Impressed by Model 3 Exterior but that dash though

Impressed by Model 3 Exterior but that dash though

I'm loving the new Model 3 exterior design! Got me like Daaaaamn!

But I'm worried about that dash. I know I'm not the only one but I can't imagine not having a screen above my steering wheel. Makes the interior look like one of those concept cars that will never get made.

Hopefully this is just a "test" design and Tesla is planning to actually add a dash screen before production. I remember the Model X had cameras for rear view mirrors but it didn't pass regulation or something.

Is anyone as concerned as I am for the dash?

BTW... I don't mind the landscape center screen. I'm sure the UI will improve.

Red Sage ca us | 7 April 2016

Others have expressed your concerns. Numerous times. In several other threads.

henry | 7 April 2016

@Red Sage ca us
Thanks for the awesome feedback. One of the downsides of forums without good search is you end up with numerous duplicate topics. Please ignore my topic if it rubs you the wrong way.

btw... nice image.

mikevkoch | 7 April 2016

i agree, the interior leaves a lot to be desired, but i'm guessing that that'll change. from what i understand, the first unveil of Model X had a dash that ended up looking nothing like the final product.

i guessing that they're probably gonna do the landscape dash, but much better integrated. i have little worry that the interior won't be great!

carlk | 7 April 2016

Elon said no dash screen is the final design but also said it will all make sense when part 2 is revealed.

henry | 7 April 2016

I hope so.
Wonder if a heads up display or something like that would be the alternative.

I get why they might do this. It saves money (cost of material, assembly, maintenance, etc) but man it looks weird.

Any speculation on what additions will be revealed at part 2 event (or before).

stephen.kamichik | 7 April 2016

Part 2 might announce next generation AP suite of hardware sensors. Eventually the car will be self-driving. EM may also unveil Model Y (SUV) in part 2 unveil.

henry | 7 April 2016

I think they might stick with the current hardware but I do think some major software updates for AP might be lined up.

Since the main goal of the Model 3 is mass production, I think something around charging might be coming up. Maybe a better way for people to charge without a garage. Tesla has had issues with people charging frequently at local charging stations so maybe a solution that competes with actual gas stations (not really competing but you know).

Not sure about the Model Y either. The Model 3 will keep Tesla factory busy for years. But it can also mean expansion. Maybe another US factory?

PhillyGal | 7 April 2016

The dash in the MS is gorgeous - one of my favorite parts of the car. I'll certainly be missing it if/when Model 3 has no dash at all.

BUT - How many people assumed they could never live without a landline in the home? Or carrying around a phone as big as the first iPhone when flip phones were all the rage. Or even heating up food with this new-fangled microwave oven? We'll adapt to it and eventually we'll wonder why we ever needed it.

anujasharma19 | 7 April 2016

I'm with you. I want a readout in front of the steering wheel and - GASP! - Physical buttons! The kind your hands can find without taking your eyes off the wheel...

henry | 7 April 2016

I do like physical buttons but I think Tesla got it right with the amount of buttons. The huge advantage to less buttons is how easy it is to update the car with software and not worry about confusing driver on what buttons now do.

Also because the voice control and steering wheel buttons do help out quite a bit. I know voice control can be annoying at times but it will get better (even without hardware updates).

carlk | 7 April 2016


You are right. How many people cried foul when they couldn't find a physical keypad on the first iPhone? Old ways are so ingrained into us it takes a visionary to take us out of the mold.

anujasharma19 | 7 April 2016

It looks like zero buttons at the moment. I don't want it to have tons of buttons. A volume knob, which could also be the stereo on/off. A temperature knob which could also be the AC on/off. Minimal, but critical things that need to be manipulated all the time. Not things that would ever change through updates. From a design perspective, the sunroof button should be on the sunroof. The seat heater control should be on the seat. I assume the window controls and door locks are still on the doors, but with tesla's designers you never know...

anujasharma19 | 7 April 2016

But some old ways are old because they are fully optimized. They have reached the pinnacle of usefulness and ergonomics and further tampering doesn't improve them. NEW! isn't always BETTER.

henry | 7 April 2016

Agreed... I think there will be buttons much like the S & X. The Model 3 interior is still a work in progress except for a couple confirmed things like the landscape 15in screen.

V.travis | 7 April 2016

Anyone else intrigued by the way Elon said the controls will look like a spaceship? Considering that every space ship humans have ever known is so complicated that it boggles the mind how anyone can fly one, and the 'prototype's' controls are (IMHO) overly simplified..? Currently I drive a 335 twin turbo 3 series BMW with a manual transmission and I enjoy having discrete control and concrete information about nearly every aspect of my car while enjoying the ultimate driving experience.. I have 2 model 3 reservations and am cautiously optimistic about the autonomy of these cars, and how much contol I will have when I want/desire/need it....

henry | 7 April 2016

Space ships do have pretty crazy looking controls but I think when Elon said that, he meant his own space ship. Not sure how that would translate into a car but might be reading into Elon's comment too much.

jordanrichard | 7 April 2016

mikevkoch, actually the final dash of the X isn't too far off from the concept. The 2 things that didn't make it to production was the LCD screens on the steering wheel and the center screen was incorporated into the dash, like the MS vs sticking up about 2 inches.

I too hope they work on better incorporating the screen in to the dash.

If we think people went nuts over the M≡ as is, can you imagine what will happen if Tesla makes a HUD as standard equipment. What other car, especially in that price range, has a HUD? A HUD, in addition to the center screen, would definitely fall within Elon's space ship description.

I noticed in the sketches of the car, the steering wheel has a cutout between 11 and 1 o'clock position. I don't see that making it to production.

henry | 8 April 2016

I really think a slick new HUD that's miles ahead (pun intended) of what's currently out there would be amazing. There's so much new tech to make HUDs better.

For example...

LG has a transparent OLED display (youtube*com/watch?v=lBBTfsN60e0) that I'm sure would work way better then the projector/reflection HUD displays out there now. Since OLED can be made into a flexible plastic sheet (youtube*com/watch?v=KHSdObeUdxI) then I can imagine it would be easy to apply one of these to a portion of the windshield.

Sparky | 8 April 2016

Thanks for the sketch Red Sage. I think a top cutout on the steering wheel would be awesome and fit right in with the Teslacool cockpit concept.

finman100 | 8 April 2016

okay, henry, I just may want some of that Dragon interior! nice find. pulling Gs is safer when strapped in. gots to have that to pass safety and score a 6 (5 being maximum, so, you know, this one's safer) bad Spinal Tap reference. www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=4xgx4k83zzc

Red Sage ca us | 8 April 2016

Always amazes me the things that Mollom refuses to allow me to post.

henry | 11 April 2016

I can't wait to see what they come up with. SpaceX made some huge accomplishments last week and they plan on flying the new Dragon capsule that can carry astronauts to space next year. I'm guessing a Model 3 event and SpaceX Dragon event will line up next year for maximum exposure.

On another note, the Model S is rumored to be getting some updates this week. Any chance we might see some HUD like updates in Model S or X before the Model 3 part 2 event?

henry | 11 April 2016

I can't wait to see what they come up with. SpaceX made some huge accomplishments last week and they plan on flying the new Dragon capsule that can carry astronauts to space next year. I'm guessing a Model 3 event and SpaceX Dragon event will line up next year for maximum exposure.

On another note, the Model S is rumored to be getting some updates this week. Any chance we might see some HUD like updates in Model S or X before the Model 3 part 2 event?

DeLectric | 16 April 2016

I'm surprised that I haven't read anything stating something relatively obvious (to me). Most of us walk around with (what years ago would have been considered) supercomputers in our pockets, with display screens. Tesla vehicles seem pretty well integrated into the smartphone structure.

What's stopping Tesla from making the phone connected to the car a secondary display? Since the touchscreen panel is the primary interface between the driver and the car, it's not as though a failure in communication (be it wifi, bluetooth, etc.) would be an issue.

I could easily see mounting my phone on the dash and having the Tesla app display speed, conditions, etc. as a secondary interface for the touchscreen. If you don't like not having an instrument panel, there's no reason you couldn't just get a tablet/phone/phablet to do the exact same thing...

graham.simmonds | 17 April 2016

I think the interior currently looks cheap without the driver's binnacle. I don't think a HUD is the answer either for me. I wear varifocal glasses when driving so when I look forward I can focus on the road ahead. When I look down I am able to focus on the screens. A HUD does not help those of us who do not have good visual accommodation ( the ability to change focus quickly) and I find them distracting. You also cannot put as much information in a HUD as you can a driver's binnacle. That and the lack of a hatchback means I will be looking elsewhere for something that is not built down to a price.

Ross1 | 17 April 2016

Ummm, here is my sage forecast:

{ Of course M3 will have a dash, but not what you are used to. It is still being invented. Holographs. Not yet ready to show. It wont be like other cars. Right now some of it looks like Franz' Mazdas. What will be different is the interior will be like a spaceship.
Last time I was abducted by aliens, the control pod didnt look like any car I ever saw, or imagined }

The forecast: This feature will cause the major delay and headaches. Like Falcon doors. Like landing on a barge is harder than dry land. Like it will be Elon's baby. The man who cant help himself from innovating already said it will be plain to see at Reveal 2.

Remnant | 17 April 2016

@ henry (OP, April 7, 2016)

<< Hopefully Tesla is planning to actually add a dash screen before production, ... [such as for] cameras [displays]. >>

My guess would be that the vertical dash between the wheel and the windshield will be used for a semicircular rearview camera display of a single stitched image from two side cameras and the extant rearview/backup camera. Such a display of the rearview from the car would center on the driver, include the formerly blind rear angles, and minimize gaze displacement from the road ahead to merely a down glance.

The side rearview cameras are likely to be flush mounted on the backs of the front fenders or somewhere along the sides of the car (like in the VW XL1), which would accomplish the aerodynamic goal of the proponents of the mirrorless car. As the inside rearview mirror image will also be part of the dash display, the inside rearview mirror will have become unnecessary and the windshield would finally be uncluttered.

At that point the only requirement to produce mirrorless M≡'s will be to get NHTSA to issue a mirror waiver for all cars with satisfactory rear camera visibility.