Any other reservations from UK buyers?

Any other reservations from UK buyers?

Hi All.

Just wondering any other UK forum members have reserved a Model 3?

mail | 1 April 2016

Yep, managed a 3:31am preorder from Nottingham.

macihenroomfiddling | 1 April 2016

Me too. Curious though - did you get a confirmation e-mail? The web site showed a message that I'd registered but no e-mail confirmation.

kim | 1 April 2016

No confirmation e-mail as yet - reserved at 4am ish

macihenroomfiddling | 1 April 2016

seems to be a common problem, even for those who ordered in store

chopdogs | 1 April 2016

When I hit send it said that I'd get e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. I guess they've a lot to send out......

RJT85 | 1 April 2016

Reserved mine at 7am. Wasn't going to go to West Drayton without a reason (although my model S has another (4th!) fault and is due to go back in on the next available date in May!)
I haven't got an email confirmation yet , nor has the deposit come out of my account.
Our cousins in the US are saying it all takes up to 24 hours.
Really hope they do a Model 3 P100D... :-)

theortons | 1 April 2016

I was initially going to go to the Manchester store but I did not want to queue so thought better of it.
reserved mine at 4am.. got the message on screen saying confirmed, but no email as of yet (10.55GMT 1st April).

Lets see what happens, but it appears the interest is more than expected :-)

hmallett | 1 April 2016

Yep, just now.

peterm | 1 April 2016

Not UK, but close, Ireland. Reserved this morning (took a few tries for payment to go through for some reason) but no email confirmation yet and can't access MyTesla (redirects to homepage).

kjhayes07 | 1 April 2016

I reserved yesterday at the Knutsford store, was first to arrive @ 05:30. Store opened @ 08.00, reservation completed in minutes, got confirmation email almost right away and RN number showed in 'My Tesla' within the hour.
I must say the Knutsford team are excellent, coffee, juice & danish pastries on hand, it was great to be part of it.
As a bonus I got a ride in a Model S too, I won't forget 'Ludicrous Mode' anytime soon. Wow!

gordon.photographer | 1 April 2016

Yes i ordered yesterday morning at 9.00am in email within an hour.

craig.j | 1 April 2016

I reserved at 4:30am this morning via the website, and also got the confirmation of order message on-screen.
No email yet, and my bank balance is still looking £1000 healthier!

sarapas | 1 April 2016

One more Irish reservation here

ian | 1 April 2016

Yep reserved online this morning around 7:30am. Got confirmation on screen but no email as yet, however my credit card statement shows the transaction so I am confident it has gone through. I am an S owner, and someone said you could see the 3 reservation in the "My Tesla" part of this site - but as yet I don't seem to be able to get to that either. I guess they are struggling in the back-end processing. I wonder what the total reservation figure is looking like now? >150,000 ?

AG55 | 1 April 2016

Also reserved ours at 4am on the website. No confirmation email yet.

We are in Highland Perthshire. Nearest store and supercharger >80 miles away in Edinburgh. I hope they build more across Scotland in the next few years...

richcurson | 1 April 2016

Yep went to West Drayton on Thursday morning, hit the go button at 08.31, got a confirmation email at 8.45. It states Reservation Confirmation £1000 Reservation Payment, Billed to me.

Payment not gone out yet. I spoke to Customer Service in the states this morning, about 7am in California, the guy I spoke to said it gone nuts, they have had 157,000 pre orders!

mail | 1 April 2016

I'm pretty sure my confirmation message didn't mention the 24 hour thing, it just said order confirmed, anyway, no email yet. Although my bank has the £1k as pending so good news there.

I too can't log in to mytesla, although I only made the account after reserving, perhaps that's why? I get bumped back to the reserve homepage, although I'm logged in as the footer says Log Out.

mail | 1 April 2016

I'm now able to log in, it looks like they've been doing some work on the site. No email as yet but the reservation appears in mytesla

david | 1 April 2016

Another UK reservation here. Put my deposit down at 431am this morning just as the live feed was starting. No word yet on MYTESLA or email..

purplepaj | 1 April 2016

Reserved about 9.30am BST, no email yet and cant access 'My Tesla'. Wonder if there will be a D version...

zubairarshad08 | 1 April 2016

placed my reservation at around 4:50am

garryforrestuk | 1 April 2016

Reserved about 8.30am BST, no email yet.

jim | 1 April 2016

I am getting worried now. Ordered yesterday morning at 7:30am and still no charge and no confirmation email. No sign on the website either!

chopdogs | 1 April 2016

I got my e-mail this morning as promised. As previously seen, we'll be back of the queue.....

"Model 3 production is scheduled to begin in late 2017. North American deliveries will be first, followed by Europe, Asia and Pacific countries then countries with right-hand drive configurations. Those who own Model S or Model X cars will be offered priority production slots as a special thanks for supporting the Tesla mission."

Archesfarm | 2 April 2016

Hi All. Had to use a different mail address for reservation than usual account - so from hereon in, chopdogs has become Archesfarm.....

Dr. Toonhattan | 2 April 2016

I reserved in the Manchester South store at around 10:30 AM on the 31st. There were 2 or 3 other customers in the store at any given time, but no actual queue. I got the email confirmation within 5 mins and the Reservation Number had appeared on the 'my tesla' page when I next logged in (about an our or two later). The charge appeared as pending in my bank account within an hour or so, and the money was taken out of my account after about 24 hours. Not a previous owner.

BAT1 | 2 April 2016

@Chopdogs Good to see confirmation emails are coming out with reservations circa 200,000 now. How many in the UK?

I got my M3 RN this am after reserving online at the 4.30 am reveal. As you say RH models are way down the build list but hoping that full autonomous driving comes in soon so they can get rid of the steering wheel!!! :)

Time to relax as EM says "It's TESLA TIME"

Supraman | 2 April 2016

Good morning.

I placed my reservation late yesterday (01/04/2016) afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the exact time. Anyway, I received my confirmation email at 07:54 this morning and my "My Tesla" page is now showing my RN number and the statement "Your Model 3 was reserved on 01/04/2016. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation".

Was it possible to place in-store orders in the UK on 31/03/2016 or did you have to wait until 01/04/2016? I believe that online orders became available an hour before the Model 3 Unveil Event. For those of you who ordered online around this time, does your "My Tesla" page list 01/04/2016 (the date in the UK) or 31/03/2016 (the date in the US) as your reservation date?

I used a Barclaycard American Express card to make my reservation but there's no sign of the payment being taken. For the majority of people on this forum, the credit card payment appears to be the first step. Has anybody in the UK seen activity on an American Express card?

kim | 2 April 2016

@Supraman "My Tesla" page lists 01/04/2016 (the date in the UK when I placed the reservation).

My American Express card has still not been charged and there's no sign of the charge in pending transactions.

kim | 2 April 2016

@Supraman - and I placed my order around 4am, just before the launch event.

Supraman | 2 April 2016

Thanks for taking the time to reply kim!

Does anybody have a feel (or inside information) about how many orders originated in the UK, perhaps broken down by region? I live in Scotland so I'm particularly interested in stats for there.

BAT1 | 2 April 2016


This is on a separate post and may help.

Do not share your Reservation Number (RN)!
Submitted by Darryl on March 31, 2016
Tesla will be assigning you two numbers. A Reservation Number (RN) and a Reservation Sequence Number (RSN). Thee Reservation Number (RN)is a number which identifies you as a customer. This number should be kept private and not shared. The second number they will assign you will be the Reservation Sequence Number. It may be a while before you see your Reservation Sequence Number. This represents your place in line and there is no risk in sharing this number with others.

The will become active probably late tonight. Once you get your RSN you should update the tracker with yout RSN. I am co-administrator of the site so if you have question about the system send me a private message.

bj | 2 April 2016

@Supraman - I'm not in the UK but Australia, on MyTesla the reservation date is shown as "31/3/2016". I lined up at 07:30 at the Sydney store on Thursday 31st. We are 18 hours ahead of California, so when I placed my reservation at 08:45, it would have been 14:45 in California on Wednesday 30th.

But it does mean I'll be with UK buyers in spirit - us RHD markets are at the end of the production queue :(

It will be interesting if our timezone adavantage translates to earlier delivery though than UK buyers... in other words, all our reservations were 11 hours ahead of yours, so do we get the first RHD deliveries?

normdian | 2 April 2016

I got my confirmation email this morning at 05:36 as I was just waking up! Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long before they get around to making R/H drive models!

Ecosse | 2 April 2016

Yes, ordered around 4am on the 1st April. Concerned though that all RHD countries are to be placed at the back of the production queue.

justin_devine75 | 2 April 2016

Reserved mine at Leeds on the 31st around 8:15am and received the email almost immediately. I was told there were 2 people waiting for the store to open at 8am and there was a chap reserving one when I got there, so I was reservation no 4 at Leeds. Breakfast was supplied in the form of Jaffa-Cakes.

With the pre orders increasing every day, it is concerning that if the bulk of those are in the US or LHD, it will delay deliveries to the UK even further. If their pre order targets are conciderably higher than expected, maybe they will have to re-think production.

bj | 2 April 2016

@JustinLD - although Tesla has indicated the geographic priority (and in our case, RHD markets go last) for me the big question is how much of the preorder book in each region would they fill before moving on to the next one? For example, it's hard to imagine they would make & deliver the East Coast USA order book as it stands in, say, July 2017 before moving to the next USA region - because that would mean months if not a year delay before the next region in the list got anything. So surely they must close the books for the first deliveries in each region at some point (either in time or quantity) and then give the next region some. So that might (and I say might) mean that the first RHD deliveries could occur in Q2 2018 if all goes well.

Given 232k global reservations, I suspect the first batch in each region has been well and truly filled already, probably to those who lined up, and those reserving now might not see their cars until 2019.

bj | 2 April 2016

The other thing to consider is that because the M3 dash appears so minimalist with no controls on it whatsoever, and the display is mounted centrally, the only difference between LHD and RHD is putting the steering wheel and pedals on the other side, all of which are drive by wire. Mechanically there is almost no difference. So it might be a relatively trivial matter making the RHD version. Maybe wishful thinking :)

Anemometer | 2 April 2016

BJ.. It all depends on whether autopilot software is any different for left and right hand drive. Anything that's different needs to be tested.
PS I spent all week telling people they were mad putting reservations on till you can actually go and configure one. Then I saw the red one on page 2 of the official Telsa photos, and went, OMG, if anyone else can make a car that good looking, this side of 2020, which is also an EV and also have a free to use European wide supercharger Network, well, I can always ask for my reservation fee back. But I think Telsa will be keeping it along with a fair few more English pounds.

Anemometer | 2 April 2016

BJ.. It all depends on whether autopilot software is any different for left and right hand drive. Anything that's different needs to be tested.
PS I spent all week telling people they were mad putting reservations on till you can actually go and configure one. Then I saw the red one on page 2 of the official Telsa photos, and went, OMG, if anyone else can make a car that good looking, this side of 2020, which is also an EV and also have a free to use European wide supercharger Network, well, I can always ask for my reservation fee back. But I think Telsa will be keeping it along with a fair few more English pounds.

Archesfarm | 2 April 2016

@Anemometer - be careful. The release statement said that the Model 3 would be Supercharger enabled, not that it would be free to use them. Model S drivers effectively paid an upfront fee when purchasing the car to allow them to use the network. This subsidised the start of the network build. M3 won't have this surcharge as Tesla want to keep the price point low - so, it's likely that they'll charge M3 drivers

Centenarypilot | 2 April 2016

Hoping the UK Gov. Cat 1 'Plug-in Car'grant of £4,500 carries on long enough to apply. That will make a huge difference.
But as Solar grants have been cut, who knows.

jdanielp | 2 April 2016

I reserved a Model 3 at the Edinburgh showroom on Thursday morning. I arrived at around 07:40 and was tenth in the queue. Tea, coffee and Jaffa Cakes were provided while we queued and then reservations started shortly after 08:00. My reservation was done by around 08:20. I would say around 15-20 of us had either reserved or were still queuing to reserve by that time so it wasn't busy, but there was a bit of atmosphere so I'm glad that I headed down.

Supraman and kim: I tried paying with American Express but was told that it wasn't accepted so I would check that!

jb.clarke | 2 April 2016

Reserved mine in Weybridge at 9am on the 31st. Jaffa Cakes / coffee provided too - they are consistent!

pete.williams82 | 2 April 2016

Got my order in at the Westfield store on Thursday evening.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what base price will be in GBP?

alistair | 2 April 2016


Re supercharges, multiple videos stating free forever from Elon..

garryforrestuk | 2 April 2016

Thank You

Your reservation is confirmed
02/04/2016 5am

jdanielp | 2 April 2016

£30,000 before the UK Plug-in Car Grant (currently £4500, but no doubt set to diminish further over time under the current government) presumably, 'mirroring' the $35,000 before the Federal tax credit (currently $7500) in the USA?

elghorr: I forgot to mention earlier that I asked about expansion in Scotland when placing my reservation and was promised that there will be a Tesla Service Centre and more Superchargers by the time the Model 3 arrives here...

pete.williams82 | 3 April 2016

It looks quite unlikely the Plug-In Car Grant will still be around when the Model 3 is released.

"[The Office for Low Emission Vehicles] has said that the grant will be maintained under the new regime until March 2017 (contrary to the Government’s initial announcement of 2018), or until 40,000 sales of category 1 vehicles, and 45,000 combined sales of categories 2 and 3, with both totals including vehicles registered under the existing regime.

As of [Dec 2015] 23,000 claims had been submitted for category 1 vehicles and 28,000 for categories 2 and 3 – 51,000 in total, of which half were made in 2015 alone".


So it looks very unlikely it'll still be around in 2018, unless the government extends it - and the tories have already shown they have no interest in environmental issues.

jlaity | 3 April 2016

Has anyone in the UK who ordered online on 1 April and who paid by AMEX got a reservation confirmation email yet?