charge port location

charge port location

Has anyone been able to tell from videos, photos, or personally seeing the Model 3 where the charge port is hidden? Can you post a link if you have one?

Nic727 | 10 April 2016

I think it will be the same position as Model S/X.

Nic727 | 10 April 2016

I think it will be the same position as Model S/X. | 10 April 2016

There was a video where a Tesla employee pointed to a spot about the same location as the Model S. Sorry, I can't remember a link to the video. They didn't open the port, but it was hidden the same way as on the Model S.

DonS | 10 April 2016

Using existing Superchargers dictates that they cannot switch sides from the current cars.

inconel | 10 April 2016

They could locate it on the passenger front fender (a la Porsche) and still be able to use existing Superchargers. For Superchargers where you back in with the Model S/X, the M3 can pull right in if it is on the passenger front fender.

But I agree that it is likely to be in the same location as the Model S/X.

Haggy | 12 April 2016

It's likely to be the same spot as on the X and S. That would be needed for supercharger compatibility, plus compatibility with whatever any current owner has installed.

But is it the best idea? It would be hard to change without putting something on both sides to assure flexibility, but that would add to cost. Yet a compelling case could be made.

If I park in a two car garage, the middle aisle of the garage isn't an ideal place to plug in anything. Having a port on the right side of the car for the car on the right would make sense.

If I park on the street, and a municipality wants to have a parking meter with a built in cable, there would need to be a standard. It wouldn't be a big problem for parking lots, but if there were to be a solution that would work with on street parking, chances are a port in the right front would work best. One in the right rear might be doable too. But having something on the street side wouldn't work. Yet a port in a location that could work with a parallel parking space on a street could work fine in a parking space in a lot.

Perhaps the right side would have been a better solution in the first place, but it's not likely to change now. Something behind the rear license plate frame might work. It would mean that current supercharger hoses would be too short, but if Tesla uses the thin style (as in Mountain View superchargers) then it wouldn't be awkward. I had a 1965 Dodge where the filler cap was behind the rear license plate. It might not have been the safest place for volatile fuel in retrospect, but an electrical connector wouldn't be a hazard.

jordanrichard | 12 April 2016

How about a return to the days when cars has the gas filler behind the license plate.

Red Sage ca us | 13 April 2016

There is a photo of the Matte Grey Model ☰ Prototype in a service bay. The Silver Model ☰ Prototype is in the adjacent space. There is a Supercharger there between the two cars, and they appear to both be plugged in. The Matte Grey car is facing outward, the Silver one is head-in, and both their trunks were open. It seemed as if the cable was plugged into a port somewhere inside the trunk on the driver's side. I'm sure this is temporary and that the port will be in the tail light assembly with the final design.

jordanrichard | 13 April 2016

Good catch Red Sage. Though, I don't see them changing the taillight design because that would mean a new rear quarter panel.

Red Sage ca us | 13 April 2016

jordanrichard: No. I was just saying that they don't intend for people to leave their trunks open while charging. The lights will still look the same, but will accept the charging plug. Remember, the early Model S Prototypes had a round door over the driver side rear wheel to receive a plug. The final design incorporated it into the light assembly.