Tesla, make top notch luxury interior. Increase cost if needed

Tesla, make top notch luxury interior. Increase cost if needed

How about making all Tesla cars with finishing same or better than a Benz like the C300, S etc?

I calculated that a $3K increase per vehicle should be enough to deliver that.

Electric cars for the masses (cheap cars) will be naturally be addressed by GM, Nissan, Kia which will be forced to adjust their prices down from now on.

One can say Tesla could do that for the Model S and X, but really doing accross the board for all cars could brand the company as a true luxury vehicle maker and maximize profits to make Tesla noble mission more successful. Ironically I think the only portion Tesla cars is behind is actually in the interior quality when compared to Benz and BMW. In my assessment in all other categories Tesla cars are superior already.



aesculus | 10 April 2016

I sort of like the sporty, spartan interior. Pleasant and quality without being plush or over the top. Kind of the way it drives too.

Triggerplz | 10 April 2016

I like the cars look but I could do without those shiny seat backs..

vperl | 10 April 2016

Trigger, think goodness not negative thoughts.

But, I suppose that is impractical

eric.zucker | 11 April 2016

@MarlonBrown: Tesla is not positioning itself as a luxury car maker. They targeted that segment of the market to finance the Model 3, because it's the only way to sell a $100k+ car.

They have also improved the fit and finish over time, and I do like the clean, uncluttered design. If I had to choose between more luxurious interior or 100kWh battery, you know where my choice would go.

yongliangzhu68 | 11 April 2016

Would Apple add pleated padding stitching to the iPhone just to make it LOOK more luxurious? There is a lot to be said for a non pretentious and clean look.

carlk | 11 April 2016

Yeah right just like many who wanted Apple to add a fancy keypad to the iPhone like a Blueberry because they thought that has the more high end look. Like an iPhone the S has the modern minimalist design and the interiors resembles interior of a spacecraft. The X greatly improved on that with nicest seats you can find anywhere plus subtle but very nice update of interior trim. The 3 looks like it will have an even more spacecraft-like look. And you want it to go back to the 20th century padded seats and buttons everywhere look? Give me a break!

About the shiny seatback that gets better when you get used to it. A good percentage of people who viewed my X praised the nice modern look. I have not heard any negative comments yet, of course some might be politely holding the opinion to themselves but I've never sensed that. It goes extremely well with my ultra white and dark ash trim too. Of course my intention is to use my X as a luxurious people hauler instead of cargo hauler. There is little sense to use a $150K vehicle for that.

Triggerplz | 11 April 2016

Yea most people won't just say to you damn those are some ugly a"" seats but they will think it. Not that I care what people think I just don't like them.. I will XPEL the "Matte" outty of my shiny seats soon as my MX shows up.. I like everything about the car but those shiny seats got to go

carlk | 11 April 2016

I don't know that but a few did particularly mention how nice they think the seatback looks. I'm going to keep it as is. Can always wrap them later if I want to but I don't think I would. Of course I understand it might clash with colors other than ultra white but it's all individual taste. BTW my dark ash trim choice looks brilliant now as it blends in with the shiny black seatback perfectly.

vperl | 11 April 2016

News that Tesla has hired interior designer from the Biggie Euo sports car people.

Gee whiz, what could that mean

elguapo | 11 April 2016

As to the OPs original comment, easy response. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Buy one of the other brands you mentioned. It's really personal preference.

My X seats are the most comfortable I've had in a car and I like the interior a lot.

Big T | 11 April 2016

In comparison, luxury cars look baroque -- as in overly ornate. My preteen niece drove in our X for the first time on Saturday. Looking at the lack of buttons, she asked how I controlled the car. You don't need all those buttons and they just clutter the dash.

elguapo | 11 April 2016

@Big T Exactly. I was searching for that exact description.

snlnk | 11 April 2016

Tesla is appealing to a market segment that values different characteristics than what the typical Benz or BMW offers, and so far every response in this thread is exemplary of that. Tesla is creating their own niche in the automotive world and they don't need to sell "true luxury vehicles" for mass appeal, nor do I think they want to. And there are lots of people around the world that want a Tesla, but just can't afford it, as evidenced by the reaction to the lower cost M3. They value cars that are good for the planet and everything in the mix required to make those cars work well, which Tesla does better than anyone else. To me, luxury in a car has come to mean unnecessary excess or over-the-top in weight, features, or extravagance; a bling mobile.