty sure the numbers are random. I reserved two at the same time (first minute online opened up) and the two numbers are about half a million apart from one another. They both start with 107 but other than that... not at all related to one another. So I'm sure there's no correlation to address, zone, timing, place in line, etc. On another thread I saw someone speculating that 107 meant west or east or whatever... but I see at least one of you is Eastern USA with 107 and I'm Western Canada with 107.... so no, that's not it. I think the "randoms" have it.